Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously here at EcigaretteReviewed. The simple way to describe how we use your personal information is: when we’re given express permission by you, we’ll use your information to improve your user experience, and otherwise (unless required by law) we will not pass it on to any third parties or use it to send promotional emails without receiving a go-ahead from you. The full details are contained within this page, but if you’re pushed for time, you can rest assured that your sensitive information will be kept safe and only used if you tell us it’s OK to do so.

The Short Version

  • We never collect personal information like your name and email address unless you've personally allowed us to.
  • We don’t sell, share, rent or otherwise distribute sensitive information unless you've given us permission (or unless US law requires us to).
  • You won’t receive promotional emails unless you've actively opted to receive them.
  • We secure your information using electronic, physical and managerial safeguards.

What Do We Collect?

We only collect sensitive information if you’ve told us it’s OK to do so. This means things like your name and email address, which can be used to identify you personally. This information is only taken if you opt to provide us with it to improve your user experience; otherwise it is never collected at all.


Like virtually every site online, we do use cookies. These are basically small documents stored on your computer which contain non-sensitive information which is useful when we work to improve the site. Cookies tell us things like which pages on the site are most popular and which elements probably need a little work. These don’t contain any information about you personally (no names, email addresses, e.t.c.) and simply allow us to continually improve your user experience.

We use cookies with analytics tools such as Google Analytics, to help us identify areas for improvement and the things that are working well. Generally speaking, your browser will be set up to receive cookies automatically, but you can de-activate it by tinkering with the options, if you prefer. This will make it more difficult for us to tailor the site to user preferences, but we fully respect your right to withhold any information you choose to.

IP Addresses

Your IP address is also a piece of non-sensitive information which we use to help us obtain actionable data using programs like Google Analytics. Again, this doesn’t give us information regarding your personal details, it just helps us improve our site and customize your user experience where relevant.

How We Use the Data

If you’ve opted to allow us to collect some sensitive information about you, we won’t pass it on to anybody or use it to send you promotional emails without your permission. There are some circumstances in which we are required to provide information to certain parties (governmental agencies and officials) by law (for example, if we have received a subpoena which mandates us to), but as a general rule we only use your data according to your instructions.

In essence, if you want to receive information about contests, vouchers or special discounts we’re offering, you must personally allow us to send you such information. Similarly, if you’re happy for any of your sensitive information to be passed on to relevant third parties then we will do so, but if not, all of your data is kept completely safe in our care.

We use the information to improve your user experience, meaning that we may do things like:

  • Send you newsletters.
  • Improve our website and service.
  • Use the information to help with any technical problems you’re experiencing with the site (if we’re unable to replicate the problem ourselves).
  • Customize your experience.

Most importantly, we’ll only do these things if you’ve agreed that we can. In other words, you’re in complete control. Aside from the analytics tools we’ve mentioned, we’ll only use non-sensitive information to provide useful information to potential advertisers or affiliates. For example, it may be useful to inform an advertiser that a certain page received x number of hits in the past month, but it isn’t necessary to give information about who those visitors were. Simply, non-sensitive information may be used to offer general statistics to interested parties, but nobody will be able to identify you specifically using that information.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Of course, there is always an inherent risk of some people attempting to access data illegally (without your – or even our – authorization), and we have taken numerous steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen. This includes having software-based, physical and operational measures in place to ensure that nobody unauthorized can access your information.

Changing Your Mind

We appreciate that whilst you may have originally agreed to receive promotional emails or have your information passed to third parties; it’s entirely possible that you’ll rethink your decision. We understand this entirely, and you’re more than welcome to update your preferences at any time by contacting us. Similarly, you are free to request a copy of any information we have relating to you, and you can get us to alter any incorrect data or remove it as required.

Other Sites

We do feature external links on the site, and these sites are not covered by this privacy policy. You can find out about the specific site’s privacy policy by visiting their relevant page, but we can’t exert any control over what they do, and as such this policy only applies to EcigaretteReviewed. We are not accountable for the protection of the data you submit to other sites (even those we link to), but you can rest assured that we only use your data as outlined by this page.

Any questions regarding our privacy policy? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.