About Our Reviews

E-cigarette reviews aren't always what they seem. Whilst you might read glowing, wholly positive reviews of a particular product, many review sites do so for financial gain – desperate to increase their affiliate income despite the unmentioned issues with the e-cigs. You’ll probably make your purchase, spurred on by the apparent perfection of the product in question, but when the package comes through and you start to vape, you begin to notice the flaws. The little errors mount and mount, gradually revealing mistruth after mistruth in the review that led you to part way with your cash. You've been duped, and we thoroughly believe that this approach is immoral, illogical and just plain wrong.

Why Our Reviews are Different

Everything we review here at EcigaretteReviewed has been tested extensively, for a period of between one and two weeks. The reason for this is simple: whilst you might be able to come up with a basic appraisal of an e-cig over the course of a day or two of vaping, the true value of a product reveals itself through more extensive testing. We take each e-cig and see what it really has to offer. It is this testing we base our reviews on; the only time you’ll see a regurgitation of the manufacturer’s marketing copy on our site is when we appraise what they say for accuracy. You can rest assured that we can and will point out when a company is trying to mislead you. In other words, we let the e-cig tell the true story, and only mention anything the manufacturer would have you believe when it’s clearly compared to reality. We aren't a disguised marketing site, cranking out careless reviews with the aim of increasing affiliate income; we’re reviewers, pure and simple.

But the product isn't the only thing we look at in our reviews. Whilst we focus our reviewing around the e-cig, the company itself is also placed under our critical microscope. Our background checks on the manufacturer are designed to ensure that they are reliable. We look for a history of great products and even better customer service. You might be making your purchase with the hope of finding a high-quality e-cig, but we make sure only the most reliable companies receive praise and recommendations. If we run into a company that makes misleading claims, offers an under-handed warranty or just plain doesn't care about their customers, we will tell you the grim, unwashed truth about it all. Conversely, this also means that when we praise a company, they thoroughly deserve it.

Unlike some review sites, we can’t be bought. If you’re an e-cig manufacturer, you might offer reviewers a little financial incentive in return for a positive, “buy me” spin on the review. Some reviewers might accept this offer, but we stand our ground and always stick to the truth. We don’t accept financial incentives for a positive review, because we believe that you as the customer should not be mislead. You’re a human being, not a walking credit card number, so we don’t treat you like one. Our reviews are brutally honest, with no punches pulled under any circumstances. Do the manufacturers always like what we have to say? Definitely not. Can you trust what we say as a reliable, honest appraisal of the e-cig and company in question? Undoubtedly. Hurting some manufacturer’s feelings is irrelevant; what matters is that our readers get the truth about the products we review.

You’re in Charge

We might be pretty darn proud of our honest reviews – and we truly hope our suggestions help you get the right e-cig – but you’re completely in control of how you search through our site. We don’t push you down a particular avenue because we happen to think it’s a particularly good option; you can search through our reviews in any way you like. If you’re looking for the best starter kits based on customer reviews, you can search vendors using those criteria. In other words, you’re in charge of how you decide to look through our reviews. Plus, you can be confident that – like our official reviews – the user reviews placed on our site are genuine appraisals from real users, not copy-and-pasted nonsense submitted by a marketing bot.

Our Top 10 E-Cigs Table

The top 10 e-cigs table on our site is designed to make choosing the right e-cig an easier process. It whittles down the options to ten of the most reliable, high-quality e-cigs you’ll find on the market, and it’s mainly based on our customer reviews. As you can imagine, this represents a big opportunity for companies, who often offer some financial reward for obtaining a higher placement on the lists operated by review sites. Any company who offers us a similar incentive for a position on our list receives a firm, clear and unflinching “No way” in response. Our goal is to help you find the right e-cig, and we won’t let anything jeopardize that aim. The top 10 e-cigs table is – and always will be – an accurate reflection of the companies that users and our reviewers are raving about the most. So, for you as a reader, that means you can always trust what you see there, safe in the knowledge that no company can pay for their placement. The only way they make it up there is with a consistently high-quality product.


At EcigaretteReviewed what you see is what you get. Whilst reviewing an e-cig is always going to have a subjective element, we take every single step we can to ensure that our ratings and our customer reviews give a fair and honest appraisal of each product. The only people we want to keep happy are our readers, and the way to do that is by always giving you the whole story regarding each e-cig. So that’s how we operate.