Smoking a hemp CBD pre-roll

Best CBD Pre-Rolls and Cigarettes

Not all cannabis and CBD pre-rolls are created equally. Some pre-rolls carry strains for calm and sleep, while others enhance your mood and focus.

We recommend CBD pre-rolls for pretty much anything. Indica hemp strains are perfect for sleep and overall relaxation. Sativa strains are better for late morning/afternoon dosing. They provide your mind with sufficient focus and concentration, as well as energy. The same goes for pre-packed CBD cigarettes.

Marijuana pre-rolls, on the other hand, carry higher percentages of THC. They will get you high but with unique benefits. Great for total mind and body relaxation. Also useful for energization, focus, creativity, and socializing — 8-12% THC is useful here. Beginners should stick to 3-6% THC. 

We’ve tested out some of the best CBD joints and CBD cigarettes on the market and picked out the highest-quality ones you can buy online now.

Best Hemp CBD Pre-Rolls

Hemp-derived CBD pre-rolls are a fantastic way of delivering CBD into your body. They are fast-acting and convenient. Sativa pre-rolls carry energizing, mood-lifting properties, while Indica-dominant strains are designed to relax you. We generally recommend Sativa-dominant strains for social and recreational events. Indica-dominant strains are more effective at helping you sleep and wind down.

1. Secret Nature Frosted Kush (Indica)

Secret Nature Indica CBD pre-rolls

$40 for 7 joints / 18.5% CBD

Secret Nature Frosted Kush Indica pre-rolls pack a punch. The Indica CBD hemp strain used is deeply calming. A perfect choice for an afternoon smoke. Flavorsome and rich. Aromatic cupcake frosting, fruit, and gasoline notes. Pungently sweet on the taste buds.

2. Cannaflower Rest

Cannaflower Rest cannabis sativa flower pre-roll

$35.95 for 5 joints / 15.9% CBD

Cannaflower Rest pre-rolls are strong and hard-hitting for immediate relief. Packed with beneficial myrcene and borneol terpenes alongside a full range of amazing cannabinoids, these Sativa-dominant pre-rolls are perfect for winding down. Strong fruity aroma. Punchy citrus and floral flavor.

3. Green Unicorn Farms Special Sauce (Indica)

Green Unicorn Farms hemp-derived CBD joints

$34.99 for 5 joints / 23% CBD

This Indica pre-roll packs an almighty punch. The hemp strain used is driven by a potent CBD and terpenoid profile, ideal for nighttime. Strong vanilla and berry aroma with a slight hint of musk and haze. Fruity with an almost gasoline-like flavor.

4. Cheef Botanicals Sour Diesel (Sativa)

Cheef Botanicals CBD hemp pre-roll

$39.95 for 5 joints / 20% CBD

Cheef Botanicals Sour Diesel pre-rolls are potent, fast-acting, and immediately effective. The Sour Diesel strain is a distinct Sativa-dominant hybrid strain famous for its energizing and awakening qualities. Perfect for focus and creativity. Rich, deep diesel-like aroma. Strong peppery, spicy flavor.

5. Secret Nature Papaya Nights (Sativa)

Secret Nature Sativa organic CBD pre-rolls

$40 for 7 joints / 15.7% CBD

Secret Nature Papaya Nights Sativa pre-rolls are as uplifting as they are relaxing. The CBD hemp strain used is a pure Sativa known for its mood-enhancing qualities. Perfect for social and recreational purposes. Notes of tantalizing fruit and citrus. Strong papaya and haze flavor to refresh your palette.

6. Neurogan CBD Rolls

Neurogan full-spectrum CBD pre-rolls

$33.95 for 5 joints

Neurogan’s CBD Rolls are incredibly well-crafted. Containing 100% organic flower sourced from Danish hemp farms, Neurogan’s pre-roll offering is as relaxing as it is energizing. No tobacco, no nicotine, no additives.

7. Industrial Hemp Farms Caviar Rolls

Industrial Hemp Farms Caviar rolls

$11.99 for 1 joint / 25% CBD

Industrial Hemp Farms has released its potent, highly-energizing premium hemp CBD Caviar Pre-Roll product. Featuring high-grade, indoor-grown hemp abundant in terpenes, these joints are designed for a smooth and delicious smoke. Perfect for focus and concentration.

