Full Disclosure

 It’s a sad truth that operating a site like EcigaretteReviewed costs money. We can pump cash into the operation like air into a deflating life-boat, but in order to continue operating efficiently we need to make money from elsewhere. Since we provide a free service to you, as a reader, our continuing source of funds needs to come from somewhere else, and this is from the companies whose products we review.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing” seems like one of the dirtiest phrases in the English language, and it can well be if it’s accompanied by dishonest reviews designed to do nothing other than sell products. The basic premise is this: a user reads an e-cigarette review on our site, and decides (hopefully after reading about several different companies) that the product is the right one for them. We place a link on our site, which takes you directly to the company’s webpage, where you can complete your purchase. This is tracked using a specialized cookie, so the manufacturer knows if a referral from our site resulted in a purchase.

Here are some examples of our affiliate links:

  • https://ecigarettereviewed.com/go/blucigs.com (this is a Blu Cigs affiliate link)

Since the company got the click-through and the purchase because of our authority as a reviewer (and the quality of their product, of course), we receive a small fee (which varies, depending on the company) for our part in their income. In short: we make our money from our affiliates, when users of our site who click through to one and make a purchase.

Now it should be painfully clear why this system is open to abuse. You can either use affiliate funding as an excuse to funnel customers to an inferior product, or you can take the customer into account and genuinely point them to the best option – even if it’s not the one that will make you a larger commission. Our reviews are entirely honest, and we are not influenced by the money we receive for each click-through and purchase – you get the whole truth so you can make an informed decision and ditch the tobacco cigs for good.

Help Us Out

Since we rely on affiliate marketing to keep the site running and to continually give you up-to-date, accurate and reliable information regarding e-cigs, if you decide to make a purchase, we’d really appreciate you using one of our links. All it takes is a simple click, and then you complete your purchase as normal, supporting our site in the process.

It’s More Than Free

It doesn’t cost you a single cent to support us through our affiliate links – in fact: it can even save you money. One of the perks of our affiliate relationships with the manufacturers is that we can offer you exclusive discounts on their products. Check out our e-cig coupons pages before you make your purchase, because you’ll be able to get your e-cigs and accessories for even cheaper using one of our dedicated discount codes.

What’s more, we don’t gain access to your sensitive information when you make a purchase with one of our affiliates. We receive a report of the purchase you made, but this doesn’t contain any identifying information – it just lets us know that somebody (who is completely anonymous) has bought a product after clicking on our link. In other words, the only thing you have to do is click a link before you make your purchase, enter your coupon code and everything works exactly as it would anyway.

How Else Do We Make Money?

Of course, we also feature ads on EcigaretteReviewed, but these are always clearly identifiable as banners. We won’t make it look like we’re genuinely endorsing a product when we run an ad; it will look like an advertisement.

Any other questions? Get in touch with us through our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.