Best CBD vape pens

Best CBD Vape Pens

Varieties of cannabis (hemp or marijuana) contain beneficial chemical compounds for the mind and body. The most famous chemical compounds are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), both found in hemp-derived CBD vape pens (0.3% THC). 

Used correctly and frequently, CBD vape pens are very beneficial. Fast-acting and immediately effective. Useful to both beginner and seasoned CBD users.

Many use CBD oil vape pens recreationally or for health and wellness benefits such as anxiety & anxiety-related disorders, pain, inflammation, sleep, and relaxation.

Hemp-derived CBD pens are 100% legal on a federal level (47 states allow its sale and use). Available online and in-store across the US. 

Experienced CBD vape users normally go through 30-50mg of CBD vape juice per day. If you’re new, this quantity may last a week or more. A 250mg disposable CBD pen offering is a good place to start. 

10 Best CBD Oil Vape Pens

Check out our top CBD vape pen picks below. All CBD pens come with a pre-filled CBD cartridge (disposable) and are ready to vape. Some pens come with a rechargeable 510-threaded battery so you can swap out the cartridge with a new one. The potency range from 200mg to 700mg cannabidiol.

Bloom Farms CBD CBN vape pen

Bloom Farms CBD:CBN Dream Vapor Pen

Available at $45

Disposable all-in-one CBD pen

Broad Spectrum

250mg CBD, 50mg CBN, THC-free

Delivers 300+ puffs

  • 60% total cannabinoids content
  • Whole-plant hemp extract
  • Full-spectrum terpenes
  • Vape pen battery is breath-activated, no buttons or preheating needed
  • Made with uncut oil
  • No fillers or thickening agents used (like PG or VG)
  • Lab report

CBD vape pen cartridge pre-filled

Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit Vape

Available at $46

Disposable CBD cartridge + battery pen

Full Spectrum Indica

700mg CBD, <0.3% THC

Delivers 200+ puffs

  • 53.9% total cannabinoids content
  • Whole-plant extract
  • Made with organic indoor grown hemp flower
  • Full range of cannabis terpenes
  • Includes: CBD cartridge plus rechargeable 510-threaded battery and charger
  • No fillers or thickening agents used (like PG or VG)
  • Lab report

Kiara CBD vape pen with cartridge

Kiara CBD Pen

Available at $80

Refillable cartridge + battery pen

Full Spectrum

275mg CBD, <0.2% THC

  • 55% total cannabinoids content
  • CO2 extract
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Includes: refillable CBD cartridge plus a rechargeable battery
  • Free of additives
  • Lab report

Funky Farms CBD hemp vape pen

Funky Farms Pineapple Express CBD Pen

Available at $34.99

Disposable all-in-one CBD pen

Broad Spectrum

200mg CBD, THC-free

  • 62.7% total cannabinoids content
  • Rich in terpenes
  • No added fillers
  • Lab report

CBD oil vape pen

Kandypens Chill CBD Vape Pen

Available at $45

Disposable all-in-one CBD pen

Full Spectrum

250mg CBD, <0.3% THC

  • 54.3% total cannabinoids content
  • Rich in terpenes
  • No added fillers, PG or VG
  • Made with organically grown hemp, botanicals and terpenes
  • Lab report

FAB CBD vape pen broad spectrum

FAB CBD Calm Vape Pen

Available at $49

Disposable all-in-one CBD pen

Broad Spectrum

500mg CBD, <0.3% THC

Delivers 250+ puffs

  • Dose-controlled pen
  • Rich in terpenes
  • Includes CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN
  • No added fillers, flavoring, PG or VG
  • Made with organically grown hemp in Colorado

Extract Labs CBD pen full spectrum

Extract Labs CBD Pen

Available at $50

Use “ECREVIEWED” for 15% off

Disposable CBD cartridge + battery pen

Full Spectrum

500mg CBD, <0.3% THC

  • 91% total cannabinoids content
  • Rich in CBD, CBT, CBG
  • CO2 extracted
  • No fillers or additives
  • Disposable cartridge, rechargeable 510-threaded battery
  • Lab report

Full spectrum CBD vape pen disposable

Farmacy Bliss Blueberry CBD Vape Pen

Available at $49.99

Disposable CBD cartridge + battery pen

Full Spectrum

500mg CBD, <0.3% THC

Delivers 250+ puffs

  • 62.8% total cannabinoids content
  • Includes CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN
  • No fillers, thinners, solvents
  • Made with organically grown hemp
  • Made with ceramic tip and coil
  • Battery is rechargeable, cartridge is disposable
  • Lab report