8. Plain Jane Blunt Sampler

CBD blunts by Plain Jane

$13.99 for 5 blunts

King Palm CBD Blunt Sampler features four different CBD pre-roll blunts, each carrying some of our favorite CBD hemp strains: Blueberry Diesel (Hybrid), CBG Blend (Hybrid), Golden Cherry (Hybrid), Sour Space Cherry (Sativa-Dominant).

Best CBD Cigarettes

Hemp-derived CBD cigarettes are ideal for regular cigarette smokers, especially ones who are trying to quit. The shape and size are identical to a regular cigarette. No tobacco. No nicotine. No abundant carcinogenic. Just pure, uncontaminated hemp flower.

1. Toast Emerald

Tobacco-free CBD cigarettes by Toast

$38 for 10-pack

Toast Emerald CBD Cigarettes are potent. Carries cannabinoid and terpene-rich CBD hemp flower designed to give you an enjoyable smoking experience. Made using hemp pre-roll paper and wood pulp filters. Perfect for weekend energy and revitalization.

2. CRÈME by Sugar

CBD cigarettes with great flavor

$11.50 for a 20-pack

Sugar's CBD Cigarettes are mild but effective. Each cigarette has a sweet tip which makes the smoke smooth and flavorful; in terms of flavor, it's unlike any of the other hemp cigs on the market. These are packed with 100% premium hemp flower blend and food-grade flavoring. Each pack contains 1000mg of CBD (50mg per cigarette). The effects of these cigs are very relaxing and soothing – perfect for nighttime.

3. Neurogan

Neurogan CBD hemp cigarettes

$17.95 for 20-pack

Neurogan CBD cigarettes are mild and subtle. Various strains of CBD hemp flower blended into tightly-packed CBD cigarette rolls. Made with 100% Danish-grown hemp on organic farms.

4. Plain Jane

Hemp rolled cigarettes by Plain Jane

$12.99 for 20-pack

Plain Jane CBD Hemp Cigarettes offer a smooth and flavorful smoke. Combining Elektra, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy strains, these cigarettes provide a full and lasting experience. Energizing, mood-enhancing, and brain-powering. Strong floral and peppery aroma. Pine, herbal, and peppery flavors with distinct mint and berry undertones.

5. Redwood Reserves

Redwood Reserves hemp flower cigarette pack

$12.99 for 20-pack

Redwood CBD Cigarettes are nice and easy to smoke. Fairly potent. Blends Golden Redwood, Carolina Dream, and Wild Bourbon CBD hemp strains. Energizing and mood-enhancing but also calming and soothing. Carries a broad spectrum of beneficial terpenes to enhance your experience. Citrus and pine aroma with gasoline and haze undertones. Strong fruit, pine flavor. Perfect as a Monday night refresher.

Woman smoking CBD hemp joint
Photo by Secret Nature

2020 has been the year of the cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis pre-roll. 

CBD has become popular for a myriad of reasons from recreational and social use to health. People smoke, vape, oil drop to help them sleep, relax, relieve anxiety and pain.

CBD via hemp is likely accessible for you since hemp’s federal legalization in Dec 2018 by the Trump administration. Thus far, pre-rolls (alongside cannabis and hemp flower) have dominated the market, attributing to 9.1% of cannabis sales across the US. A further 31% of all cannabis customers bought at least one pre-roll.

This, alone, is a testament to its popularity. More and more Americans are moving away from cannabis and hemp-derived oils, capsules, and edibles and shifting back toward traditional cannabis and hemp flower in pre-roll form. 

It’s no surprise, really. Pre-rolls are as convenient as they are potent and effective. Users get to experience cannabis and hemp at their most natural. They’re also useful for beginner users who don’t know how to roll their own marijuana or CBD joints.

What to look for when buying CBD pre-rolls

Hemp cigarettes with herbal blend
Photo: Lyte

When we’re purchasing cannabis and CBD hemp pre-rolls, we’re meticulous. All the products we’ve listed in the best pre-rolls list above have been properly vetted using the selection criteria below.

1. Choose quality flower from a reputable grower

Quality cannabis flower (marijuana or CBD hemp flower) is vital. If the cannabis flower used in the pre-rolls is dry, it’s not going to taste very nice. If the flower is grown and cultivated in less-than-adequate conditions, it may be contaminated and not fit for your consumption. 

One way to know if your pre-roll is high-quality is to look at the color of the ash trails when lit. Generally, black ash equals bad quality and white ash equals good quality. Why? Because white ash indicates the cannabis/hemp has been properly processed and treated during (and after) harvest. 

