Best Atomizers and Clearomizers

Best Vape Tanks and Clearomizers for Vaping


While sub ohm tanks undoubtedly dominate the market for vaping tanks, many vapers are still on the lookout for the best atomizer tank and clearomizer. These devices might not offer the huge vapor production you get with sub ohm tanks, but with generally more restricted airflow and narrower-bore coils, they are great for mouth-to-lung vaping and vapers more interested in intense flavor than huge clouds. But what are the best atomizer tanks in this category? Which tanks show that you can still enjoy excellent performance with resistances above 1 ohm?


What’s the Difference Between a Sub Ohm Tank and a Clearomizer?


The truth is: the distinction between sub ohm tanks and standard clearomizers isn’t as strictly defined as our decision to have two lists would have you believe. If you could stick a coil with a sub ohm resistance in a traditional-style clearomizer, there would be very little you could use to differentiate it from a sub ohm tank.


So this list is going to primarily focus on the best clearomizers in the traditional-style, but the most important factor is the type of vape you get from the tank. In general, standard, beginner-friendly clearomizers have a more restricted airflow better suited for mouth to lung vaping, whereas sub ohm tanks have wider open airflow for direct-to-lung inhales and huge clouds. This means you can have a tank which technically classes as a sub ohm tank but performs more like a more traditional clearomizer, whether in general or with a specific coil. We’ll be including a couple of tanks like this in this list – they’re well-suited to beginners looking for a smoking-like experience, so the fact that they’re technically sub ohm devices isn’t overly important.


The upshot is that there are some differences between the two, but the biggest is performance, so we won’t be sticking to any strict definitions in this post. Check out our new Best Sub-Ohm Tanks list for vape tank options.


Best Atomizer Vape Tanks and Clearomizers


10 – ET-S by Aspire


ET-S Clearomizer by Aspire



The ET-S from Aspire is very much a traditional-style clearomizer, but it’s a great – and affordable – option for anybody with a basic vape pen looking for something dependable. It features a glass tank with an aluminum shield, which can hold 3 ml of e-juice and has eGo threading to suit vape pens (you can get an adapter for 510 connections if needed). The included coil has a 1.8 ohm resistance, ideal for lower-power devices and mouth-to-lung vaping. It’s a bottom coil that’s vertically-oriented too, improving the performance compared to older clearomizer designs.


The tank costs just $6.95.


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9 – EMOW by Kanger


Kangertech Emow E-Cig Tank


Kanger’s EMOW is very similar to the Protank, which was a legendary device in the earlier days of vaping, but for mouth-to-lung loving vapers – despite its old-style design – the EMOW ranks among the best atomizer tanks on the market. Boasting a glass tank with a 1.8 ml capacity, an adjustable airflow system (which is just like the one you’ll find on the Kanger Aerotank) and a bottom dual coil design (with 1.5 ohm heads as standard), it still has a lot going for it despite being an older-style clearomizer, and the small-bore coils and chimney mean it’s a great device for flavor.


You can pick up the EMOW for $19.95.


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8 – Aspire K3 Tank


K3 by Aspire - Best Atomizer Tank


Although you may have to pick this up in a kit, we’d put the Aspire K3 Tank as one of the best e-cig tanks in this class. The glass tank has a 2 ml capacity, and the narrow-bore of the chimney – in combination with the closed-off airflow settings – makes it a fantastic option for anyone looking for a good mouth-to-lung vape. It comes with two 1.8 ohm coils, and with the accompanying battery it offers vaping at 9 to 13 W, which is more than enough for a higher-ohm coil. The two work together well, and are a fantastic option for newer vapers looking for a simple mouth-to-lung vaping experience.


The kit costs $43.


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7 – Triton 2 by Aspire


Aspire Triton 2 Atomizer Vape Tank


This device will be featured on our list of the best sub ohm tanks too, but it ranks on this list for having a 1.8 ohm coil that’s perfectly suited to mouth-to-lung vaping. The tank has 3 ml capacity glass tank, with a top-filling system, adjustable airflow and a 22.5 mm diameter. Of course, as a sub ohm tank, this also comes with the option of sub ohm coils and a different type of performance from your clearomizer-style setup. But with the airflow closed off and the mouth-to-lung friendly coil installed, this device offers a draw like traditional clearomizers with a nice large tank and some more modern design features to make your vaping experience as user-friendly as it can be.


The Triton 2 costs $34.99.


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6 – Nautilus X Compact MTL by Aspire


Aspire Nautilus X Atomizer Tank


The Aspire Nautilus has a special place in the heart of many vapers, and the Nautilus X continues in the proud tradition and makes its intent clear: this is a tank for mouth-to-lung (MTL) loving vapers. The result is a device that offers many of the trappings of more modern designs – such as the top-filling system – with higher-ohm dual vertical coils (with two 1.5 ohm atomizer heads included) and an adjustable airflow system you can adjust to your liking. The airflow comes in from the top of the device, with an innovative design intended to remove issues with leaking, and the tank boasts exceptional flavor. It’s also compact (as the name suggests), with a 22 mm diameter but only measuring 45 mm tall, but still offering a 2 ml tank capacity.


