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About South Beach Smoke:

South Beach Smoke holds a proud spot on our Top 10 Beginner E-Cigarettes list, and the brand has a lot to offer to smokers looking to make the switch and dedicated vapers alike. Started in Florida in 2010, the brand is from the same company as VaporFi and Direct Vapor, but offers a more cigarette-like appearance than the product from the sister company. The best thing about this for vapers is that the parts for both brands are interchangeable, increasing the flavor options open to South Beach Smoke users.

South Beach Smoke CBD Vape Promo

The two-piece e-cig comes complete with paper-like faux rings and a butt-style design for the cartomizer, creating a notably traditional cigarette appearance despite the standard e-cig pen-size. The vapor production on the e-cig is impressive, the liquids are all made in the US and the battery charges quickly, lasting long enough for an entire day’s worth of casual vaping. There are five different nicotine levels available through the brand, with the highest level (24mg) being suitable for the heaviest smokers or vapers looking for a good hit of nicotine. Regardless of what you’re looking for in an e-cig, South Beach Smoke is likely to impress.

There are several kits available through South Beach Smoke, and they’re generally pretty affordable. The cheapest option is the Reusable Express Kit, which costs $29.99 and comes with a SuperMax battery, USB charger and two cartomizers. The Deluxe Kit ($59.99) comes with Standard and High Capacity SuperMax batteries, USB charger, wall charger and five cartomizers. The higher-end kits include the Deluxe Plus Kit ($89.99), which also includes a car charger and a universal carrying case, and the Deluxe Ultimate Kit ($159.99) – containing everything in the Deluxe Plus kit along with a cigarette-pack style portable charging case and a total of 15 cartomizers. Read the full South Beach Smoke review to find out more about the company and its products.

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