Dr. Dabber THC-free CBD vape pen

Dr. Dabber CBD Vape Pen

Available at $37

Disposable CBD cartridge + battery pen

Broad Spectrum

250mg CBD, THC-free

  • No fillers or solvents
  • Full-bodied terpene profile
  • Battery is rechargeable, cartridge is disposable
  • Lab report

Disposable CBD pen by TribeTokes

TribeTokes Sour Tsunami CBD Vape Pen

Available at $60

Disposable all-in-one CBD pen

Full Spectrum

200mg CBD, <0.2% THC

  • 75% total cannabinoids content
  • CO2 extracted
  • No fillers or additives
  • 10% terpene profile
  • Lab report

How we choose the best CBD pens for vaping

Vaping a CBD pen in outdoors
Photo by Secret Nature

Choosing the right CBD oil vape pen can be difficult. There are so many to choose from. Pair this with an influx of poor brands creating poor products and you have a recipe for confusion. Below is how we determine whether or not a CBD vape pen is worth purchasing.

  1. Reputable CBD vape pen manufacturer

By 2017, hundreds of vaporizer products (CBD or otherwise) were manufactured and mass-produced by China to be sold to the European and US market. Many vaporizer products were (and still are) low-quality. 

We recommend purchasing USA-made CBD vape pens. The level of quality is significantly higher. You pay a premium, of course, but it’s worth it. Lesser chance of being faulty or unsafe. Proper manufacturing processes. Better production environments. Some CBD brands won’t tell you where the vape pen is manufactured if it’s made in China. If it’s made in the US (or Europe), brands will proudly announce it.

  1. Temperature control

Temperature control is the main feature of refillable CBD pens. Adjusting the temperature for CBD vape liquid is crucial. Too low and you won’t get a satisfying taste, flavor, or aroma. The effects may be weaker as well. Too high and you’ll get a very harsh hit. May have a burnt taste too. This is from burning out the coil. 

Disposable CBD pens don’t have the luxury of temperature control. This isn’t too much of a problem. Most brands create disposable CBD pens suitable for the CBD vape oil pre-loaded in the tank. They also make sure the coil is made for the default temperature to avoid it burning out. 

  1. Keep away from metals

Keeping your CBD oil pen away from keys, coins, magnets, and other metals is a key step to ensuring safety. Contact with these metals may increase the likelihood of battery explosion (though this is rare).

We recommend storing your battery pen in a storage case away from any metal objects. 

Other safety tips include:

  • Don’t charge your vape pen overnight or unattended 
  • Charge using the charger it came with (don’t use phone charger, etc)
  • Purchase a vape pen with a temperature or wattage function
  • Replace any faulty or damaged batteries
  1. Size and shape 

Shape and size of your CBD oil pen are important, especially if you’re a busy individual on-the-go daily. Heavy, bulky pens are not suitable and quite annoying. 

All disposable CBD vape pens are good here. Small, convenient, and pocket-sized. Usually shaped like a real cigarette. Not heavy at all. Light in the pocket. Weigh roughly 2oz. The only downside is they’re temporary. You’re unable to refill them or charge the battery up again. 

Refillable CBD vape pens (and kits) range from small and light to medium-sized. Some refillable vape pens look just like disposable ones. Thin and cigarette-shaped. Very light in the pocket. These are the best for transporting around hassle-free. Other refillable vape pens are bulkier but not as big or heavy as CBD kits you can modify. Still able to transport them easily.

  1. How many puffs you get

This is something you have to consider when purchasing disposable CBD pens. Refillable pens last until the coil burns out or you run out of CBD vape juice. Disposable ones last until the liquid and/or battery runs out and you have to throw them away. 

Many CBD brands will post how many pulls or puffs you get out of their disposable pens. This is generally calculated by the tank size and battery used. This info can be found on product pages.

For example:

  • 1.3 mL tank + 280 mAh battery = 250-300 pulls/puffs
  • 3.2 mL tank + 550 mAh battery = 700-800 puffs

To conserve your CBD vape pen battery and liquid, simply vape less often or take smaller puffs. 

  1. Ingredients used in the CBD vape oil

CBD vape pens require high-quality CBD vape oil to be useful and effective, as well as uncontaminated and fit for your consumption. Knowing the ingredients used is vital.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is often used in combination with propylene glycol (PG) in standard nicotine vape juice. In CBD vape juice, VG isn’t useful. It doesn’t dissolve the CBD very well and will most likely crystalize it.

The CBD vape pens recommended in our list don't contain any fillers or additives like PG, VG, or artificial flavorings. What you get is a pure hemp oil extract, perfect for a clean vape.

