EverSmoke Review

EverSmoke is like a sci-fi version of South Beach Smoke, with manual and automatic batteries available and a less cigarette-like appearance. The vapor production, flavors and nicotine levels are good, but the battery life lets it down a little.

Bottom Line
EverSmoke has produced one of the best e-cigs on the market today. The vapor production is excellent, there are five nicotine levels and you can choose manual and longer batteries. Some flavors and the battery life could be better, but other than that there’s very little to complain about.
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Great smoke volume
Manual and automatic batteries available
Multiple battery sizes
Ten flavor options
Signature crystal tip
VaporMax® cartridge technology
Compatibility with South Beach Smoke
Quick charging
Battery life could be better
Other brands have better flavors


The EverSmoke e-cig is one of the best options you’ll find on the market, with ample vapor production, plenty of nicotine levels, a decent selection of flavors and reliable, US-based assembly and testing. The battery life is the only thing that really lets it down, and it’s one of the areas where competitors like Green Smoke and V2 really blow it out of the water. This small gripe aside, however, there is very little to complain about with the EverSmoke e-cig.

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Note: EverSmoke has been officially acquired by VaporFi (as of May 2016). To check out the latest e-cig starter kits, vaporizers, mods, and e-liquids, check out VaporFi.com.

One of the clearest divisions between the different electronic cigarettes on the market is between those which choose to emulate the appearance of a tobacco cigarette and the ones who go for something sleeker and more futuristic. Although the vapor production, battery life and the quality of the flavors are considerably more important, different vapers have preferences when it comes to appearance. As an example, Green Smoke’s e-cig is very cigarette-like, whilst V2 Cigs look more like something from a Philip K. Dick novel, and there’s a chance you have a preference.

EverSmoke is a Florida-based manufacturer founded in 2010, and is a different brand from the folks over at South Beach Smoke. The main difference between the brands is the appearance, with the South Beach e-cig sporting the faux-rings and amber glowing tip of the tobacco-like style and the EverSmoke going for a more high-tech look. EverSmoke is the newer imprint, but if you’re happy with the difference in appearance, it could potentially be the brand for you. Smokers might be initially put off by the unusual appearance, but you’ll find that this limitation melts away as you become accustomed to using e-cigs. So don’t discount EverSmoke on that basis alone.

The Basic Starter Kit comes with two batteries (one long and one standard in either automatic or manual), five cartridges, USB charger and wall adapter, available for a discounted price of $49.99. There’s also the Express Kit ($29.99), which comes in a cigarette packet-sized box and contains one battery, USB charger and two cartridges – enough to give you a taste of what EverSmoke has to offer. There are also more well-stocked options if you want a more comprehensive setup.

Packaging and Design

The EverSmoke Basic kit comes in a compact, magnetically closing box, like the majority of brands you’ll encounter. It’s a clean white color, with the “o” logo and curls of green smoke serving as the sole decoration for the minimalistic box. Inside, your batteries are nestled in two slots cut into the felt-lined foam of the upper layer, with plenty of space cut out so you can get your fingers in to pick them up. Underneath you’ll find the chargers, manual, cartridges and a helpful membership card which politely informs people that you are vaping and not smoking. Whilst this is a nice addition, it seems that if you were approached and asked to stop “smoking,” responding by passing a membership card containing a pre-printed message would leave you looking like you were either completely socially inept or a mute.

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

The e-cigs themselves have the two-piece design you’d expect, and they offer you the choice of manual or automatic batteries in one of three colors, black, white and stainless steel. The batteries have the EverSmoke logo towards the top, which complements the cool and sophisticated design, and are topped off with a crystal tip. The tips glow orange on inhalation, and two thin slots allow air-flow through the cartridge. Overall, the e-cigs are well-designed, and the cartridges have a silicon tip which is supposed to prevent leakage. In practice, it doesn't quite do the job (you’ll still get occasional spots of e-liquid on the tip), but experienced vapers will know that this is a common issue with almost any e-cig, and EverSmoke’s cartridges ordinarily do a good job of controlling it.

Nicotine Levels

The cartridges come in five different nicotine levels, which offers the level of choice provided by other big-name brands such as Green Smoke and V2 Cigs. You can choose between No Nicotine, Ultra Light (6mg), Light (12mg), Full Flavored (18mg) and Bold (24mg).  This is plenty for both the heavier smokers and anybody who wants to gradually reduce their nicotine consumption. However, Green Smoke also offers five nicotine levels, and White Cloud Cigarettes has six, so they aren't the leaders in this area.

A bigger problem for EverSmoke is that cigalike devices do struggle to be as satisfying as cigarettes. The most notable exception to this is the JUUL by Pax, which uses the same type of nicotine found in cigarettes (nicotine salts) and comes with pods filled with 50 mg/ml of nicotine. This might seem high, but coupled with the nicotine salts, it becomes one of the only cigalike e-cigarettes that actually have what it takes to help heavier smokers switch and ease their cravings. It's also really easy to use and looks pretty awesome to boot. Find out more in our JUUL review.

