Sea Air Disposables Review

Our Sea Air Disposables review takes a look at the nicotine salt, 450 mAh disposables from Sea Stix Vapes. If you’re interested in trying vaping without investing too much, these could be the disposables for you.

Bottom Line
As a way to test out vaping a little before making a purchase, the Sea Air Disposables are great. They have good battery life, decent performance and a well-executed design. They’re too expensive to use long term, though, and rechargeable devices generally perform better.
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14 flavors to choose from
5% (50 mg/ml) nicotine strength
450 mAh battery will last you a day of vaping
Great design
Automatic operation
MTL airflow – perfect for smokers
Good performance overall
A little expensive at $9.49 each
Not too satisfying to vape
Flavor isn’t that strong
Sea Air Disposables

Are they worth picking up?

For the purpose of a disposable vape – ideally just something to try to see if you like vaping and want to get something rechargeable – the Sea Air Disposables are excellent.

The performance might not be quite at the level of most rechargeable devices and the flavors are sometimes a little lacking, but each disposable will last you through a day of vaping and will definitely give you a feel for what vaping is like. That said, for $9.49 each (with a slight discount if you buy five), they aren’t financially viable for long-term vaping. But for a test vape or something to use on a night out, they’re a solid option.

Sea Air Review

Sea Air Disposables Review

Although the FDA has begun to threaten disposable e-cigarettes by demanding the removal of specific flavored devices from the US market, disposables are still alive in the US and generally permitted in most parts of the world. They may have fallen out of focus compared to the early days of the industry, but the advent of pod vaping and nicotine salt e-juice has given disposables a new lease of life. With the technology to make disposable vapes actually satisfying there are many new entrants to the market. One company doing just that is Sea Stix Vapes, especially with their Sea Air Disposables. But are the disposables worth the $9.49 per time? How long do they last? Our Sea Air Disposables review finds out.

Sea Air Disposables Review – The Design

Sea Stix Disposables Review


The Sea Air Disposables have a pretty unique look, with a very thin body and a wide, rectangular profile except for the curved top of the mouthpiece. Aside from the black tops and bottoms, the body’s color depends on the flavor of the disposable: for example, Green Apple is green, Mango and Pineapple are yellow, Strawberry Watermelon is red and so on. They also have a small icon printed on the front face that depends on the flavor, too, so you can see the apple logo (for example) and the green body and it’s kind of obvious you’re holding the Green Apple disposable. “Sea” is printed below the icon, but other than that there’s nothing on the body to interfere with the look of the disposables.

Overall they give you plenty of information at a glance while still looking quite minimalist and cool.

The Mouthpiece

Sea Air Disposable Mouthpiece Air hole

As with any disposable vape, the mouthpiece is permanently attached to the e-cig and can’t be changed. The mouthpiece itself is well-designed, though. Despite the width, it’s comfortable to use because the large faces of the mouthpiece are curved inwards to make it a good fit for your lips. The air only comes up through a fairly small circular hole in the middle, which limits the airflow a little (more on that later) but overall still works well.

LED Indicator Light

The final design component of the Sea Air Disposables is a tiny LED light in the middle of the bottom edge, which illuminates white as you inhale. This is a little confusing, though, because the position means you can’t see the light when it’s in-use unless you put your hand up in front of it to confirm that it’s working.


There isn’t much in the way of design features for any disposable, but apart from the odd choice with the LED light, the Sea Air Disposables tick all of the necessary boxes and look kind of cool doing it.