Make sure the CBD cartridge doesn’t contain any trace of vitamin E acetate either. This is very harmful and can cause severe lung damage. 

  1. Is the hemp extract type broad or full-spectrum?

Inhaling CBD is fast-acting and very effective. If your CBD extract type doesn’t meet your requirements, it’s borderline useless. Purchase CBD vape pens with broad or full-spectrum hemp extracts. These extracts contain many beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other essential plant compounds. 

Full-spectrum hemp extract is preferred. It contains trace amounts of THC content (<0.3%) so the benefits are enhanced. You'll get better effects on your mind and body too.

  1. Is the CBD vape oil third-party tested?

Third-party testing is very important. It shows a CBD brand’s commitment and dedication to protecting you from harmful contaminants in the CBD vape liquid used in their pens/cartridges. It also shows the product is high-quality, potent, and legal. 

Third-party testing is conducted by independent, accredited laboratories specializing in cannabis analysis and evaluation. Must not be connected with the CBD brand. Testing should be unbiased with no outside influence. Once testing is complete, a Certificate of Analysis (COA) will be issued and sent back to the brand. 

COAs show the cannabinoid and terpene content, as well as any heavy metals, residual solvents, or mycotoxins present. Brands will post this on their website for full transparency. 

  1. Is the CBD vape juice sourced from organic, USA-owned hemp farms?

We prefer CBD vape oil extracts sourced from organic, USA-owned hemp farms. Colorado and Oregon specifically. Great locations for cultivating some of the best CBD flowers in the market. Perfect soil and growing conditions. Clear, straight-forward, and up-to-date hemp cultivation regulations. Pilot programs established since 2014. 

  1. Vape pens vs. box mods vs. vape pods

CBD vape pens are cigarette-shaped devices. Basic functionality. Variations include refillable and disposable. Refillable CBD vape pens feature removal components, mainly tanks and batteries. Disposable CBD vape pens usually come with no detachable pieces with tanks pre-filled with CBD vape juice. Throw away once the juice or battery runs out. No temperature control. Best for beginners wanting to transition into vaping. 

Box mods (also simply known as “mods”) are advanced vaping devices. Uses sub-ohm technology for enhanced power and vape juice delivery. Can modify and alter the box mod to suit your CBD delivery requirements. Coils, batteries, mouthpieces, and other components can be replaced. Good for expert, seasoned CBD vape users. Pricy and bulky, however. 

Pod mod kits are the box mod’s little, arguably more stylish, little brother. Uses sub-ohm technology with less power in a battery (less temperature also). Larger cartridges/tanks than vape pens but smaller than box mods. Some feature temperature/wattage control, others don’t. Sleek and slender build. Convenient for transportation and storage. Good for beginners who want to step-up from traditional CBD vape pens.

What are CBD vape pens?

Disposable CBD pen with cartridge
Photo by Bloom Farms

CBD vape pens are electronic devices used to vaporize specially made hemp-derived CBD vape liquid (often referred to as CBD vape juice or vape oil).

CBD pens come attached with a battery, heating coil, small glass container (where the liquid is placed), and mouthpiece. No combustible elements. No smoke when inhaled. Great alternative to smoking CBD hemp flower or CBD pre-rolled joints.  

How to use CBD pens

Priming the coil (refillable CBD vape pen)

If you’ve purchased a refillable CBD pen, you need to prime the coil. Simply take the coil and dab small drops of CBD vape oil onto the wick. Don’t put too much on, just enough for the wick to absorb some of the vape liquid ready for use.

The reason why you need to do this is simple. It’ll stop the coil from burning out and overheating, as well as giving it some moisture to absorb the liquid in the tank. In other words, your coil won’t burn out and the liquid flowing through it won’t taste horrible when inhaled. 

Inhalation method 

Surprisingly, CBD vape pens require a little bit of technique. Many users think short, quick pulls on the pen is sufficient. This isn’t true. It takes a little bit more than that to get the most out of it. 

We recommend taking long, fuller puffs on your CBD vape pen. Roughly 3-4 seconds and then inhale. This gives you a deeper, more satisfying hit. Short, sharp pulls aren’t as satisfying. You’re also not getting enough cannabinoid goodness into you either. 

What’s the best temperature setting for CBD pens?

Many refillable, rechargeable CBD pens come with a temperature setting function. This allows you to manually adjust the temperature to suit your CBD consumption requirements. 

