Best Rebuildable Atomizers (RDAs/RTAs)

Rebuildable atomizers might require a bit more work – crafting your coils by hand instead of just buying them pre-made – but the benefits to using them far outweigh the costs from the perspective of many vapers. Not only does picking up some resistance wire – like Kanthal, nickel or titanium – and wicking material – cotton being the most common – cost a lot less than buying pre-made coils, the vapor production, flavor and overall performance are drastically improved. If you’re interested in improving your vaping experience, finding the best RDA atomizer or the best RTA atomizer is one of the best ways to do it.

But what is the best RDA atomizer? Should you go for the Velocity or the Layercake? Does the Dead Rabbit V2 have more to offer vapers than the Passage?

And what about the best RTA atomizer? Are the Kayfuns still king, or are you better off with a PeaceMaker or Zeus X?

We’ve surveyed thousands of vapers to come up with a definitive set of recommendations for the best RTA atomizer and the best RDA atomizer, and here’s what we found.

Best RDA Atomizers (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers)

Rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) don’t have a reservoir for your juice, other than the “juice well” under your coils, so you have to drip regularly, but they’re still preferred by many vapers for their generally excellent performance. Here are the top 10 best Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers as voted by our readers.

10 – Lit 24 mm BF by Vandy Vape

The Lit RDA from Vandy Vape makes this list for its impressive versatility, supporting builds with mesh, as well as horizontal and vertical coils. To support these options, it has a unique build deck design, with a series of clamps held down by two flat-head screws, offering a very simple way to connect both regular wire and mesh. Lit is also a bottom-feeding RDA, so you have the option of using a bottom-fed 510 connector pin (included with the RDA) to vape with a squonk device. There’s also a deep juice well so you don’t have to drip too often.

It’s made from 304 stainless steel, with a 24 mm diameter and a three options for wide-bore drip tip as standard (17.5 mm resin, 18 mm delrin and 18 mm Ultem). You also get an adapter if you prefer 510 drip tips, but in any case you’ll be able to get it set up the way you want. It also features a unique rhombus-shaped airflow control system, with a series of holes you can close off or open up to get your perfect vape.

You can pick up the Lit for $25.95.

9 – Guillotine V2 by Wismec

The Guillotine V2 from Wismec is more of a traditional-style RDA than the Lit, but it still offers an impressively-versatile building platform with a user-friendly build deck that performs excellently. The device has a 24 mm diameter, with stainless steel construction and a wide-bore resin drip tip. It also comes with an optional bottom-feeding contact pin, so you can use it with squonk mods along with as an ordinary dripper.

The build deck has a two-post structure, but each of these has two (hex) screws in the top that control the position of a clamp that keeps your coils in place. This makes it really easy to connect any sort of coil, but it’s especially useful for dual coil builds and if you’re using thicker wire types. Another unique feature of the Guillotine is the airflow control system, which offers you two different options for layout. In the standard layout, there is a well-executed bottom airflow system, with a channel that brings the inward-flowing air up directly underneath your coils. However, if you flip the central portion of the atomizer, it becomes a side airflow system, twisting the top cap to close off or open up the airflow to your preference.

The Guillotine V2 has a lot to offer vapers, and you can pick it up for $26.40.

8 – Passage RDA by Hellvape x SMM

This Hellvape and SMM (Suck My Mod) collaboration is a much more traditional take on the RDA, offering a simple-but-effective building platform with a two-post design and a well-designed airflow system. It has a 24 mm diameter and comes with a bottom-feeding squonk pin as standard, and has a conical top cap to improve flavor without impacting vapor production. It makes use of high quality materials, including stainless steel for the body and PEEK insulators, as well as an anti-bacterial drip tip.

The build deck is quite simple compared to the entrants on this list so far, but it works well for most purposes. It has two posts with a hex screw in the top but nice big post-holes that can comfortably accommodate pretty much any wire type, and there’s plenty of space for multi-coil builds on the deck. The airflow system is the honeycomb style, but the array of holes is on the inside, with the usual slot-style airflow on the outside. The “passage” that inspired the RDA’s name comes from the three passages that channel the air from the outer layer through into the honeycomb-like holes, increasing the air velocity in the process to offer superior airflow.