2. The pre-roll should be tightly packed (but not too tight)

The best pre-rolls are the ones packed with moderate tightness and burn evenly all the way down to the butt. Poorly made joints are typically loose with small areas of empty space inside the roll. This causes it to lose shape, resulting in an unsatisfying hit.

However, if packed too tight, the hit will be almost non-existent due to restricted airflow through the pre-roll. 

3. The pre-roll should be in sealed packaging to preserve freshness

Hemp and cannabis pre-rolls should come in untampered, vacuum-sealed packaging to preserve freshness. Alternatively, a sealed, airtight tube is more than adequate. 

These packaging options stop oxidizing airflow and moisture damage from ruining the hemp or cannabis flower. They also lock in valuable aromas and scents.

Steer-clear from pre-rolls not in sealed, airtight packaging. The freshness may already be diminished resulting in an unpleasant or ineffective smoke.  

4. No stems or twigs used in the joint

It’s difficult to know whether your pre-rolled joint has loose twigs or stems in it from the outside. The only way to really know is if you pull it apart, which defeats the purpose of a pre-roll altogether. 

The problem with stems and twigs in a joint is they’re useless. They have near-negligible amounts of THC and CBD. When smoked, they can also produce a very harsh smoke, as well as cause headaches and sometimes nausea. 

A decent pre-roll filled with cannabis bud is advised. Cannabis or hemp bud contains the highest percentage of THC/CBD.    

5. Quality of the joint’s flavor

The quality of the smoke and flavor is the biggest tell-tale sign of a decent cannabis preroll.

Before lighting up your CBD joint, we recommend “dry-pulling” by putting the unlit pre-roll in your mouth and inhaling.

If the pre-roll is good quality, you’ll notice the full and rich flavor of cannabis terpenes and flavonoids.

If it’s bad quality, the flavor is the opposite. Strangely subtle, weak, and unremarkable. The fresh flavors from the terpenes and flavonoids have all but disappeared. 

6. Quality of the pre-roll’s smell and scent

Similar to flavor quality, a pre-roll’s smell and scent are good indicators of quality.

Smelling an unlit pre-roll by holding it close to your nose is recommended. A good-quality strain that’s been grown, harvested, and processed correctly will produce a strong aroma. 

Depending on the strain and terpene profile, strong citrus, pine, berry, spice, or sweet aromas are easily recognized. 

7. Clean lab report

Third-party lab test reports—also known as Certificates of Analysis (COAs)—are arguably the most important things to look out for when purchasing cannabis and hemp pre-rolls.

COAs are produced by accredited, independent testing laboratories often specializing in cannabis testing and analysis. They act as a magnifying glass into the cannabis products you purchase. 

A COA includes the following:

  • Cannabinoid Profile — the number of cannabinoids in the flower and the amount present (as a percentage)
  • Terpene Profile — the number of terpenes in the flower and the amount present (as a percentage) 
  • Heavy Metals Testing — presence of any arsenic, lead, mercury, or cadmium
  • Pesticides & Herbicides Testing 
  • Mycotoxin Testing — presence of environmental/biological toxins such as mold, fungi, parasites, etc. 

All reputable cannabis and CBD brands will have these posted publicly on their website.

Types of pre-rolls

1. Cannabis joints

Key points:

  • Made by cannabis dispensaries, vendors, or brands
  • Made using rolling paper, cannabis flower (high-THC), and a crutch/filter at the butt end
  • Common types of rolling paper include rice paper, hemp paper, and tree pulp
  • No tobacco is used in the roll (unlike cannabis pre-roll spliffs)

Regular cannabis or marijuana pre-rolls are exactly what they say on the tin: pre-made joints (sometimes known as pre-made Js or zoots). They’re premade by cannabis dispensaries, vendors, and/or brands. 

Most cannabis joints are made from rolling paper (hemp, rice, or wood pulp), cannabis/marijuana flower (with no tobacco), and a crutch/filter at the butt end. 

Unlike regular cannabis pre-roll spliffs, joints contain no tobacco whatsoever. This is useful for users who don’t want an extra tobacco buzz or dislike the idea of inhaling tobacco altogether.

2. Cannabis spliffs

Key points:

  • Practically the same as regular cannabis joints — only difference is tobacco
  • The tobacco gives your high an extra buzz — too much can make the high unpleasant
  • Spliffs are good for pain and inflammatory issues 

Spliffs are practically identical to cannabis joints. The only difference is the spliffs are pre-made with cannabis and tobacco. This gives you an extra buzz while smoking it. The more tobacco placed inside the spliff, the bigger the buzz. 

