Green Smoke Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted January 2, 2016

Green Smoke has produced one of the best e-cigs on the market today, with excellent vapor production, a varied and enjoyable flavor selection, substantial battery life and a wide selection of nicotine levels.

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  • Loads of vapor.
  • Rich flavors.
  • Plenty of options for nicotine levels.
  • Ample battery life.
  • Full one-year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Intuitive, sturdy design and excellent manufacturing quality.
  • Cartomizers all have lot numbers.


  • They needed more flavor options, not less.
  • Cartomizers have a reduced lifespan compared to previously.
  • Business is now solely focused on the US – the UK site has closed and they don’t ship to Australia.

Bottom Line

Green Smoke is without a doubt one of the best electronic cigarette manufacturers for cigalike devices. The e-cig has sturdy construction, a well-executed flavor profile, ample vapor production, plenty of nicotine levels and a cigarette-like design. Green Smoke may not be perfect, but they still offer one of the best cigalikes on the market.
Price: $29.99

Green Smoke Review - Rechargeable Starter Kits

E-cigarettes can only serve as a replacement to tobacco cigarettes if they accurately emulate the smoking experience, or at least the parts of it that are most important for you. Without a substantial amount of vapor from each puff and a realistic throat hit, you just feel like you’re smoking a toy – a nicotine-dispensing novelty that could never convince you to ditch the tar-filled alternative. Green Smoke is one of the most respected e-cigarette producers around the world, and they’ve amassed countless positive reviews for their two-piece, cigarette-like designs and thick, robust flavors. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be, or just empty hype? Our Green Smoke review tests out the device to find the answer.


Founded in late 2008 in Miami, FL, Green Smoke is one of America’s oldest brands of e-cig. Sam Capuano noticed the huge gulf between the still-lucrative cigarette industry and the attempts to denormalize smoking through widespread “No Smoking” signs and increasingly unavoidable legislation relegating smokers to standing outside in an effort to get their nicotine. Spurred on by the early e-cigarette designs, he became determined to help smokers “go electric” through innovation and a tireless dedication to customer service. Working with scientists and tech-wizards, he turned his dream into a reality.


After earning the custom of millions of vapers around the world, things changed a little for Green Smoke when they became one of the increasing number of cigalike e-cig brands to be bought out by tobacco companies. Altria – who owns Phillip Morris and consequently, Marlboro-brand cigarettes – bought Green Smoke in 2014. In other words, Green Smoke is now a Big Tobacco e-cig. But does that change what they have to offer for new vapers?


What Starter Kits Does Green Smoke Offer?


  • The Pro Kit ($74.05 – as of May 2016) offers three batteries in your chosen lengths, ten cartomizers, a USB charger, wall adapter, in-car charger and a leather carrying case.
  • If you’re looking for something cheaper – the Express Kit ($46.72) is a more stripped-down version, without the in-car charger you get in the Pro Kit and coming with one short and one long battery (instead of three in your chosen size) and just five cartomizers to keep the price low.
  • If you want the bare minimum offering, there’s also the Essentials Kit ($18.49), which comes with a single battery, two cartridges, a USB charger and a clamshell carrying case, offering what you need to try out vaping without requiring too big an investment.


Packaging & Design


The box for the Pro Kit is stylish, sleek and proudly green, with a magnetic closing clasp and a two tier interior. It’s sturdy, so there’s no worry of any of your vital pieces of equipment being damaged in transit or storage. The top tier cradles the batteries, and stores the (frankly, rarely – if ever – needed) instruction manual. In the box’s underbelly, you’ll find the USB charger, which is easy to use (just screw the battery in and plug it in) and fits comfortably into the plug and car adapters. (Note: The box design has recently changed, to a thinner design with a slide-out section containing all of your gear)


Green Smoke Pro Kit


The e-cigarette itself is expertly designed, with simple screw-on cartridges which leave just a thin golden band separating it from the battery. Design-wise, they’ve opted for the faux-paper rings and a generally cigarette-like look, with the tobacco cartridges in particular looking like cigarette butts. However, they’ve added a line of designer batteries with some more unique and colorful designs if you’re looking for something to vape which will make you stand out. Aside from the design, all of the batteries from Green Smoke are automatics, which work just like a regular cigarette.


It’s pretty lightweight, and although you might notice the difference in weight and size when you first switch from tobacco cigarettes, the entire experience is very authentic indeed. The tip is green, but glows pleasingly on inhalation, fading in and out gradually just like a tobacco cig would. One of the most impressive aspects of the design is that the air-flow holes are actually at the top of the battery – not between the battery and cartridge – which gives a flush and stylish appearance without impacting on the functioning of the e-cig.