The Passage RDA costs $28.95.

7 – Profile RDA by Wotofo x Mr.JustRight1

The Profile RDA makes this best RDA atomizer list for its impressive design, specifically intended to offer a more consistent vaping experience with mesh than anything else on the market. The RDA is a collaboration between Wotofo and vaping personality Joel Robinson aka Mr. Just Right, with a fairly standard look on the outside but a unique build deck hiding underneath. It has two clamp-style posts, to ensure it works for mesh coils, but the key design element is the spring-loaded ceramic support between the coils, which pushes upwards to ensure good contact between the wick and mesh at all times.

This leads the Profile RDA to perform exceptionally well with mesh coils, drastically reducing burnt hits and making it much easier to set up the wicking. Of course, the clamps are easy to use with ordinary coils too, you just tighten the screws on the outsides of the clamps when you wires are in place. The RDA sports a honeycomb style airflow system, which are towards the top of the barrel but still offer great airflow and contribute to the excellent flavor and vapor you get from the RDA.

You can pick up the Profile RDA for $28.95.

6 – Loop V1.5 RDA by GeekVape

GeekVape has put out some excellent mods and especially atomizers over their time in business, and the Loop V1.5 is one of the best RDAs they’ve produced to date. It offers a lot of the features you expect from drippers today, including an optional squonk pin and adjustable airflow, but the deck design is incredibly unique. It has a W-shaped deck, with four post holes (two on each side) around the central peak, and a series of holes for airflow lining the curved sections beside them. These draw up air from the flatter outer sides of the device, and line up with the adjustable airflow system on the barrel.

The post-holes in the deck are big enough for most wire types, and there’s a deep juice well around the side of the W-shaped structure. The design makes it perfect for dual coils, but you have plenty of space on the deck in case you want to try some more unique coil designs too. The Loop comes with an 810 Ultem drip tip as standard, but also an adapter so you can use a 510 tip if you prefer. There’s an alternate, gold-plated squonk pin included with the kit too.

You can pick it up for $25.95.

5 – Dead Rabbit V2 by Hellvape

The Dead Rabbit V2 takes fifth place on this list of the best RDA atomizers thanks to its performance and its exceptional user-friendly design. The main features take after the original Dead Rabbit, but with some key improvements to make it a top-end dripper. The deck of the V2 is very similar to the original model, with four posts standing up out of the deck (a little like rabbit ears), sporting huge post-holes that allow you to put the legs of your coil directly downwards and have the coils stand up above. The posts are now angled, which makes building a little easier, but for the most part this is just like the original model.

The airflow system is also pretty impressive, with a dual system that allows you to either use slot or honeycomb-style airflow by twisting the top cap. In both cases, the airflow comes from above the coils, but the result is great in both layouts. The Dead Rabbit V2 has stainless steel construction, with an antibacterial 810 drip tip (as well as a 510 adapter) and the option of using a bottom-feeding gold pin in place of the ordinary one. But even if you aren’t using it as a squonker, the deep juice well makes it a really convenient system to vape with.

You can pick up the Dead Rabbit V2 for $34.99.

4 – Tauren RDA by ThunderHead Creations (THC)


The Tauren RDA comes from ThunderHead Creations, and although it’s designed to go with the mechanical mod with the same name (covered on our best mechs list), it’s well deserving of a spot among the best RDA atomizers in its own right. Firstly, you get seven different choices for design, with four brass designs, two copper and one stainless steel option. Each one comes with a PEI 810 drip tip, and they’re all 24 mm in diameter.

The build deck is the best thing about the Tauren, with a postless design kind of similar to the Loop V1.5, except with two surfaces at 45 degree angles forming a V on either side of the deck. The big post holes are on the edges of the inward-facing portion, either side of an array of circular airflow holes to ensure that the air hits your coils from underneath. This is drawn in directly from the holes on the outer barrel of the RDA, which you have to line up with the outsides of the V-shaped deck. This gives you the best possible flavor and vapor, and leaves plenty of space for a juice well between the two slanted sections.