The only downside to pre-rolled spliffs is you don’t have direct control over how much tobacco is placed between the rolling papers. Too much tobacco and the buzz can be overwhelming and your overall high may be unpleasant.

3. Cannabis blunts

Key points:

  • Blunts are different from joints and spliffs
  • Blunts use tobacco leaves or empty cigar paper as rolling paper
  • Typically bigger and carry much more cannabis (six or seven joints worth)
  • Take longer to smoke due to density

Blunts differ from spliffs and joints insofar as the material they’re rolled in, as well as the amount of hemp/marijuana packed in them. 

While regular pre-rolls often use hemp paper, rice paper, or wood pulp, blunts are almost always made from tobacco leaves or empty cigar paper. This gives the blunt its nice tobacco flavor. 

Blunts also have more cannabis in them — way more than joints and spliffs. They’re certainly not for the casual cannabis user. Many believe smoking an entire blunt is the equivalent of smoking six to seven joints. 

The plus side to blunts is they’re perfect for a night with friends. They take ages to smoke, simply because of the density of cannabis and cigar paper/tobacco leaves. You can pass it around many times before you hit the end.

4. Joints infused with concentrates

Key points:

  • Cannabis pre-rolls with concentrates are commonly known as infused pre-rolls
  • Essentially regular cannabis pre-rolls with cannabis concentrates in them
  • Some dispensaries, vendors, etc use different methods of cannabis concentrate infusion e.g. liquidized distillate down the pre-roll tip and then rolled in hash or kief
  • Infused pre-rolls are very potent — not recommended for beginners

Cannabis pre-rolls infused with concentrates are simply called infused pre-rolls. This type of pre-roll is essentially a normal joint with a high-THC cannabis concentrate placed in with the cannabis flower for extra potency. 

Dispensaries, vendors, and brands use other methods of infusing concentrates into the pre-roll as well. Coating the roll with hash, hash water, or kief is one example. This method requires a liquidized distillate to be put down the pre-roll tip. This will give the roll an easier surface for the hash, water hash, or kief to cling on to. 

High-THC cannabis concentrates commonly used in infused pre-rolls include:

  • Cannabis oil 
  • Cannabis wax
  • Cannabis shatter
  • Cannabis crumble 

Infused pre-rolls are not for the faint of heart. Many concentrates contain a huge level of THC (the highest we’ve seen is 75-80%). We don’t recommend this to beginners.

5. Hemp-derived CBD pre-rolls

Key points:

  • Hemp-derived CBD pre-rolls won’t get you high — contain trace amounts of THC
  • The amount of CBD in these pre-rolls is roughly 50–200mg of CBD
  • Additional CBD concentrates can be infused in the pre-roll e.g. CBD crumble or a CBD isolate that carries 80–90% CBD

Hemp pre-rolls are practically the same as cannabis joints without cannabis flower. Instead, hemp flower is used, which contains very little to no THC and won’t give you a high. 

It will, however, give you a slight, subtle euphoric buzz similar to drinking one beer. It won’t impact your cognitive abilities, nor will it affect your judgment, but it will give you a slight “heady” feeling. This buzz lasts anywhere between one and two hours on average. 

Hemp pre-rolls are commonly used as a potent way to consume CBD. The amount of cannabidiol in a hemp-derived joint varies but you’re most likely to find around 50-200mg. 

If you want more CBD from your joint, you can include a CBD concentrate. CBD crumble or a CBD isolate is popular here. Many CBD concentrates like wax, shatter, dabs carry +90% CBD, which is a very high percentage and works as a potent CBD top-up.

6. CBD cigarettes

Key points:

  • Hemp (CBD) cigarettes are not regular tobacco cigarettes
  • They contain no tobacco or nicotine
  • Made using only hemp flower packed into a rolling paper with a cotton filter
  • The size and the shape of a hemp cigarette is exactly the same as a regular tobacco cigarette — useful for users who want to cut down on smoking

Hemp-derived CBD cigarettes are not regular tobacco cigarettes, even though they look exactly like them. They even come in a pack similar to regular tobacco cigarettes. 

The difference is, you won’t find any tobacco here — just pure hemp flower. Many use hemp cigarettes as a way of quitting or cutting down on regular tobacco cigarette smoking. 

Hemp cigarettes are, however, similar to tobacco cigarettes insofar as they use a cotton filter at the butt end. Smoking them feels like puffing on a cigarette. The shape is exactly the same, as is the filter size.