Sea Air Disposables Review – The Flavors

Sea Air Disposable Flavor Options
  • Green Apple: This has a mild flavor. You can definitely pick up the apple, with a mixture of sweet and tartness that works really well in the disposable. It isn’t an amazing flavor but it’s tasty enough to vape your way through.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: Although it’s heavy on the strawberry, this is delicious. The watermelon is noticeable but subtle, so if you’re hoping for that you’ll be disappointed, but as a flavor generally it’s great.
  • Peach Ice: This flavor is self-explanatory, and it definitely achieves what it sets out to. They've done a good job replicating the peach, it's kind of subtle but you could easily identify it even if you didn’t know what it was supposed to be. The menthol is pleasantly soft, which for me works well but you might not like if you prefer powerful menthols.
  • Pineapple: This is obviously a one-note flavor, but it does work reasonably well. The pineapple is accurate enough to satisfy if that’s all you’re looking for. It’s a little too gentle in taste for my preferences; it’s kind of like the aftertaste you get from eating a real pineapple. Not bad, but not great either.
  • Red Apple: It goes without saying that this is pretty similar to the green apple, but there is more sweetness in the mix here and less tartness. It also has a hint of menthol on the way down, which helps make it a little more interesting than the standard fare. It still could do with more of a punch in terms of flavor but this is a good one.
  • Mint: This is a straight-up menthol-ish flavor for the mint lovers, and it does a great job overall. This is definitely more mint than menthol, with a very cooling sensation on the way down and plenty of sweetness. It kind of reminds you of gum, but it has enough of a kick for die-hard menthol lovers too.
  • Orange Soda: This is another option that takes a basic, almost overdone juice flavor and pushes it to the next level. Sea Stix has captured the orange well, but the flavor really hits the nail on the head in terms of making it taste like soda. This is my favorite flavor from the bunch – it gets the strength of the flavor just right, so you can vape it a lot but it isn’t overly subtle.
  • Mango: This might not have anything extra to differentiate it from the multitude of mangos on the market, but the core flavor is well captured and the disposable still tastes good. Again it’s a little too soft for my tastes, but this is another one that’s enjoyable regardless.

Sea Air Disposables Review – In Use

Sea Air disposable function


The performance from the Sea Air Disposables is actually fairly impressive. Of course, most rechargeable systems do better in terms of raw performance – with more vapor and vibrant flavor – but if you’re just looking to try out vaping before committing to something else, it’s more than enough. The vapor production is on par with a basic pod system or a simple vape pen, and definitely enough to keep you satisfied if you’re just making the switch from smoking. If you’re used to mods or higher-performance pod systems you might be a bit disappointed, but for new vapers and anyone who isn’t too big on vapor the performance is great.

Nicotine Strength and Throat Hit

The Sea Air Disposables have a fixed nicotine strength of 5 percent, i.e. 50 mg/ml. This might seem very high in comparison to standard e-liquids, but for nicotine salt this is well within the comfort zone. The nicotine doesn’t hit you too hard and the throat hit is definitely manageable. If anything, it’s a little light on your throat, so if you like a stronger throat hit it might not be ideal.

It’s worth noting, though, that whether due to the performance, the light throat hit or something else, I didn’t find the Sea Air Disposables hugely satisfying. When I was testing it I would occasionally have a quick puff of my daily device when I wanted to “really” vape. This isn’t to say they can’t be satisfying, and it might just be that I have higher standards now than when I started, but I found them a bit lacking in terms of nicotine.

Automatic Operation

Like most disposable vapes (if not all), the Sea Air Disposables work “automatically,” which means all you have to do to vape is take a puff from the mouthpiece in the same way as if you were smoking a cigarette. The most common problem with disposables is them activating when they shouldn’t or being unresponsive when they should. The good news is that the system for the Sea Air Disposables works perfectly. It responds as soon as you start your puff, and I haven’t run into issues with accidental activation throughout testing.

Like many of the automatic devices in the past, it helps with performance if you do a couple of “priming puffs” to get the coil to heat up before you main puff to start your draw.

Airflow System

The airflow from a tank or disposable e-cigarette is a key factor in the performance you get, especially when it comes to vapor production. The Sea Air Disposables have a second small hole in the bottom (to the side of the LED light) which serves as an air inlet. Both this and the hole in the mouthpiece are around the same size and only allow for fairly restricted airflow. This partially explains the modest vapor production from the device, but it has a positive side in that it’s perfect for the mouth-to-lung (MTL) draws smokers are used to. Of course, you can’t adjust the airflow, but if you’re just switching over from smoking or prefer a MTL vape it will be perfect for you.

How Long Do The Disposables Last?

The Sea Air Disposables have a 450 mAh battery, which is in line with most basic pod devices and generally enough for a day of use with a strong nicotine salt e-juice. As you work through the battery, the output does drop a little but overall they keep performing reasonably well through the whole charge. The disposables lasted me approximately a day each, which really isn’t too bad in comparison to other disposable vapes on the market.