The Tauren RDA costs $46.80, and comes with spare parts as well as a bottom-feeding pin.

3 – Layercake by District F5ve

The Layercake RDA is an older device but it performs so well and is such a convenient building platform that it still stands out as one of the best options on the market today. The main features of the RDA are pretty much like a lot of other devices out there, with an 810 drip tip, slot style adjustable airflow, a 24 mm diameter and a gold-plated squonk pin included with the kit as standard. It also looks pretty unassuming from the outside, with a squat profile and nothing too outlandish design wise.

The deck is something else, though. It uses a vice-like clamp system, similar to some of the other RDAs covered in this list, tightened down with just one screw. This makes it super easy to connect up your coil – you just hold it in place and tighten down the one screw. The clamp is in the center of the deck, so you can also set it up to work with dual coils easily by putting one on either side. The clamp section is also made using “ceramisteel,” which is essentially an extra heat-resistant form of steel developed by District F5ve. Throw in the excellent performance and you get an RDA that really stands out from the competition.

You can pick up the RDA for $54.95.

2 – Recoil Rebel by Grimm Green x OhmBoyOC

The Recoil Rebel takes second place in this list of the best RDA atomizer devices almost entirely for the performance you get. The RDA doesn’t do anything unique in terms of design, but there’s a reason the old approaches to drippers are still used today in most cases: they work. The deck has four posts – two positive ones lower down in the middle and two taller negative ones on the outsides – and the 25 mm outer diameter gives you plenty of space to put together multi-coil builds or whatever you want. The post holes are 2.5 mm too so it works with basically any wire type you can get your hands on.

The most unique aspect of this entry to our best RDA atomizers list is the fact it comes with two barrels, one tailored to cloud production and one to maximize the flavor from the RDA. This means the RDA can do much more than most devices on the market to adapt to your preferences. The main difference between the two is the airflow. The cloud-focused AFC barrel has two blocks of four circular airflow holes, with the barrel design allowing you to close off either the bottom or the top ones specifically. The flavor-focused option has two airflow holes on each side, aimed downwards towards the coil to maximize the flavor you get.

You can pick up the Recoil Rebel for $49.95.

1 – Velocity RDA by Cisco and Dino Ferrari

The Velocity RDA took over 18 percent of the vote in our best RDA atomizer poll, earning the top spot by a substantial margin, and it’s easy to see why. The unique two-post design does away with the center post, instead putting the positive post off to the side of the atomizer and featuring two post holes in each so you can still build dual or quad coils to suit your vaping style. The post screws are also side-mounted, are the hex-screw, Allen style.

The Velocity has a massive 6.5 mm juice well, beating out the competition convincingly. For airflow, the device features two 2 by 8 mm slots for direct airflow and six 2 mm indirect airflow slots which you can close off or open up to suit your preferences. The device comes with a wide bore Delrin drip tip, and a Delrin adapter for standard 510 drip tips, and the posts are protected with replaceable PEEK insulators.

The design of the Velocity is exceptional, with little additions such as a locking system for the top cap and a threaded connection between the inner and outer cap making the device a pleasure to use.

The Velocity doesn’t come cheap – costing $115 from Avid Vaper – but for the best RDA atomizer on the market, if you’re looking for a top-end vaping experience, it’s definitely worth it.

Best RTA Atomizers (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers)

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs) take the core benefits of RDAs – improved performance, vapor production and flavor – and combine them with the convenience of a tank system so you don’t have to drip every time you want to vape for five minutes or so. So what are the best Rebuildable Tank Atomizers on the market? Here’s the top 10 according to the results of our poll.

10 – TFV12 Prince by Smok

If you’re looking for the best RTAs, it’s important to remember that many standard sub ohm tanks have compatible RBA heads which effectively turn them into RTAs. The benefit of this is that for a new vaper, these offer the convenience of a standard tank, but when you get more comfortable with vaping (or want to save money), the device has the flexibility to grow with you. The TFV12 Prince from Smok is exactly this type of tank, coming with three pre-built coils as standard but with an optional RBA head you can use when you’re looking for something more.