Nicotine Levels


Green Smoke cartridges are available in five different strengths. The most nicotine-heavy option has a concentration of 2.4 % (24 mg/ml), going down to 1.8 % (18 mg/ml), 1.2 % (12 mg/ml), 0.6 % (6 mg/ml) and nicotine-free. After using the 2.4% cartridges for just a little longer than I’d have smoked an ordinary cigarette, I had my first nicotine rush since my very first cigarette. The 1.8% cartridges will be plenty for many smokers, and there are ample options for cutting down or for the heaviest nicotine consumers. No complaints at all in this department – every vaper’s needs are well catered for.


However, for smokers who usually don't find cigalikes satisfying, other devices like the JUUL Vapor from Pax have a lot to offer. This device uses nicotine salts (just like cigarettes do) and a high nicotine level to ensure it's satisfying for the heaviest smokers. It's still really easy to use, so the JUUL is well worth considering, especially if you've tried a cigarette-like e-cig before but haven't been impressed.


Flavors & Vapor 


This is the area which really separates Green Smoke from the pack. Whereas the cheaper brands of e-cig will give you a reasonably satisfying hit of vapor, the dense clouds you get from a Green Smoke e-cig genuinely invite comparison with the tar-filled, combustible alternative. Since all of the batteries are automatic, you might expect a reduced vapor volume if you don’t take a couple of introductory puffs first (to prime the atomizer), but for Green Smoke this really wasn’t necessary – it was consistently satisfying. In comparison to V2 Cigs, there is probably slightly less vapor per puff here, but the difference is so miniscule it’s genuinely difficult to call. Needless to say, you won’t be disappointed if you’re just switching from smoking, and if you’re looking for notably more vapor, you’ll need to upgrade to a vape pen or a mod.


Green Smoke Classic Flavor


The flavors are also well-crafted and arguably amongst the best in the category. The latest innovation from Green Smoke is the FlavorMax cartomizer, designed (as the name suggests) to maximize the flavor. Although they previously promised 360 puffs per cartridge, they’ve rightfully removed this claim – the number of puffs you get is so dependent on how you vape it’s hard to estimate your mileage from a single cartridge. It must be said, though, there seems to have been a decline in cartomizer lifespan recently.


For flavors, there are three varieties of tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Southern Gold and Signature Red (which is modeled after Marlboro Red), as well as the creatively named Mocha Mist, Menthol Ice and Smooth Cream.


green smoke cartridge flavors


Generally speaking, the flavors you get through Green Smoke are excellently executed; robust and accurate across the board. When it comes to tobacco emulations, the Signature Red packs more of a punch, the Southern Gold has a tint of sweetness and the Classic is much smoother. Choosing between these is a matter of preference, but for me the sweeter elements of the Gold give it the edge – for the overall experience, however, not the accuracy to the tobacco taste (which is extremely difficult to replicate without burning something).


The Menthol Ice is pretty hard-hitting, even a little too much so at first, but you soon become accustomed to vaping it. From the sweet flavors, Mocha Mist probably takes the cake for me, offering a deliciously sweet and well-captured blend of coffee and chocolate, although the Smooth Cream is pretty tasty too. The only real complaint about the flavors is that we’d love to see more of them, because the options currently on offer are excellent overall!


Sadly, though, in the last few months, flavors that were once excellent – especially the chocolate option – have disappeared from the line-up. Additionally, the cartridges seem to run out more quickly than they once did, with some users complaining that they barely get half a day’s use out of each. We noticed this issue in testing, too – the flavor seems to fade notably quicker than it once did (Green Smoke used to be astounding on this front), and we’ve also noticed cartridges running out after half a day of use. The quality is still largely there, but the longevity has taken a notable hit.




The battery life on the Green Smoke cigarettes is great considering their size, and the long one will last moderate users around a day of work without requiring re-charging.


Green Smoke Batteries


According to the marketing, the shorter (160 mAh) battery lasts for around 200 puffs, and the longer (270 mAh) one stretches this to around 275, but these figures are always quoted under ideal conditions. The main thing is whether or not a single charge can take you through a day of work, and Green Smoke passes this test for less intensive vapers. Admittedly, though, if you’re just switching from smoking you’ll probably find you need to vape quite often and you drain your batteries in about half a day. Even then, with the Pro Kit you’ll have two spare batteries to keep you vaping when your others are charging. Thanks to these extras, you’ll never be without the nicotine you’re looking for!