Taste-wise, there is a slight tobacco-ish flavor. This could simply be because of how the hemp cigarette is manufactured. 

CBD pre-rolls vs. cannabis pre-rolls

The biggest difference between CBD pre-rolls and cannabis joints is the type of flower put in them. 

CBD pre-rolls are made from hemp (with <0.3% THC), while cannabis pre-rolls are made from marijuana (with around 10-20% THC on average). The latter will get you high or “stoned”. The former won’t.


CBD pre-rolls are much easier to find and purchase, simply because they’re made from hemp (which is federally legal) and contain trace amounts of THC. You can pick them up online or your favorite head shops.

Cannabis pre-rolls made with marijuana flower are harder to get your hands on due to higher THC content. You commonly find them in licensed dispensaries in states where marijuana is legal.  

CBD pre-rolls are great for:

  • Immediate physical, psychological, or physiological relief without a high
  • A short, subtle but noticeably effective euphoric buzz during the day (good for stress)
  • Calm and serenity before bed
  • Relief from tired muscles and aching joints after physical exercise
  • Fun for social gatherings and events
  • For replacing tobacco (hemp cigarettes are useful here)

Cannabis pre-rolls are great for:

  • Relief from short-term pain or long-term chronic pain (CBD’s anti-inflammatory qualities and THC’s intoxicating qualities are a perfect duo)
  • Something more potent to help you sleep or relax (choose a high-THC, low-CBD cannabis pre-roll here)
  • Anxiety reduction (choose a high-CBD, low-THC cannabis pre-roll here)
  • Creativity and artistic ventures (an equal CBD & THC cannabis pre-roll might help with this)
  • Social gatherings (THC lowers inhibitions — humor ensues)

Where to buy pre-rolls?

There are two main places to purchase pre-rolls:

  • Licensed dispensaries
  • Online

Buying marijuana pre-rolls in licensed dispensaries

You find cannabis/marijuana pre-rolls with high percentages of THC in licensed cannabis dispensaries located in states where cannabis is legal for recreational or medical use. States such as California, Oregon, and Alaska, for example. 

Many of these dispensaries offer a delivery service, as well as in-store purchasing. 

In some states, you must be 18+ to purchase medical marijuana with a doctor’s prescription and 21+ for recreational marijuana with a state-licensed ID card. 

All marijuana dispensaries and delivery services will ask you to provide the legal documentation before purchase.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find marijuana pre-rolls online. It’s 100% illegal to ship or transport these types of pre-rolls or any marijuana products across state borders. 

There are many amazing licensed dispensaries located all across the US. Here are a few we recommend:

  • MedMen (California)
  • Bud & Bloom (Santa Ana, California)
  • The Healing Center (San Diego, California)
  • Kaleafa (Oregon City, Oregon)
  • Electric Lettuce (Eugene, Oregon)

Knowing whether a licensed dispensary is legitimate or not is important. Here's what to look out for:

  • Check the business address online to see if it’s licensed 
  • Check for a QR code on the shop window or door
  • Opening hours — no licensed dispensary can operate between 10:00pm and 6:00am
  • Identification — licensed dispensaries must ask for ID by law to confirm age (18+ or 21+)
  • Tax fees — all licensed dispensaries pay tax fees, check your receipt

Buying CBD pre-rolls and CBD cigarettes online

You can buy hemp pre-rolls and hemp cigarettes online. It’s perfectly legal in 47 US states. 

You can have these products (alongside other hemp-derived CBD products) shipped and transported across state borders unless you live in Idaho, Nebraska, or South Dakota (all CBD is illegal in these states for now). 

You can also purchase some of the best CBD pre-rolls and cigarettes from head shops and vape stores. Buying online is often seen as more convenient than buying in-store unless you’re a beginner and would prefer face-to-face interaction to know exactly what to buy. 

Although there are hundreds of fantastic online stores where you can pick up the top-rated CBD pre-rolls and CBD cigarettes, we recommend the following:

  • Industrial Hemp Farms
  • CBD American Shaman
  • Pure Potent
  • Dr. Ganja

When purchasing pre-rolls, make sure to look out for:

  • Third-party test results — Certificates of Analysis (COAs)
  • USA-grown hemp (organic, non-GMO)
  • Full-spectrum CBD (not hemp oil)
  • Cannabinoids included — cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabidivarin (CBDV), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV),  etc. 
  • Terpenes included (linalool, myrcene, etc)
  • Extraction method (advanced CO2, ethanol)
  • Additional ingredients (all-natural, organic)