VaporFi Review

Along with South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke, International Vapor Group recently launched a new line of e-cigarettes to appeal more to the advanced vaping market. Although the new brand, VaporFi, offers a starter kit in the “cigalike” category, it specializes in higher-powered devices that cater to intermediate users and heavy smokers.

Bottom Line
Whether you're just starting out or have been vaping for several years, VaporFi has you covered. From their Express Kit to the Rebel variable voltage telescoping mod, the Miami company has some quality devices geared towards all levels of vapers.
Sleek refillable clearomizers
Long lasting battery life
Customizable e-liquid blends
Smooth flavor and ample vapor production
Consistent vapor production
Plethora of accessories to choose from
Jet cartomizer is difficult to take apart

Is it worth picking up?

Aside from a couple of issues, one with trying to refill the Jet clearomizer and the other with the Pro battery, I was fairly impressed with the quality of VaporFi's products overall. Their e-liquid can compare with some of the premium brands as it is smooth and flavorful and available at a slightly lower cost per mL than many others.

I didn't have any issues with the Pulse kit and liked the fact it charges on a stand rather than using a basic USB cable that screws onto the battery. If I were to recommend anything, it would be the Pulse kit.

Full review

VaporFi (formerly known as Vapor Zone) has a total of six standard starter kits geared toward vapers of various experience levels. Among those six, the Pro Starter Kit can also be upgraded without having to order any extra parts, with one option coming with a better clearomizer and the other giving the vaper a choice of battery color.

Packaging and Design

VaporFi Review - Rocket Vaporizer Kit

Each VaporFi starter kit comes packaged neatly in an environmental-friendly white and green cardboard box proportionate to its size and design. The packaging is similar to what you would find with smart phones, with a hull that holds the product surrounded by a shell that easily slides off but keeps everything nestled safely inside. Once the shell is removed, the hull is revealed to be packaged in layers. The top layer is a microfoam tray containing the battery or batteries and one cartomizer. Below that layer is either one or two boxes, depending on the kit, containing charging equipment, replacement atomizer heads and instruction manual.

VaporFi Pro Kit

VaporFi Pro Kit Review

The Pro Starter Kit is VaporFi's flagship device. It comes standard with a 650mAh battery resembling that of an evod and is upgradable to 1000mAh in multiple colors on the VaporFi website. And just recently, Vapor Fi added an upgradable 1000mAh variable voltage battery that is fully adjustable from 3.2 to 4.8 volts. Also included in the Pro kit is one Pro-L cartomizer or upgraded to a “Platinum” Protank-style glass clearomizer for just $10 more. Both battery and cartomizer in the standard Pro Kit are matte black in color while the Platinum upgrade is silver.

VaporFi Pulse Kit

The Pulse is probably the more high tech of the three kits we tested and reviewed from VaporFi. It comes with not one, but two high-powered 750mAh batteries that are matte black in color, but have glossy oval designs throughout. Like the Jet, they have an LCD puff counter and battery meter. The two cartomizers are basically top-coil clearomizers with clear tanks and black mouthpieces that screw on and off. The main difference with the Pulse kit and the others is the charger. VaporFi designed the Pulse to charge vertically with magnets on a sleek circular base.

VaporFi Rebel Kit

Vaporfi Rebel 2 Vape Mod

VaporFi's vaporizer line wouldn't be complete without including a state of the art mod built with some of the most advanced technology known to e-cigarettes. For the more advanced vapers who enjoy having the ability to customize and tinker with their device, or those who prefer to use larger refillable or rebuildable tanks, there is the VaporFi Rebel.

Crafted from stainless steel, the VaporFi Rebel is a variable voltage and wattage vape mod, or advanced personal vaporizer designed with the enthusiast in mind. It is telescopic, meaning it can accommodate a variety of 18xxx series batteries without requiring extra tubes. As for the technology, The VaporFi Rebel is customizable from 3 to 6 volts in 0.1 volt increments, or from 3 to 15 watts in 0.5 watt increments.

Of course, the Rebel also features a digital display with eight different adjustment modes including power up and down, power on/off, battery check, in-use display change, LED on/off, voltage/wattage mode, and RMS/MEA mode. The VaporFi Rebel combines all of the above technology to create one incredibly satisfying and long lasting vaping experience for the intermediate to hardcore vaper.

VaporFi E-liquid

VaporFi e-liquid

E-liquid from VaporFi is sold in 30mL clear plastic bottles that have a skinny spout perfect for filling in hard to reach places and dripping. Each bottle is sealed with shrink wrap and very professionally labeled, with clear nicotine content, instructions, ingredients and warnings. Read our in-depth VaporFi e-liquid review.

Flavors and Vapor

Vapor production varies between the three devices, but not significantly. Each gave a mild throat hit and decent vapor production. The air flow on the Pro cartridge was a little tight, however, but can be drilled out to your liking. But consistently, each device performed much better than most starter kits in terms of vapor production.

VaporFi E-Liquid Flavors

One of the neat things about VaporFi is that they offer the ability to customize your own flavor, or choose from one or more of several popular flavor combinations. I counted almost 60 individual flavoring options that can be combined to create a customized blend containing up to three different flavors. The e-liquid is pretty high quality too, as it is made in the USA in an FDA-registered lab using flavoring ingredients that are “made to inhale”.

Battery Life and Performance

Vaporfi vaporizers

With at least 650mAh of battery capacity in four of VaporFi's six standard kits, battery life shouldn't be an issue. Each battery got me at least a full day of use before needing to be recharged. And while the Express Kit offers no more than 280mAh, it contains two batteries so you can charge one while using the other. As for the Air, I would recommend purchasing a second battery to do the same with. It really all depends on how much you plan to vape.