The pre-built coils that come with the tank have resistances of 0.4, 0.15 and 0.12 ohms (quadruple, sextuple and decuple coils), but the V12 Prince RBA head (sold separately) allows you to build your own coils. This has a velocity-style deck, with two posts that have two holes in each, and you tighten and loosen up from the sides. There is plenty of space on the deck for you to build, and the airflow for the atomizer head comes up directly beneath your coils, offering great vapor production and flavor. Wicking is also easy to set up thanks to the big holes at either side of the deck.

You can pick up the TFV12 Prince for $34.99 and the RBA head for an extra $9.95.

9 – Rose MTL by Fumytech

As with many vaping devices these days, most RTAs are geared towards direct-to-lung vaping, with wide-open airflow designed for producing huge clouds. But if you prefer a smoking-like mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw, there are still options in every class, including RTAs like the Fumytech Rose. It looks like a pretty standard RTA from the outside, with a central chimney extending up from a chamber at the bottom, and slot-style airflow around the base. It has a 510 drip tip and a dome-shaped top cap to help support MTL vaping, with a top-filling design so it’s easy to use once you’ve got it set up.

The “Rose” in the name comes from the look of the interior of the chamber. There is a central airflow hole, surrounded by four posts and two wicking holes in a roughly hexagonal shape. The posts are pretty simple – you just trap the wire underneath the screw-head to connect it up – and the fact that there are four means you can easily put together dual-coil builds on the Rose. The wicking channels are perfectly-sized so it’s easy to get set up, and you also get a pad of Japanese cotton when you pick up the RTA.

You can buy the Rose for $39.95.

8 – Revolver by Vandy Vape

The Revolver from Vandy Vape makes this list for its impressively-unique design that aims to get the most out of simpler single-coil builds. The Revolver name comes from the internal air inlet that sits below your coils, which is controlled by rotating a screw on the side of the deck. This allows you to switch between a simple slot-style inlet, one with an array of small airholes and one with several smaller slots. The rest of the deck design is pretty simple: behind the rotating air inlet you’ll see a single post with two sides and a screw resting on top. The one screw controls the clamp system that keeps your coil in place, and you can use the system to connect single coils very easily.

The Revolver is a top-filling tank, with a knurled top cap so it’s easy to get access to the fill holes. It comes with a bubble Pyrex glass tube with a 5 ml juice capacity, as well as a straight-sided option that reduces it to 3 ml. Finally, it has a 18 mm wide-bore drip tip, which supports the airflow from the unique inlet design and the two slots around the base of the tank.

You can pick up the Revolver for $27.99.

7 – MD by Hellvape

The MD by Hellvape is a 24 mm RTA with a similar approach to the air inlet as the Revolver, except with a turntable system that allows you to change between direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung inlets. The turntable rotates when you turn a screw, and gives you the option of switching between a more straightforward slot-style inlet and a series of smaller holes. You actually get two turntables when you pick the tank up, one of which has three larger holes and another with seven smaller ones in a honeycomb style. This is hard to beat when it comes to giving you options for the sort of airflow you get, and of course there is also slot-style adjustable airflow around the base of the tank.

The MD comes with a straight-sided 2 ml glass tube and a 4 ml bubble tube, with a simple top-filling system where you slide the top cap off to the side to reveal the fill hole. The deck is another one better set up for single-coil builds, with two posts sticking up from the base with one large post-hole in each, so your coils sit directly over the air inlet from the turntable section.

The MD costs $29.99 new.

6 – Blotto by Dovpo

The Blotto makes this list of the best RTA atomizers for its well-designed build deck and the fact it comes with three glass tubes as standard. The deck has four posts, with the holes angled so it’s easier to attach your coils. The air inlet sits in the middle of the posts, so when you build your coils they sit directly over the airflow. This is slightly curved, so the air spreads over a wide angle and boosts both flavor and vapor production from the tank. This all makes the device a pleasure to build on, and it’s well set up for dual coils as well as single-coil builds.

