Disposable E-Cigarette Reviews

Disposable e-cigarettes are great for anybody wanting to give the technology a try before investing in a rechargeable or for a simple, cigarette-like experience. Our disposable e-cigarette reviews offer a detailed look at what you’ll get for your money, with both expert reviewers and users appraising the various options. You can search through our disposable electronic cigarette reviews according to the editor or user ratings, as well as being able to look specifically for the most affordable options on the market. Also, check out our new reviews of the best disposable e-cigs.

  • Zig-Zag E-Cigs Review

    The name "Zig-Zag" has long been synonymous with tobacco. And while not part of Big Tobacco, the brand is following in the footsteps of its goliath competitors and testing out the electronic cigarette market. In a partnership with V2 cigs, Zig-Zag is

    Price: $5.99

  • White Cloud Fling Disposable E-Cigarette Review

    For someone trying out electronic cigarettes for the first time, the cheaper, disposable versions seem like the way to go. They are a low risk introduction to vaping that may or may not leave a smoker hooked, never to return to conventional cigarette

    Price: $5.95

  • Njoy King Review

    Njoy is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and was first established in 2006. The company made their name with rechargeable cigarettes, but they've since reduced their options (with only the “Express” rechargeable kit on offer) in favor of the new Njo

    Price: $7.99

  • Veipor eCigs Review

    Once a novelty item, disposable e-cigs have become a dime a dozen. However, they are arguably the most expensive way to vape considering they range in price from the equivalent of one to two packs of cigarettes per unit. One disposable e-cig often on

    Price: $9.95

  • Nu-X CBD Pens Review

    Nu-X CBD Disposables Review

    Our Nu-X CBD Disposables review takes a look at the five disposable CBD vapes on offer from the company. They're CBD specialists, but how do their vaping products stack up?

    Price: $19.99

  • Logic Electronic Cigarette Review

    In the rapidly evolving world of electronic cigarettes, many disposables are being hung out to dry in favor of much larger and longer lasting rechargeable batteries. An e-cig that only lasts a few hours just isn't going to cut it in a market that is

    Price: $10.95

  • Real Feel Disposable E-Cig Review

    Billed as "America's favorite disposable electronic cigarette", the Real Feel is geared toward smokers who want to make the transition to vaping as seamless as possible. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, the brand is a newcomer to the market. As s

    Price: $12.99