E-Cigarette Reviews

Latest e-cigarette reviews from hundreds of real e-cig users and our editors to help you find the best e-cig starter kits (cig-a-like and rechargeable models) on the market. Electronic cigarette starter kits offer you everything you need to start vaping, making them perfect for new users. Our electronic cigarette reviews are based on extensive testing and are conducted by expert vapers, but you’ll also find hundreds of user ratings on this page to help you make your final decision. We’re dedicated to giving you a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons of each product in our reviews and comparisons, so you can make an informed choice and switch to the healthier alternative.

  • South Beach Smoke Review

    South Beach Smoke is a big name, and the e-cigarette they've produced is deserving of their reputation. Aside from limited battery life on the Standard option and some limp flavors, everything else is excellent, making the e-cig worthy of serious con

    Price: $19.99

  • VaporFi Review

    Along with South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke, International Vapor Group recently launched a new line of e-cigarettes to appeal more to the advanced vaping market. Although the new brand, VaporFi, offers a starter kit in the "cigalike" category, it spec

    Price: $19.99

  • JUUL Vape review

    JUUL Vapor Review

    The JUUL costs $49.99, for a kit including the JUUL, a four-pack of JUUL Pods and a USB charger, which is fairly expensive for an apparently beginner-level device, so is it really worth it? Our Pax JUUL review puts the e-cig through its paces to find

    Price: $49.99

  • V2 Vertx Plus Review

    The Vertx and Vertx Plus see V2 re-imagining the cigalike, and it packs better flavor, more vapor and better battery life than any beginner device you'll have used before. But is it worth the money? Our V2 Vertx Plus review vapes the device to find o

    Price: $89.95

  • V2 Cigs Review Image

    V2 Cigs Review

    V2 Cigs has a lot to live up to. Their reputation is basically flawless, with droves and droves of reviewers reaching for the hyperbole and issuing full star-ratings at every conceivable opportunity. It’s widely regarded as the best e-cigarette you

    Price: $39.95

  • White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Review

    White Cloud E Cig Review

    White Cloud’s e-cig produces billowing plumes of white mist, reminiscent of the cirrus clouds which give the batteries their name. We wish they offered manual batteries and a couple more nicotine levels, but there are no serious criticisms of this

    Price: $39.95

  • Green Smoke Review

    Green Smoke has produced one of the best e-cigs on the market today, with excellent vapor production, a varied and enjoyable flavor selection, substantial battery life and a wide selection of nicotine levels. Disclosure: We may receive a commis

    Price: $29.99

  • Vape Forward Cync Review

    The Vape Forward Cync is a unique pod-style e-cigarette that separates itself from the competition by including high-quality e-juice from well-known mixers in its pods as standard. The device attracts a lot of attention for its combination of simple

    Price: $15.95

  • Njoy Electronic Cigarette Review

    Our NJOY Recharge review takes a look at the flagship rechargeable cigalike from NJOY - does it manage to capture the benefits of the legendary King disposable, but in a better format for long-term vapers?

    Price: $29.99

  • iCare Solo Review - Beginner E-Cig Reviews

    Eleaf iCare Solo Review

    Our Eleaf iCare Solo review puts the all-in-one style vape starter kit to the test. With a 1.5 ml tank, two coils included and simple, one-button operation, it's a promising device for new vapers, but is it worth the $20?

    Price: $19.99

  • Vype Pebble Review

    Our Vype Pebble review takes an in-depth look at a very unique e-cig. Looking like a vape-able rock and with the financial backing of Big Tobacco: is the Vype Pebble a hollow gimmick, or the ideal device for for new vapers?

    Price: $17.9922

  • Cigavette Review

    Cigavette is a two year old electronic cigarette company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. So it doesn't come as a surprise that their products seem geared toward the younger smoking crowd. Not only do they offer basic mini e-cigs but also e-cigars and e-h

    Price: $49.95

  • Blu eCigs Starter Kit

    Blu Cigs Review

    Blu’s name is now illustrious, but the e-cigarette itself wouldn't strike you as having big tobacco funding. There are many positive points about the e cig, but the battery life and nicotine levels aren't the best for heavier smokers or vapers.

