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About Velvet Cloud Vapor


Velvet Cloud Vapor is a San Francisco-based company founded in 2011, and describe themselves as being like “if the local farmer’s market made e-liquid.” Aria and Julie, the company’s owners, set out to serve their local community with locally-made, gourmet and artisanal e-liquid, originally having just brewed micro-batches for close friends. They eventually caught the attention of local vape stores, and then opened their unique blends up to the wider vaping community online. Everything is still made by hand in micro-batches, and they aim to bring together unique flavors and quality ingredients to create some of the best e-liquid you’ve ever tried.


The philosophy behind Velvet Cloud Vapor is abundantly clear from the fact that they won’t use diacetyl, artificial colors and flavorings or propylene glycol in their liquids. This last decision may be unpopular with vapers who like the throat-hit PG provides, but this makes the manufacturer ideal for anybody with an allergy or sensitivity to PG. Their liquids are made in a base mixture of USP-grade VG and distilled water, so the juices won’t be too thick to wick properly. The liquids are available in six nicotine levels: 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 24 mg per ml, offering the standard five options with a 3 mg/ml option added for those not quite ready to switch to nicotine-free. Bottles are available in 15 ml ($10), 30 ml ($19) and 120 ml ($65) sizes.


The e-liquids are separated into 14 Artisan blends and 9 Seasonal blends. The Artisan options include four tobaccos (Blue Beard, Burley Beard, Ice Beard and White Beard), with the Blue Beard including notes of honey, blueberry and blackberry and the White Beard incorporating butterscotch and custard, as well as several unique non-tobacco combinations. There are fruity options (such as Catherine the Grape, Fruit Cup and Strawb-Gwab), sweet ones (Maple Mountain Breakfast, the Smores-inspired Campfire and Mewlew’s Magic Blend, composed of chocolate, doughnuts, butterscotch, cream and fudge), and unique options such as Monkey Business: a blend of banana, fudge, cake batter and coffee. The Seasonal options include caramel and vanilla tobaccos, Chocolate Pudding, Nutty Cookie, Caramel Swirl, Harvest Berries and Summer Sweet – a lemon and raspberry liquid with “summer” notes. They also offer bulk batches of unflavored nicotine (either 120 or 500 ml) for those interested in DIY mixing.


With affordable liquids that ooze style, are made using natural, high quality ingredients and are carefully crafted for flavor, it’s easy to see why Velvet Cloud Vapor has gained such a loyal following of vapers.


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