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About Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals has been on our radar for a while now. The company—now in its 6th year of existence—has continued to go from strength-to-strength. What we love about Lazarus Naturals is its dedication to providing you with high-quality but affordable CBD products. The company doesn’t put profits before its customers and that’s something we really like to see. Scroll further to find out more about this amazing company and its products.  

Lazarus Naturals company overview

Lazarus Naturals has been operating out of the Pacific Northwest region of Seattle, Washington since 2014. The company is practically a seasoned veteran at this point with six years worth of experience and success under its belt. We believe the company’s success story isn’t solely down to clever marketing. In fact, clever marketing has little to do with it — it’s all down to its mission statement and core ethos.

You see, Lazarus Naturals was one of the first CBD companies to push forward the idea of creating CBD products for everyone, not just those who could afford it. 

Founder and CEO Sequoia Price-Lazarus, a man on a mission to make high-quality CBD products affordable for everyone, isn’t someone who just wants to run a CBD company — he wants to create a CBD family. 

He believes the most fulfilling part of his job is knowing his products make a positive impact on his customers. This is something we can really get behind!

Types of products offered at

Lazarus Naturals has quite an extensive list of product types ranging from CBD tinctures and CBD capsules to CBD isolates and CBD topicals. The company even has its own CBD coconut oil, which is a pretty awesome addition. One-stop-shoppers will definitely find something here. 

  • CBD tinctures
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD isolate
  • CBD coconut oil
  • RSO CBD oil
  • CBD pet products (CBD pet treats, CBD pet oil)
  • CBD topicals (CBD lotion, CBD balm, CBD massage oil)

Product differentiators

Lazarus Naturals isn’t really reinventing the wheel insofar as innovation, but there are some really awesome ideas in its range of products. The company’s CBD pet products, for example, are pretty forward-thinking, especially with the flavors and variations available (find out more about this in the section below). 

Does Lazarus Naturals offer CBD for pets?

Lazarus Naturals does offer two different types of CBD pet products for your most loyal companions: CBD dog treats and CBD tincture oils. 

The dog treats are available in two variations: 

  • one for better mobility 
  • and one for enhanced vitality. 

The tincture oils come in three variations: 

  • THC-Free “Sensitive” Pet CBD Tincture
  • Natural “Calming” Pet CBD Oil Tincture
  • Wild Salmon Flavored “Calming” Pet CBD Oil Tincture

The wild salmon flavor is very unique. We have yet to see any other pet tincture oil with such a unique taste. Awesome stuff. 

Where does Lazarus Naturals source its hemp? 

Lazarus Naturals sources its hemp from domestic US organic farms in Oregon, a state well-recognized for its hemp growing and cultivation standards. Lazarus Naturals also sources 70% of the hemp from its own farms, highlighting how much control and quality-assurance the company has over the manufacturing process (from seed-to-sale). 

What extraction method does Lazarus Naturals use?

Lazarus Naturals extracts use an ethanol extraction method. This method of extraction guarantees clean and pure results, particularly after undergoing two different stages of purification. 

Are Lazarus Naturals’ products third-party tested?

Lazarus Naturals does really well here. Each product in its arsenal is comprehensively tested by Columbia Laboratories and verified safe and fit for consumption. The resulting Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are posted publicly on the company’s website/product pages for you to view.

Shipping, Returns, Warranty

Where does Lazarus Naturals ship to?

Unlike many other CBD companies currently on the market, Lazarus Naturals ships to domestic US and international addresses. Good news if you’re not residing in the US!

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs aren’t publicly posted for viewing but don’t panic. We’re CBD company shipping detectives, so allow us to do the honors for you.

  • Free domestic shipping to anywhere within the US (3-5 day delivery time)
  • International shipping rates vary e.g. shipping to the UK costs roughly $8.00, shipping to Denmark costs approximately $10, etc. All shipping rates are calculated at checkout. 

What's Lazarus Naturals’ Return Policy?

Lazarus Naturals is very generous with its Return Policy — far more generous than many other CBD companies. You have 90 days to return your product(s) to the company for any reason. Yes. That’s right. You have the right to return your product if you’re 100% satisfied with your product(s). 

Of course, common sense dictates you don’t throw it on the floor purposely and expect a refund out of it. Every Return Policy has its limits. But you do have more than enough flexibility here.

 The company also has the right to refuse refunds if it suspects fraudulent activity. 

Does Lazarus Naturals offer a warranty? 

The warranty begins 90 days from the date of shipment. If you have a damaged or defective item, the company asks you to contact customer services within 30 days. 


Lazarus Naturals ProductPrice
CBD tincture oils$12.00–$70.00
CBD capsules$6.00–$80.00
CBD isolate$18.00–$2,800.00
CBD coconut oil$12.00–$42.00
CBD RSO CBD oil$32.00–$150.00
CBD pet products$12.00–$60.00
CBD topicals$12.00–$70.00

How do these prices compare to other brands?

Lazarus Naturals’ products are very affordable — even more so if you’re eligible for the company’s Assistance Programs or you choose to purchase the savings bundles. 

There aren’t many other CBD companies matching the quality and affordability Lazarus Naturals provides. We’re really impressed with this, for sure. 

Does Lazarus Naturals offer any rewards and loyalty programs for additional savings?

To the best of our knowledge, there are no Lazarus Naturals rewards or loyalty schemes/programs. 

Does Lazarus Naturals offer military, public service, student, or disability discounts?

Per Lazarus Naturals’ own ethos of making its products affordable to everyone, the company has implemented Assistance Programs to those who need it.

  • 60% off for military veterans
  • 60% off for low-income households
  • 60% for those with a disability 

Does Lazarus Naturals offer installment payment options?

No. Unfortunately, Lazarus Naturals does not offer installment payments.

Does Lazarus Naturals offer bundled saving options? 

Lazarus Naturals’ bundled savings options will save you a fair bit of money. The Full Spectrum CBD Lotions Bundle, for example, saves you a $6.00 on your total order. Likewise, the Full Spectrum Calm Balm Bundle saves you a total of $15.00. 

BundleWhat’s Included?PriceBundled Price
Full Spectrum CBD Lotions BundleUnscented CBD Lotion (50 mg), Portland Rose CBD Lotion (50 mg), Pacific Pine CBD Lotion (50 mg)$36.00$30.00
Full Spectrum Calm Balm BundleLavender CBD Balm (400mg), Cedar Citrus CBD Balm (400mg), Soothing Mint CBD Balm (400mg), Unscented CBD Balm (400mg), Portland Rose CBD Balm (400mg)$80.00$65.00
Full Spectrum Family PackUnscented CBD Balm (400 mg), CBD Coconut Oil (300 mg), Calming CBD Pet Tincture (300 mg), High Potency CBD Tincture (750 mg)$64.00$54.00
THC-Free Sample PackBlood Orange Tincture (750 mg), Wintermint Tincture (750), Flavorless Tincture (750 mg)$72.00$60.00
Day and Night Sample PackEnergy Blend High Potency 25 mg CBD Isolate Capsules (10 Count), Lavender CBD Balm (400 mg), CBD Relaxation Blend 25 mg CBD Isolate Capsules (10 Count)$36.00$30.00
Full Spectrum Standard Potency Sample Pack25 mg CBD Capsules (10 Count), Lavender Full Spectrum CBD Balm (400 mg), CBD Standard Potency Tincture (300 mg)$38.00 $32.00
Full Spectrum High Potency Sample PackFull Spectrum CBD Capsules (50 mg), Lavender Full Spectrum CBD Balm (400 mg), CBD High Potency Tincture (750 mg)$58.00$49.00

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