    Price: $42.99

  • Revolver E-Cig Review

    Revolver's website showcases a wide variety of electronic cigarettes and accessories. Their branding is geared toward fans of heavy metal and rock music but their products can appeal to all smokers and vapers. For review purposes, I tested out their

    Price: $53.99

  • EverSmoke Kit

    EverSmoke Review

    EverSmoke is like a sci-fi version of South Beach Smoke, with manual and automatic batteries available and a less cigarette-like appearance. The vapor production, flavors and nicotine levels are good, but the battery life lets it down a little.

    Price: $49.99

  • Maya Electronic Cigarette Review

    Maya Electronic Cigarette is based in Los Angeles, CA and, according to their Facebook, has been around since 2010. However, I was unaware of their existence until a couple months ago when their social media team reached out to me on Twitter. I had

    Price: $59.95

  • Volcano eCig Review

    If you’re a frequenter of vapor shops or online forums, or maybe have just been researching your next e-cig purchase, there’s a good chance you've heard the name “Volcano” thrown around. No, I'm not talking about the herbal vaporizer. This Vo

    Price: $74.99

  • Apollo E-Cig Review

    The name says it all. “Apollo” is synonymous with humanity’s desire to voyage beyond this lonely, mundane rock into the other-worldly, star-speckled reaches of the wider universe and the Greco-Roman god of music, poetry, knowledge and medicine.

    Price: $54.95

  • Henley E-Cig Review

    Many of the cig-alike producing brands we review follow a similar marketing strategy: set up shop in south Florida and ship out devices made in China filled with American-made e-liquid. Henley took a different approach and is not only based in NYC, b

    Price: $19.95

  • Bloog E-Cig Review

    Bloog is one of the more talked about brands among e-cig aficionados. To find out what all the buzz was about, I recently reviewed the Bloog Mobile Kit with PCC as well as their 650 eGo style battery kit. Did they live up to the hype?

    Price: $39.99

  • Vapor4Life E-Cig Starter Kit

    Vapor4Life Review

    Vapor4Life’s older models, the Original and Classic Vapor Kings, are excellent e-cigs, but the new Titan has some issues. It’s still good, but the vapor production with the Regular length ones is pretty limited, so it’s better to stick with the

    Price: $49.95

  • VIAe Cigs Review

    VIAe Cigs is yet another newcomer to the electronic cigarette market. However this one is backed by industry experience that dates back to 2008. Based in Charlotte, NC, VIAe offers one of the lowest costs of entry in the industry, with their starter

    Price: $14.99

  • Magic Mist Review

    Widely known for their compatibility with several brands of e-cigs, Magic Mist electronic cigarettes have become an aftermarket opportunity for many vapers. Starter kits and cartridges are sold 25% cheaper, on average, than competitors. But does a lo

    Price: $49.95

  • JACVapour eGo e-cigarette review

    JAC Vapour 510 Manual Starter Kit Review

    JAC Vapour's 510 Manual Starter Kit offers a straightforward e-cig aimed at the just-switching smoker, boasting fill-up-and-vape simplicity and a sleek design, but can you get something better for your money?

    Price: $38.9959

  • Vantage Vapor E Cigarettes

    Vantage Vapor E Cigarette Review

    Vantage Vapor is the more affordable, cigarette-like relation of V2 Cigs, and it doesn't disappoint. You’ll find many better electronic cigarettes out there, but it’s potentially one of the best e cig options for vapers on a budget.

    Price: $49.95

  • Seminole E-Cig Review

    From the ashes of the Safe Cig comes the Seminole E-Cig. The Seminole Indian Tribe has partnered with Safe Cig to manufacture a satiating line of rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes and cigars.

    Price: $69.99

  • Starfire Cigs Review

    Starfire Cigs is yet another Florida based e-cig company, only this one is located on the panhandle as opposed to the South Beach area. They launched in October 2011 and currently offer a basic starter kit in two colors along with cartridges in nine

    Price: $59.95

  • Blaze E-Cigarette Review

    Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Blaze Electronic Cigarettes has been in business since 2012 and has some of the lowest pricing e-cigs on the market. No single item sold by the brand costs more than $12.95 (at the time of writing) with many items sold a

    Price: $39.95

  • Safe Cig Original E Cigs

    Safe Cig Review

    The Safe Cig is no more, but it was still a pretty solid offering. The vapor production and nicotine levels are good, but the smaller Micro battery is way too short to use at length. It’s better to look elsewhere.