The kit comes with three glass tubes as standard: a straight-sided 2 ml option, a 6 ml bubble glass option and a 6 ml Ultem bubble tube. The second 6 ml tube might be overkill, but it’s great to have the additional option and it also allows you to switch up the appearance while still having a large capacity tank. It has a threaded top-filling system, where you unscrew the top cap to get access to two 10 mm by 4 mm filling slots, making it really simple to refill.

The Blotto RTA costs $31.95 new.

5 – Galaxies MTL by Vapefly

RDTAs (rebuildable dripping tank atomizers) fall somewhere between RDAs and RTAs, technically having a tank but working a lot more like a traditional dripper than most of the entrants on this part of the list. However, in terms of performance, devices like the Vapefly Galaxies MTL beat out much of the competition from traditional RTAs. The key benefit of the design is that with the build deck above the tank, there is more space to build your coil and manufacturers can make more improvements to the design.

The Galaxies RDTA makes use of the space by adding airflow from both sides of the coil and underneath, which massively improves flavor from the tank. The tank has a two-post design, and so it’s better suited to single-coil builds, but the deck design means you still get exceptional performance with the tank. The actual tank is only 2 ml, and you do set it up to work more like an auto-dripper (tilt the tank to wet your coils rather than dripping), but it still offers the convenience of an RTA with performance like an RDA. It’s also designed for mouth-to-lung vaping, so it’s a great choice if you like a tighter, cigarette-like draw.

The Galaxies MTL costs $43.49.

4 – Intake Dual by Augvape

The Intake Dual RTA from Augvape was designed specifically to be a leak-free RTA, with the airflow slots at the top of the tank and a completely postless design for the deck. The airflow system channels the air intake down to the sides of the deck, completely removing the possibility of leaking out of the airflow holes, and it also features top-filling, so there is essentially no scope for leaks in most situations.

Arguably the best thing about the RTA, though, is the postless deck design. With holes to connect your coils directly in the deck, it removes unnecessary clutter and still allows for dual coil builds thanks to the four holes. You simply insert the legs of your coils down into the holes and connect them by tightening the screws in the side of the deck, and there’s plenty of space for your wicking material at either side too. The tank comes with a straight-sided glass tube which can hold 4.2 ml of e-juice, but you also get the bubble glass tube which extends it to 5.8 ml.

You can pick up the Augvape Intake Dual for $30.33.

3 – PeaceMaker by Squid Industries

The PeaceMaker RTA from Squid Industries is a 25 mm diameter, stainless steel RTA that has a standard RTA layout but puts some extra care into making sure you always get great performance from the tank. The deck uses a clamp-style post, with a single flathead screw controlling the clamp operation, so all you have to do is place the two legs of your coil on either side and tighten it down. The coil rests in the center of the deck, with two rows of three airholes below the coil, giving you airflow going directly up to the mouthpiece for maximum flavor and vapor. There are big holes for your wick on either side, so it’s as easy to set up as you can realistically get for an RTA.

The tank comes with two options for tank size: either it’s 4 ml with the straight-sided glass and stainless steel body, or 8 ml with the included bubble glass. It has a threaded top-filling system, so you unscrew the top cap to reveal two fill holes for your e-juice. The tank also comes with an 810 (wide-bore) drip tip, making it perfect for direct-to-lung vaping.

The PeaceMaker costs $47.99.

2 – Creed by GeekVape

The Creed from GeekVape takes second place in our best RTA atomizer list, offering a sizable tank as standard and featuring three options for the internal airflow chamber so you have some choice over how it approaches your coils. The Creed has a fairly ordinary look for an RTA, with slot-style adjustable airflow around the base and a bubble glass tank with a 6.5 ml capacity, an 810 mouthpiece and a large chamber in the center of the tank. It’s a threaded top-filling device, so you simply unscrew the top cap to refill.