Flavors and Vapor

The vapor production from the EverSmoke electronic cigarette is excellent, definitely comparable to V2 Cigs, who are generally recognized as the leaders in this area. You'll be more than satisfied with the opaque fog of vapor you produce, and the throat hit is just right, enough to make it feel like smoking but not overly painful or dry. For smokers concerned that the output from the e-cig will feel like nothing like what you get from a tobacco cigarette, EverSmoke are one of the companies that will truly impress you. As always, the cooler temperature of the vapor (in comparison to smoke) will contribute to a different feel on your throat, but you won’t be disappointed in terms of vapor volume. The manual batteries are better in this department, but you still get more than enough vapor if you give the automatic batteries a few priming puffs before taking a full drag.

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Flavor Cartridge

The flavor profile of the EverSmoke e-cig is a bit of a mixed bag. There are ten in total: Cherry Crush, Cool Menthol, Classic Tobacco, Very Vanilla, Coffee Creation, Peppermint Party, Piña Colada, Peach Passion, Royal Tobacco and Golden Tobacco. Overall, they’re well-executed, but they’re consistently not quite as strong as some users may like. The Classic Tobacco boasts a sweet edge, and the menthols work well because they aren’t overpowering. The Classic is the only EverSmoke tobacco option we tried, but it’s pretty nice overall so we’d assume the others will be similarly enjoyable.

For fans of Java coffee, the Coffee Creation cartridge might be the one you’ve been waiting for, but for many coffee-drinkers the difference in flavor may ruin this one slightly. The stand-out flavors for me are the Very Vanilla and the Cherry Crush, because the intended flavor comes through more strongly and is replicated very accurately. This is very much the same problem as we found with South Beach Smoke’s cartridges – a very enjoyable underlying flavor in all cases, but the best cartridges are the ones when it hits you more strongly.

It is compatible with South Beach Smoke’s cartridges too, so you get more options than these alone. It is worth mentioning that the flavors die out noticeably as you work through the cartridge – a fairly common problem but one that most brands have managed to stamp out. Overall, the flavor profile is good but not the best you'll encounter in the industry. There are also no e-liquids available through EverSmoke, so anybody hoping to save extra by refilling cartomizers or using a clearomizer would need to look elsewhere.


The EverSmoke batteries come in three different sizes, so the life you get will depend on which you choose. When it comes to batteries, bigger tends to be better for capacity and operating voltage. Manual batteries will also drain 25 percent quicker, on average, so this is something to bear in mind when you’re choosing options with your kit. The vapor production will be better, but you’re likely to drain it notably more quickly. It’s probably best to make the longer (High Capacity) battery the manual if you want one.

The Standard battery is good for 250 puffs according to the marketing literature, which is enough to vape the equivalent of around 16 to 17 cigarettes. The High Capacity batteries boost this to 350 puffs, making them much better for heavier users. In practice, the battery life seems to be shorter than that (which is generally the case, as the per-puff count is under ideal conditions), although this is only really an issue with the Standard size battery, which you may find running out a little too regularly. You’d have to take two to work with you, just in case, but you probably wouldn’t need it unless you’re a heavy smoker. The charger is the pen-drive, poke-precariously-out-of-your-laptop style that is still widely used, aside for by savvier brands such as V2 and White Cloud. Charging is pretty quick, which partially makes up for the slightly short battery life on the Standard battery.

Manufacturing and Warranty

One of the biggest selling-points of EverSmoke is that the e-cigs are assembled and tested in the US, providing even greater confidence in the quality of the product. Whilst you can obviously find excellent e-cigs shipped over from a high-quality Chinese factory, the US-based assembly is an undeniable stamp of approval. No issues came up through the testing period, aside from the automatic battery occasionally remaining activated for a second or two after I stopped inhaling. This is about as minor as points can get, though, and it’s something which happens occasionally with many brands of e-cig. Overall, the quality of the production is undeniable.

If you receive a regular delivery of cartridges (monthly to bi-monthly) as part of EverSmoke’s Home Delivery Program, you receive a lifetime warranty. This provides free replacements for any defective components for the duration of your deliveries. If you’re using EverSmoke full time, this is a good option (offering savings of around 20 percent on cartridge orders) on cartridge orders, but it might not be an ideal thing to get involved in straight away if you haven’t tested the brand out first. However, if you are interested in regular deliveries (you can set your own order frequency and quantity) this offers about as good a warranty as you’ll find anywhere. Even if you don’t get the deliveries, you receive the same offer but only for a year. This is a great warranty that really rewards loyal customers, but of course you’ll only receive a replacement if you haven’t modified or otherwise misused your e-cig. In addition, EverSmoke has a 30 day money back guarantee, which gives you a 100 percent refund provided you fill in a form and return everything to them within the time-frame.

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