There may be other brands with pen-sized batteries that last a little longer (White Cloud’s Cirrus 3X comes to mind), but Green Smoke’s offering is unlikely to disappoint. If you’re looking for a notable improvement in battery life, you’ll have to upgrade to vape pens or mods, which have much bigger batteries and most of which will last even intensive users through a day of work.


Manufacturing and Warranty


As if the gilded threading didn’t give this away, the Green Smoke e-cig is exceptionally well manufactured. All of their manufacturing facilities are certified to an internationally-recognized standard and everything that goes out to customers has already passed through a veritable gauntlet of tests. Their batteries are put through airflow and safety tests before being shipped out, and everything Green Smoke produce comes from American engineers and developers.


Throughout our extensive testing, we encountered no issues with the batteries whatsoever, and the build quality is unquestionable. One even survived being accidentally dropped into a glass of wine; after drying out, the battery functioned perfectly again. The cartomizers – as mentioned earlier – still offer great flavor and seem well-made, but have dropped notably in lifespan compared to the earlier, independent days of the company.


However, the e-liquid you’ll find in your cartomizers has been through a wide range of tests. Using internationally-recognized third party labs, the Green Smoke team put every batch of their e-liquid through rigorous chemical assessment to guarantee a consistent level of nicotine and ensure that there are no impurities. Everything they send out to you has passed this test comfortably, and every single pack of cartridges has a unique lot number so any issues can be traced back to their source.


There is plenty of cover in the event that you’re dissatisfied or if you’re unlucky enough to receive a defective electrical component. First off, Green Smoke offers a 30 day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied, simply return your kit within 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund. In addition, a 365-day warranty is available, which offers hassle-free replacements within the first year of purchase. Of course, the warranty doesn’t cover you if you’ve modified or otherwise misused your e-cig in any way.


Editor Rating

Packaging & Design5/5





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Green Smoke has produced an excellent e-cigarette, one that genuinely reproduces the smoking experience minus the concoction of chemicals and the off-putting smell. The flavors are robust and well-executed, the vapor production is excellent and the manufacturing quality is top notch. Their offerings aren’t perfect, though: the reduction in the number of flavors available has lost them some long-term customers, and the lifespan of the cartridges has taken a turn for the worst, but on the whole, Green Smoke have still maintained much of what made them popular. Despite some issues, they're still up there with the very best cigalike e-cigs you’ll find on the market today.

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    3.8 out of 5 stars
    1. rodney

      Greensmoke is going out of business!

      Greensmoke is going out of business!.. If you were buying from them stop now!.. I've been using them for a few years and i actually like their product. The last time i ordered was a few days ago. Since then i have been getting emails from the their "award winning customer service team" saying that there's a discrepancy with the billing and shipping address, and that my account will be refunded soon... If it's like every other e-cig company going out of business, i won't hold my breath. Here's an article on the FAILED Greensmoke business, "" For all of you who still believe in them...Good Luck!
    2. Patricia Emory


      I smoked the Green Smoke for over two years. There is no warning of any kind to tell you that the ecig will explode if around oxygen. I found out that they will explode, and burnt my face, neck and ear. To everyone out there, Please be careful if you use oxygen, because the Green Smoke will explode in your face. The fire marshal told me I was lucky I did not blow everything up. How lucky I was, because I could have blown everything up. I am sure there should be a warning on the package, but there isn't. I have a lawyer on this incident, just waiting until I get a court date or settlement.
    3. Lynn Canaday

      Used to be good :(

      I have been a faithful customer of GreenSmoke for 3+ years. They WERE the best. Like other reviews, there quality has really been failing over the last year. Now that I heard they are no longer going to carry their Mocha Mist flavor, I am done. I am now in search for a different e-cig to use. GS flavor cartridges no longer work either - I noticed a rapid decline in the quality of these flavor cartridges. I used to go through 1 1/2 cartridges a day, now I seem to be going through 3 a day to maintain good flavor. So, back to the drawing board - looking for a new e-cig; like may others.
    4. Justin

      Sold Out to BIG Tobacco!

      I use to sell Green Smoke. They started as a private business out of a garage in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I helped them grow into the great product many of you mentioned remembering. Then BIG Tobacco came along, bought them out & kicked me off the team. I was making 4 digits a month. Only to be stonewalled!