The deck on the Creed has a two-post design, with the positive and negative posts standing up in the middle of the deck and comfortably allowing for dual coil builds with one on either side of the posts. You attach your coils using two screws on the tops of the posts, and there are wicking ports on either side of the posts so you can set up each coil easily. The most unique design feature of the deck is the three airflow chamber options. All of these have under-coil airflow, but there is a solid option where this is the only source, one with slots in the side for additional airflow and another with a honeycomb array of holes in the side.

The Creed costs $36.99 and comes with an additional 4.5 ml tube, the three chambers, one 810 and one 510 drip tip, and some spare parts.

1 – Dead Rabbit RTA by Hellvape

The Dead Rabbit from Hellvape wins the title of best RTA atomizer because it does a great job of bringing the benefits of the RDA of the same name into a tank vaping system. The RTA is a fairly standard offering on face value: a 24 mm tank with a straight-sided 2 ml glass tube (or 4.5 ml with the included bubble tube) and stainless steel for the rest of the body. It has an 810 resin drip tip, and the airflow system has two slots around the top that are sloped diagonally downwards. Design wise it looks pretty standard, but it does come in eight different colors and the Dead Rabbit logo is engraved onto the outside of the chamber.

The deck is the thing that really sets the Dead Rabbit apart from much of the competition. It essentially has the same deck as the much-loved RDA of the same name, with four posts (two gold plated positive posts and two stainless steel negative posts) that are aligned so the post holes point straight up from the deck. This makes building much easier than on other designs, and the four posts make the Dead Rabbit a perfect device for multi-coil builds. There are two big wick-holes on either side of the deck, giving you more than enough space to ensure both wicks can soak up juice from the tank. The combination of all of these elements offers hard-to-beat performance, makes building simple and makes leaking incredibly unlikely.

The Dead Rabbit RTA costs $36.99 new.

The above lists contain the recommendations from our readers and the vaping community for anybody looking for RDAs and RTAs, but with so many great rebuildable atomizers on the market, there are tons more great options available. So here are our top 10 picks for RDAs and RTAs – split into two lists of five for each!

Best RDAs (Editor's Picks)

5 – Variant by Dovpo


The Variant RDA from Dovpo sports a four-post deck, with the post holes in the tops of the posts so your coils naturally sit above the posts and roughly in line with the airflow holes in the barrel. It has a 24 mm diameter and a deep juice well, so you have plenty of space to build and you don’t need to top up with e-juice too often. The RDA has two sets of eight airflow holes, which are arranged in a grid and can be set in different arrangements by rotating the inner sleeve. The RDA costs $23.95.

4 – Baron by GeekVape

The Baron by GeekVape is a traditional-style RDA with some extra airflow options that put it ahead of much of the competition. It has a two-post deck, with the posts and a central barrier in the middle of the deck, with plenty of space on either side to put together a dual coil build. The airflow control system depends on a small inner sleeve, which has both a series of vertical slots and a honeycomb style design you can use alongside the inlets on the main barrel. It has a 6 mm juice well and also comes with a bottom-feeding pin if you want to use it with a squonk mod. It costs $27.90.

3 – Kennedy RDA by Kennedy Enterprises

The Kennedy was featured on the main list of the best RDA atomizers as voted by vapers, but it’s also one of our top picks, with a high-quality build, a fantastic airflow system, huge post holes to support builds with thicker, lower-resistance wires, a copper center post for improved conductivity and a flavor-boosting conical top cap: it’s one of the drippers we keep in our regular rotation. The Kennedy is a fairly expensive option, though, available for $99.99.

2 – Warrior by Wotofo

The Warrior earns a spot on this list of the best RDAs because it combines a two post layout with clamp-style posts, making it really simple to connect your coils and put together multi-coil builds. It has a 25 mm diameter, and comes with an alternative bottom-feeding pin as standard so you can use it with a squonker. The juice well isn’t as deep as some, at 4 mm, but it performs well, and includes a knurled 810 drip tip to support the honeycomb-style adjustable airflow system. It’s also available for very cheap at the time of writing: $10 (down from the usual price of $34.99).