  • Optimal temperature range for vaping CBD vape juice is somewhere between 210-482°F.
  • On the lower end, 2010-290°F. Subtle and weak. Not advised.
  • Stick to +290°F (143+°C) for the best flavor and aroma, as well as effects. Don’t go higher than 420-450°F. You can burn out the coil, resulting in a horrible tasting vape experience. 

Types of CBD vape pens you can buy online?

  1. Disposable CBD vape pens

Disposable CBD pens are one-use vape pens. You cannot refill them with CBD vape oil. Once the battery or liquid runs out, you throw them away. Recommended as a tester before purchasing refillable pens. 

Lightweight and transportableNo temperature control 
No refill optionNo wattage control
No battery recharge option No adjustable airflow mechanism 
Less cost-effective (compared to refillable pens)Limited variety of pens
Suitable for beginners or first-time usersSmall vape cloud/throat hit not as strong
  1.  Refillable CBD vape pens

Refillable CBD pens are somewhat similar to disposable pens in terms of functionality and components. The difference is you can recharge the battery and refill the tank with CBD vape juice. You don’t throw them away afterwards. Some vape pens allow you to change the coil as well. 

Refillable Reasonably high upfront cost
Can charge the battery Takes time to learn about the features 
Adjustable airflow optionLess discrete (large vape cloud)
Retains pen model (slightly bigger size sometimes)Requires more maintenance (replacing parts, etc)
Large variety of options
Cheaper in the long-run

Effects of vaping CBD oil

Will CBD vape pens cause a high?

Hemp-derived CBD vape pens won’t cause a “high” per se. It might give you a slight calming buzz if you consume high-strength full-spectrum CBD vape oil with <0.3% THC. No intoxication, however. It won’t impair your thinking, judgment, or memory. You’ll need marijuana-derived CBD vape liquid for that with higher percentages of THC. 

Will they cause lung problems?

Short-term respiratory effects do happen. Lung and throat irritation can occur. In rare cases, severe allergic reactions can happen.

In the US, approximately 2,000 lung injury cases from vaping have been reported — roughly 214 cases from CBD-related vaping. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) believe vitamin E acetate (used for oil dilution) is the cause. Most of the products in the report contained nicotine or THC, and were most likely purchased illegally. 

We recommend purchasing CBD vape pens from legitimate (and legal) CBD brands specializing in vape pens and vape liquids. Don’t purchase vapes illegally from the black market.

Are they suitable for beginners?

Beginners can try CBD vape pens. Disposable CBD pens are much more convenient for beginners. You simply purchase one, give it a go, and see if you like it. Just remember: CBD pens might be a little harsh to begin with. Go slow and don’t purchase a vape pen with high-CBD liquid. A 250mg CBD liquid is recommended here. 

Vaping CBD oil vs. smoking CBD flower


Vaping CBD e-liquid produces an odorless vapor. Using it indoors won’t cause any long-lasting, lingering smells. It won’t get into the fibers of your clothes either. No stale smoke smell when you’re walking around. Many believe vaping is far healthier for your lungs than smoking CBD hemp flower. 

Smoking CBD flower produces, well, smoke. Smoking CBD flower smells very potent. The aroma is, of course, similar to marijuana. The smoke itself can be very thick with a strong, pungent smell. Not advised for indoor use. Can creep into the fibers of your clothes too. Many believe smoking hemp flower is less healthy for your lungs and body.

If you want to vape CBD flower, you can do so. Specially-made dry-herb vaporizers are available for vaping hemp or marijuana flower. They’re pricey but useful. 


Vaping CBD oil and smoking CBD flower produce almost the same results. In both methods, the cannabinoids enter your lungs and penetrate to the bloodstream efficiently.

Vaping CBD: Pros & Cons


  • Fast-acting and effective
  • No combustible elements — no smoke inhaled or exhaled
  • Subtle aroma when exhaled — can be used indoors and outdoors (discrete)
  • Taste and flavor profile retained — more rounded, less “burnt” flavor
  • The aftertaste isn’t as strong


  • Side-effects may be more pronounced — quicker entry into bloodstream
  • Too convenient — may vape way over your daily CBD dosing requirements
  • Can cause short-term throat and lung irritation (coughing, etc)
  • Outright cost can be expensive ($100-$150 for a decent CBD vape pen or kit)

Smoking CBD: Pros & Cons


  • Fast-acting, effective
  • Large variety of CBD hemp strains available
  • Can control how many CBD hemp you smoke
  • Cheaper than hemp CBD edibles 


  • Combustible elements — inhaling smoke might be off-putting to some users
  • Strong “weed-like” aroma 
  • Not always suitable for beginners
  • Can affect the lungs
  • Strong aftertaste