      Find a better product. I would suggest V2 or White Cloud. As a few mentioned, when Big Money takes over, quality goes down. I'm sorry for those who lost a great product they enjoyed for years.

      *Keep Vaping* ; -)
    5. Buford

      Green Smoke is NOW A MAJOR RIP-OFF

      after 2 or 3 rounds of changing flavors, they dropped all the good ones, reduced the amount of juice in each cartridge and raised the prices. All that matters to them is $$$. My wife and I had been loyal to them for 3 years and they gave us the middle finger. We went to a local "vape" shop and got a better small "rig" and the juice is only $30 per month where we were spending $250 per month with the greedy folks at green smoke. They never should have dropped Southern Gold. But they didn't care as they were after more profits. Not getting $3000 per year from us any more. Hope everyone else wakes up to their lousy business tactics and finds a better value for their hard earned dollars.

    6. B Power

      Going downhill

      I loved Green smoke and used it exclusively. I have since switched.
      I dislike the new packaging, but hate the fact that the shoddy construction causes the paper to not adhere to he cartridge. It forces me to attempt to smoke the cartridge with a bare metal cartridge, or spend time scotch taping the paper to the cartridge. Neither option is acceptable.
      I will look in from time to time to see if they address these issues.
    7. Jim M

      Was once the not so much

      Have been a Greensmoke customer for over 3 years. Excellent product, customer service was beyond expectations and fast delivery at no extra charge. They were bought out about a year ago and it been spiraling down ever since. Packaging sucks, liquid levels in each cartridge is half of what it used to be. The e juice used to be American made but since have likely gone with an off shore e liquid supplier as the product now does not have the same flavor and creates throat discomfort. Wish they never sold out. I'm done.
    8. Jennie

      Very disappointed

      I"ve been a GS user for several years, but now I have changed to another brand. Lately the quality of the product has been sub-par...cartridges used to last more than a day for me, but now last only a few hours. The paper peels off the cartridges, and the batteries die within a short time. Additionally, when I requested a return authorization for used cartridges for credit, as they promote, I was told that my date of birth didnt match their records, so for my security they can't fulfill my request.

      They have my name, my address, phone number and credit card number. They have records of all my previous purchases, many hundreds of dollars worth, and have previously given me authorization for returns. How can they sell me their product without asking for any verification, yet won't allow me to return something because of an error in their records? How is this for MY security? Im done with Green Smoke.
    9. Robert J Marsala

      Was better when they had the older cartridges

      I liked the older cartridges better when they had the different nicotine levels and flavors. I was getting the 0.6 nicotine and now I am forced to get a stronger one. Also with the new cartridges the paper peels off of everyone and its feels uncomfortable on your lips.
      I liked the old packaging better also. Plus the flavor isn't as good as it used to be.
      I hope they listen to their customers and bring back the old flavors and different nicotine ratings and also improve their batteries.
      Sometimes new isn't better. You had a good product. Why change it?
    10. JKruse

      Inconsistency in the product

      Been using GreenSmoke for almost 5 years now. Had a lifetime warranty when purchased, but, like all good things this has been retracted due to massive battery failure after a junk redesign of the batteries. Batteries used to last up to 6 or 7 months. After redesign, batteries last a couple of weeks to a couple of months at most. Have to pay $7.00 to replace now.

      Cartridges have also gone down in quality/time of use. I used to get almost a full days worth of use from a single cartridge. Now I can only get up to a couple of hours use from a cartridge prior to the burnt taste coming on. Have about 30% of them go out within an hour. Horrible at that expense of them.

      Overall inconsistency in the product as a whole is horrible as well as quality. I still have one of the original batteries that is far ahead of the redesigned batteries. Just hope it will hold out until I receive my alternative e-cig.

      Do some research for an alternative prior to supporting a failing product. Used to enjoy it immensely, however, those days have gone by the way side.
    11. Lorraine tommasino

      Subscribe and save

      Product and customer service has gone down hill recently.....automatic order not being shipped on time yet they have no problem taking the money on the due date...take my money, ship my should be that simple. I haven't been receiving tracking # for orders either. I guess it's time to change my ecig. I have been with Green Smoke faithfully for 4 yrs but can't deal with the unreliable customer service.
    12. Laura

      Used to be great. Now diminished quality and poor powerless customer service. They charge credit card a week before actually shipping. Cancelling my subscription after 3 years. Time to move on .
    13. John P Chappell

      Not what they used to be, sadly - switched to V2 (who seem awesome so far)

      I started with Green Smoke back in the UK, and emigrated to Texas. I was a fairly heavy occasional smoker (in other words, sometimes I'd leave them be for days even weeks, then I'd go through 40+ cigarettes in a day or two, especially if socializing). Deciding that inhaling smoke really was stupid, and having wanted a viable alternative so I could still get my nicotine, I was delighted when I first got my Green Smoke starter kit.