The tank costs $29.99.


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5 – Cubis Tank by Joyetech


Joyetech Cubis Clearomizer Tank


The Cubis Tank from Joyetech makes this list of the best clearomizer tanks because as well as being a capable sub ohm tank, it also has two higher-ohm coils that offer a more traditional, mouth-to-lung vaping experience. The tank has a 3.5 ml capacity, with a top-filling, user-friendly design that makes it perfect for newer vapers, and it’s also designed to minimize leaking. For the higher-ohm coils, you get a 1 ohm stainless steel option (used for temperature control vaping) and a 1.5 ohm Clapton coil (which boosts flavor), and the airflow control can be turned right down to suit mouth-to-lung vaping.


The tank is available for $20, and comes widely recommended by vapers who love mouth to lung devices.


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4 – Endura Prism T18 by Innokin



Endura T18 Prism Atomizer Tank


This is one of the newest and best atomizer tanks designed specifically for mouth to lung vaping, with 1.5 ohm atomizer heads, a top-filling design and an adjustable airflow design. It can hold 2.5 ml of juice, which is great for a mouth-to-lung device designed to work at lower wattages. This all combines to make it a solid clearomizer for newer vapers, blending simplicity with a cigarette-like draw, and the no-spill coil swap system (which is also used on the iSub series of sub ohm tanks) makes changing your coils as easy as possible. It’s designed to work with the Endura T18, but the tank’s modern design and mouth-to-lung friendly draw has made it a favorite in its own right too.


You can pick up the tank alone for $11.95 and it comes with the matching battery in a kit for $27.95.


Endura Prism Vape Tank

3 – Nautilus 2 by Aspire


Nautilus 2 - Best Clearomizer



The Nautilus 2 is an update to the Nautilus, one of the best atomizer tanks for mouth-to-lung vaping, and the new version picks up where the original left off and builds on what made it a legendary device for MTL vapers. The upgraded Nautilus has a stainless steel sleeve over the glass tank, offering added protection for when you’re traveling around with the tank, with a window so you can see your juice level at a glance. It has a 2 ml tank and a top-filling design, coming with one 0.7 ohm coil and one 1.6 ohm option. Both of these are well-suited to MTL vaping, with the hole-style adjustable airflow allowing you to throttle the airflow down substantially and tighten up the draw. You can pick up the Nautilus 2 for $21.99.



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2 – Kayfun V5 by Svoemesto


SvoeMesto Kayfun 5 Vape Tank



The Kayfun used to be one of the biggest names in vaping, and even though modern sub ohm tanks have taken the spotlight off it, the latest Kayfun (V5) still has a lot to offer for MTL vapers. It’s pretty different from the other options on this list because it’s a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA). This means you have to build your own coil for the tank, but it’s a really beginner-friendly platform and the performance is hard to fault. It’s a top-filling tank, and it can hold 4 ml of e-juice, with the ability to adjust the speed of juice flow to the coil. It also has an adjustable airflow ring so you can throttle down the airflow to get your ideal mouth to lung vape. The device is available for $119.95.



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1 – Zenith MTL by Innokin


Zenith MTL E-Cig Tank



The Zenith is the result of a collaboration between Innokin and two titans in the world of vaping: Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis (a.k.a. the Vaping Greek), and it’s explicitly designed for the MTL draws most smokers are used to. It tops our best e-cig tanks list for its ease of use and the exceptional performance it offers for a MTL device, especially in terms of flavor. It’s a top-filling device, and the design closes off the e-juice flow when you’re filling up to prevent flooding. It has a 4 ml e-juice capacity, and comes with a 1.6 ohm coil pre-installed and a 0.8 ohm option as a spare. Both of these work really well for MTL vaping and lower-power devices, especially with the slot-style adjustable airflow closed off. You can pick up the Zenith for $26.95.



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Even in a market saturated with sub ohm tanks, more traditional style clearomizers still have plenty of staunch supporters, with many vapers who prefer mouth to lung vaping sticking with them even if it means using older designs. While sub ohm tanks may be perfect for cloud-chasers, mouth-to-lung vaping more closely replicates the sensation of smoking and really gets to the heart of what vaping is all about: making the switch to a much safer method of getting your nicotine. So while these devices might not have all the fancy extras and innovative designs you’ll find on newer tanks, they offer something very few modern sub ohm tanks do: an ideal setup for new vapers or those who still want a cigarette-like draw. Some longer-term vapers may scoff at your Nautilus, but if it’s what works for you, rest assured that you’ve found the best clearomizer for you. And that’s all that matters.