1 – Glaz by Steam Crave

The Glaz from Steam Crave is a unique RDA that works as both a standard dripper and alongside a squonk mod, with a glass top cap (although you also get a metal one when you buy) and angled adjustable airflow to maximize flavor. It has a postless deck, with four holes in the raised section and two airflow inlets directly underneath for the best performance. Building is pretty simple thanks to the layout and the huge 30 mm diameter. It looks cool with the glass top cap, but the metal one also features a secondary set of airflow slots to improve vapor production. You can pick the RDA up for $44.90.

Best RTAs (Editor's Picks)

5 – Destiny by Hellvape

The Destiny from Hellvape is an RTA focused on single coil builds, with a simple two-post deck design with under-coil airflow and a 24 mm diameter so you have plenty of room to build. It comes with two tubes, so you can have a straight-sided, 2 ml capacity tank or a bubble tube which extends the capacity to 4 ml. It’s a top filling tank, with a threaded top cap which you unscrew to reveal the two fill holes in the layer below. The tank might be fairly straightforward in design, but it performs excellently and the layout makes it a great choice for your first RTA. It costs $28.95.

4 – Brunhilde MTL by Vapefly

The Brunhilde MTL from Vapefly is like the natural evolution of the classic genesis-style RBAs, placing the deck above the tank but working differently from an RDTA thanks to the stainless steel wires that ensure your wicks have a constant supply of e-juice. The deck has two large posts, with an airflow inlet directly beneath the coil, and it’s designed to get the most out of a single coil build. The tips of the stainless steel wires reach the deck so all you have to do is lay your wicks on top to keep them supplied with juice. It also features six options for the size of the air inlet, to give you plenty of options for the sort of draw you want. The tank costs $49.99 new.

3 – Merlin MTL by Augvape

The Merlin from Augvape is another of our picks designed with mouth to lung vapers in mind, intended for single-coil builds but helping you get the very best performance out of your build. The deck has a two-post design, with under-coil airflow and four air plug inserts to give you great control over the type of draw you get. With the airflow choked down as much as possible it’s excellent for mouth to lung vaping, but you can easily set it up for direct-to-lung use too. The tank is top-filling and it has a 3 ml juice capacity, but arguably one of the biggest selling-points is the low price of $15 (at time of writing).

2 – Core (Standard Edition) by Vapefly

The Core by Vapefly is a top-filling RTA that has a 4 ml capacity with the included bubble glass bulb, a top-filling design and a well-designed airflow system. The dual-post deck has clamps to hold your wire-ends in place, with the posts in the center of the deck so you can easily use it for dual coil or single coil builds. The airflow slots at the bottom of the RTA feed up to a honeycomb array on the base of the deck, with some extra coming in from between the posts in line with your coils. This gives the RTA excellent performance when it comes to both flavor and vapor. It costs $19.95.

1 – Zeus X by GeekVape

The Zeus X from GeekVape is a 25 mm diameter RTA with a leak-free design and a postless deck. The Zeus X effectively removes leaking by using a top airflow system, feeding air down towards the internal airflow chamber, which features a honeycomb array of airflow holes, some to the side of the coil and some coming in diagonally from above. The deck features a raised platform with four holes for connecting your coils, oriented so your coils stand directly upwards, with two sizable holes in the deck so you can easily get the Zeus wicked up. The result is an easy-to-use RTA that puts out tons of vapor and flavor. You can pick up the tank with either 3.5 and 4.5 ml glass tubes or the EU version with 2 ml tubes for $34.99.

Conclusion – A Plethora of Options for Rebuilders

Although the more beginner-friendly sub-ohm tanks have been taking a bit of the attention away from rebuildables recently, there are still a multitude of fantastic options available for vapers willing to take the leap into rebuildables. It’s a deep rabbit hole, but one that pays dividends with unbeatable performance and a fantastic level of customizability for your vaping experience.

These lists give you some exceptional devices to choose from, but we’ll also be adding a buying guide in the coming weeks to help you evaluate the different options for yourself and find the best device for your needs, so check back soon!