      The batteries had good life, I liked the red LED tips, and the cartridges lasted a good long time.

      Fast forward to now, around 6 years later, and I am much less happy. Even a year or so ago, things were better, in my opinion. Specifically: they have totally gutted the flavour range, much to my wife's annoyance, as she occasionally borrows one of my e-cigs and likes flavours such as coffee, chocolate, cream and vanilla; the cartridges don't last anywhere near as long, and the flavour fades extremely quickly, then the vapour becomes 'burnt' and chemical tasting. This had never happened to me in previous years, and makes a total lie of their claims about "Flavor Max" (or whatever they call it); the batteries just do not last as well as the previous batteries, in my experience, requiring much more frequent charging, even with brand new batteries, and to add insult to injury they altered battery design, putting the air intake between the cartridge and the rest of the battery, meaning I keep putting my fingers over the holes.

      We're all different, so what irks me may not irk you, and what you like from an e-cig may be different to me, as well, however; if you like the old GS, I recommend you try the V2/EX range from V2 - excellent vapour, good flavour, no fade like with GS, in my experience.
    14. Ruth D


      I found out about Greensmoke from a friend and decided to give it a try. I find the product very nice. I find that their shipping sucks. I have several items that have never arrived when it is suppose to or one time I got one a month after they cancelled the order. Every time I call the post office they state that they never offically took over the package from Greensmoke and Greensmoke tells me that they have shipped the package. In the meantime the CUSTOMER is left waiting. Very poor customer service from the phone rep when you call in. They also have discounted two products that I used. Pick another company if you want any kind of customer service.
    15. William Ryan

      Change of liquid amount

      They have changed the packaging of the cartridges, and also the amount of liquid in them. They don't last near as long as before, and that makes the cost of a pack about double due to the shorter life of the cartridge. I am in the process of finding another brand after being with Green Smoke for a few years, and several hundreds of dollars in purchases. They were definitely my top choice, but no longer.
    16. Judi

      No more low nicotine choice!!

      Long-time customer. Now leaving them as they are forcing the consumer to buy a higher nicotine level. They discontinued the 0% and .6% nicotine levels.
      Stupid move, Greensmoke. You have a good product, but I am not willing to double my nicotine consumption to stay with you.
    17. barbara

      NO MORE 0.6 ml is Forcing people to increase the nicotine amount.

      After several years ordering greensmoke products, i am troubled that GreenSmoke DISCONTINUED the 0.6 ml cartridges; This is terrible,and forcing people to increase their nicotine intake; Very controlling and manipulating!!!

      I gave 1 star bc there is nothing lower or it would be negative stars.

      I hope others will review this 'new' scheme and buy from a company that provides what the consumers want, not what the Corporation wants! Shop USA.
    18. Brian


      Just try to get an answer form them as to whether or not their flavors contain diacetyl or acetyl propionyl. They beat around the bush but will not answer the question directly.
    19. Valerie Zick

      Great Product, Terrible Shipping Problems

      I've been with Greensmoke about two years and love their products. I went on auto ship and that's when my problems started. Slow shipping, not shipping at all and not telling me, deducting payment from me and still not shipping. It seems that every month there was some problem with shipping that just drove me to distraction! Very sad since I spent quite a bit of money each month, you would think they would want to take good care of me. But they didn't, so I had to leave them.
    20. Tammy

      Product is great! Don't let customer service know your buy as a couple, you get dumped by them!

      I started as a new customer with the free items they giveaway after you try the package with the battery, and two different cartridges. I was so impressed with the vapor and how long the battery last they had won me over from years with two other companies. After I placed my first order ( I had a coupon to get 2 free batteries with it), I found that one of the batteries did not work, I emailed them and let them know, telling them my husband had tried it and then I did and we could not get it to work. Little did I know I had just broken their most important rule,"No sharing your order with anyone, not even a spouse!" My husband of 37 years who I shop for everything for him, I could not place an order for the two of us!!! I was pretty much fired if I continued with such behavior! The battery would not be replaced under their garuantee or warrantee. I do all of the ecig ordering for the two of us and have for the past 8 years I guess, so good by to them, they did not care!!!!