    Price: $69.95

  • Vaporin Electronic Cigarette Review

    Only launched a few months ago, Vaporin already has a pretty lofty line of e-cigarette products complete with starter kits, disposables, eGo style devices, clearomizers and e-liquid. The brand joined the likes of several big name e-cigarette brands b

    Price: $49.99

  • Ozone Smoke E Cigarette Reviews

    Ozone Smoke Review

    Ozone Smoke has produced a good e cigarette, but it isn't quite enough to beat the competition. The standard-size battery has a substantial lifespan and the vapor production and flavors are impressive, but the throat hit and nicotine levels could be

    Price: $34.95

  • Vaping Vamps Product

    Vaping Vamps Review

    Vaping Vamps is one of the e-cigarette brands dedicated to women, but the product is a great option for casual vapers of any gender. There’s a limited flavor selection, not enough of a throat-hit and battery life could be better, though.

    Price: $59.95

  • Panda eCigs Review

    Combined atomizer and cartridges, or cartomizers, are widely used across the e-cig industry, but throwing away your atomizer when you exhaust less than 1 milliliter (ml) of e-liquid is pretty inefficient. Panda eCigs stands by their clearomizers, whi

    Price: $69.95

  • Vapor Couture Review

    Vapor Couture is the female-friendly imprint of V2 Cigs, and whilst the vapor production is in line with what you’d expect from the main brand, almost everything else is a disappointment. The style may appeal, but the substance is lacking.

    Price: $39.95

  • Halo Cigs G6 Starter Kits

    Halo E-Cig G6 Review

    Halo Cigs is known for their e-liquids, but the G6 is their flagship e-cigarette. It isn't bad, but it doesn't manage to stand out in any particular area. You wouldn't be disappointed if you chose the G6, but it’s definitely worth considering other

    Price: $44.99

  • Premium Vapes Electronic Cigarette

    Premium Vapes Review

    Premium Vapes initially seems like a fairly generic brand, but the ecig does have good vapor production, a huge selection of flavors and a wide range of nicotine levels. The battery life holds the brand back a little though.

    Price: $49.95

  • Pure Cigs E-Cigarette Case

    Pure Cigs Review

    Pure Cigs offer a quality e-cigarette in terms of vapor production and battery life, but it isn't all good news. More nicotine levels and flavors would make it better, but the most unsettling thing about the Pure eCig is the subtly misleading warrant

    Price: $35.99

  • Crown7 E-Cig Review

    Electronic cigarettes first hit the US market back in 2007 and Crown7 was there from the get-go. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, the brand offers three different starter kits, disposable e-cigs in two sizes and an eGo style "Gladiator" kit. I would figure t

    Price: $89.99

  • Bedford Slims Vapor Kit

    Bedford Slims Review

    Bedford Slims isn't the biggest name in the world of e-cigs, but you shouldn't discount them straight away. With a unique style, strong vapor production and a dependable battery it’s a viable option, but more nicotine levels and flavors would be id

    Price: $32

  • SmokeTip E Cigarette

    SmokeTip Review

    Admittedly, the price of the SmokeTip e-cig might make you tempted to give it a try. What you get is what you pay for, and whilst it might not be the worst e-cig in the world, other options are much better.

    Price: $59.95

  • eSmoke Starter Kit

    eSmoke Review

    eSmoke takes great pride in being an all American company that assembles and tests its products in USA. They offer a wide variety of starter kits ranging in price from $49.95 all the way on up to $249.95 as well as disposable ecigs.

    Price: $74.95

  • 777 eCigarette Reviews

    777 eCigs Review

    777 is becoming well-known for their range of e-liquids, but their own-brand e-cigs are pretty decent too. It might not be the best electronic cigarette on the market, but both the standard and ladies’ versions of the e-cig perform pretty well.

    Price: $49.95

  • Ultra eCigs Review

    If you've been researching e-cigarettes for a little while, one of the main things you’ll notice is that there are a hell of a lot of options out there. For a company like Ultra eCigs, this must be an especially daunting fact of life. How is a manu

    Price: $49.95

  • Chase Cigs eCig Starter Kit

    Chase Cigs Review

    Although Chase Cigs is now out of business, the e-cigarette they produced is of high quality. The only real criticisms are that more options in batteries, flavors and nicotine levels would be better. Everything they tried, they did well.

    Price: $44.95