Cigavette Review

Cigavette is a two year old electronic cigarette company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that their products seem geared toward the younger smoking crowd. Not only do they offer basic mini e-cigs but also e-cigars and e-hookahs in flavors named after tasty cocktails.

Bottom Line
While these may not be the corvettes of electronic cigarettes, a Cigavette e-cig succeeds at delivering a smoke-like experience without the harsh chemical taste. Their e-hookahs also appeal to the younger, partier crowd, which could keep some college-aged students from ever picking up a real cig.
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Good vapor production
Wide variety of nicotine options
Excellent e-hookah flavors
PG-free cartridges
Reasonably priced starter packs
Weak throat hit
High priced "eGo" style kits
E-Cigar tastes a little too sweet
Lack of flavor options for cartridges


The Cigavette line of electronic cigarettes, e-hookahs and Cuvana is top notch. Not only do they mimic the smoking experience they are trying to replace quite well, but their battery life is second to none.

Smokers can take solace in their starter packs for a quality alternative to cigarettes, while hookah and cigar enthusiasts can find a tobacco-free e-hookah and Cuvana. My only criticism would be their lack of flavor options for cartridges and/or lack of nicotine options for the e-hookahs. Some hookah smokers may prefer 0mg nicotine liquid and might shy away from Cigavette's alternative.

I would like to see some more variety in tobacco flavor options that mimic the tastes of different brands of cigarettes. Other than that I would definitely recommend these to smokers looking to try something different.

Cigavette offers a wide range of products to choose from, including starter packs, standard sets, “eGo” style kits, disposable e-cigs, e-hookah sticks and e-cigars. For review purposes I tested their full flavored starter pack along with cartridges in each nicotine level they offer, each of their six flavors of e-hookah and their e-cigar.

Cigavette Starter Pack

The starter packs come in a box that is nearly identical in size and form to a pack of king sized cigarettes. It is black in color and even opens up like a pack of smokes. Printed on the front of the box is the company logo and website along with the nicotine option “Full Flavor”.

Cigavette Starter Packs Review

On one side is your typical product while the other side contains the numerical nicotine content and ingredients. The back of the box contains directions for use along with a “warning” tip to remove the cartomizer from the battery when not in use, in order to conserve battery life.

Inside the box is a micro foam holster containing two tobacco flavored cartridges, one 280mAh battery with kr808-style threading and a USB charger. Each cartridge has two clear rubber caps to prevent contamination. Fully assembled, the Cigavette e-cig resembles a 100-sized cigarette, with an orange cartridge and white battery with red glowing tip. Black cartridges and black and stainless steel batteries are also available.

Cigavette E-hookah

The Cigavette e-hookahs are packaged in hard, clear plastic cylinders with a removable black rubber cap at each end. They each contain a small label color-coded to their corresponding flavor. The labels are printed with the company logo, flavor, ingredients and warning labels. Each e-hookah contains 11mg of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid used.

Cigavette E-Hookah Review

While these are disposable, the batteries are manually powered with the push of a small rubber button located towards the top of the bottom half of the device. Cigavette's e-hookahs are the same diameter as a typical mini-ecig and about as long as a 120mm sized cigarette.

The cartridge ends are each color-coded to their corresponding flavor. And there is also a carb on the cartridge which is exposed once a small “pull” sticker is removed. This is the first time I've seen an air hole etched into the side of a cartridge as the majority of e-cigs just use the plastic tip of the battery for air filtration.

And as for the tips, each one glows in a different color depending on the flavor. The battery itself moves away from the traditional cigarette look with printed patterns and a large Cigavatte logo running down the tube.

Cigavette E-Cigar

The e-cigar, or Cuvana, as they call it, comes in a black box with a clear plastic window. Printed details are much more simplistic than the other two as the sides only contain the Cuvana logo along with basic information, including the details that the e-cigar offers 1,800 puffs. The underside of the box is printed with instructions, ingredients and warning information.

Cigavette E-Cigar Review

Inside the box is black micro foam case holding the Cuvana e-cigar. The device itself is pretty standard in size for a cigar and is wrapped in semi-realistic printed cigar-like paper with a sticker label near the mouth. Cigavette offers the Cuvana in 0, 12 or 18mg nicotine strength.


Starter Packs

The starter pack's flavor is pretty standard when it comes to tobacco flavored e-cigs. It's a bit on the sweet side but still has an average throat hit at higher nicotine levels. Their menthol option is also pretty standard and has a sweet, cool minty taste. Cartridges are available in 0, 6, 12, 18 and 24mg nicotine strengths.


Watermelon Cooler: This is a nice sweet, candy-like watermelon flavor. It's not too strong, like many watermelon flavored e-liquids are and doesn't have an unnatural taste to it.

Berrylicious: Their berry option also isn't too overwhelming. It tastes like a good mix of berries.

Peach Bellini: A Peach Bellini is a beverage made with peach schnapps and champagne. This has a very nice peach flavor to it but not much of a champagne taste. Still, Peach Bellini is very tasty!

Strawberry Daiquiri: There's nothing too special about this one. It tastes like a strawberry candy, not too overwhelming but still pleasant.

Choclatini: Again, nothing extravagant here. Choclatini tastes like your basic milk chocolate.

Vanilla Bean: There is almost a hint of coffee in this flavor of e-hookah. It's has a very smokey vanilla taste to it.


The Cuvana is a Cuban flavored e-cigar but really just tastes like a stronger of Cigavette's tobacco cartridges.

Vapor Production

Because Cigavette only uses vegetable glycerin base, as opposed to a mix of a VG and propylene glycol, you're going to get pretty good vapor production from any of their devices. The e-hookahs and starter pack cartridges all performed about the same with the Cuvana producing slightly more vapor.


The starter packs include one 280mAh battery, about 3.1 inches long. It may not look like much but this little guy holds a charge pretty damn well! As I am writing this, I have been using it for over a full day, chain vaping at times to get to the end of the charge, and it's still kicking. The same can be said for batteries on the e-hookahs and e-cigar.

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