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Our exclusive JUUL coupon code and discounts help you get the best price on JUUL vaporizer and pods. Just enter the JUUL promo code at checkout when shopping from JUUL Vapor. All coupons are validated weekly.

JUUL Coupon (50% Off)

Get 50% off your entire order. Valid only on your first order.

JUUL Coupon (40% Off)

Get 40% off your first order plus free shipping on orders over $34.

50% Off Juul Device with Auto-Ship

Sign up for Aut-Ship to get 50% off a Juul device (normally $19.99) and 15% off Juul pods.

JUUL Coupon Auto-Ship (15% Off)

Get 15% off Juul Pods when you subscribe to Juul Auto-Ship program. Free shipping included.

About JUUL Vapor

Juul Vapor, owned by their parent company Pax Labs, is based in San Francisco, and although the JUUL has introduced the name to vapers, the parent company is best known for the Pax loose leaf vaporizer. Formed by two Stanford design graduates, the company has earned a stellar reputation across its time in business for it’s high-quality vaporizers and cool, understated aesthetic.

JUUL Vapor

The JUUL is one of the most interesting e-cigarettes on the market. Where other manufacturers are putting out progressively more complicated and usually bigger devices, the JUUL vape pen stands out as a bold endorsement of simplicity. The e-cig is slim and uniform – like an elongated USB stick – and works using “Juulpods,” which are a lot like cartridges but just drop into place instead of requiring screwing in. This makes the JUUL electronic cigarette a great option for anybody new to vaping.

Pax also prioritized making JUUL Vapor satisfying for smokers, and they did this by using nicotine salts in the e-juice. This is the form of nicotine found in tobacco leaf, and when combined with the high 5% nicotine (by weight) of the juices inside the pods, this means that the JUUL is more satisfying than basically any cigalike-sized device on the market, and easily on par with more complex, less compact devices.

The “JUULpods” come in five flavours: Virginia tobacco, cool mint, fruit medley, crème brulee and mango, offering plenty of choice for just-switching smokers and enough to satisfy longer-term vapers too. They all come in four-packs, priced at $15.99 per pack, and each one lasts for the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes.

The JUUL is available in a starter kit, which costs $49.99 and comes with one JUUL device, a USB charger and a four-pack of JUULpods in the four original flavors (everything apart from mango). You can also pick up the device and a charger individually for $34.99, if you want a spare or you lost your device. Our JUUL coupon code can be used to bring the cost of your first order down substantially, offering a 15% to 25% discount.

Pax Dry Herb Vaporizers

Pax’s loose leaf vaporizers are where they made their name, though, and if you’re interested in vaping dry herb or anything besides e-liquid, there are options in the line-up designed with you in mind. The original Pax is where they made their name, but the first model has since been superseded by the Pax 2 and Pax 3, both of which offer massive improvements in terms of efficiency of vaporization, vapor production, design and battery life.

Pax 2

The Pax 2 is a loose leaf vaporizer, with four temperature settings, multi-colored LEDs to indicate the remaining battery life and the active temperature setting, and an impressive ten year warranty on the device. It has a rounded, smooth and sleek design, and it comes in a choice of four colors: Charcoal (a deep black), Topaz (a light, soft blue), Flare (a bright, fiery red) and Platinum (a shiny metallic silver). It’s also really easy to use, with the whole operation of the device being handled by a single button. It costs about $200, depending on where you pick it up.

Pax 3

The Pax 3 looks very similar to the Pax 2 from the outside, but there is a big difference: it handles concentrates as well as loose leaf. This really opens up the range of things you can vaporize, through the addition of an alternative cap for the oven, which contains a small chamber for concentrates. The time it takes the device to get up to vaporization temperature been drastically improved, and the oven is twice as strong as that for the Pax 2. Most of the core features are the same, but the device has some handy extra features: for instance, vibrating when it’s ready to vape and heating and cooling based on how close it is to your mouth. It still comes with a 10-year warranty, and the build quality is as good as ever. It costs a bit more though, at around $275.

Pax Era

The Pax Era is a concentrates-only device, with a look somewhere between that of the Pax series and the JUUL. Like the JUUL vape pen, it uses pods for the material you’ll be vaporizing, but Pax actually ships the pods off to businesses in California and Colorado to be filled with herbal extracts. This means you have to pick the pods from a local retailer rather than direct from Pax Labs. But when you get the pods, the device performs just as well as you’d expect from a Pax vaporizer. The warranty is reduced to just 1 year, but the device is much more affordable, at around $60, depending on where you pick it up.

Overall, Pax Labs has something for everybody, and with a dedication to quality stretching across all of their devices, you can rest assured you’re getting some of the best vaping gear on the market. Check out the latest Pax coupon codes for up to 10% discount.

Using Our JUUL Coupons

Our main JUUL discount code offers 15% off your first purchase, as well as free shipping, which brings the cost of a JUUL starter kit down to $37.49. Our other JUUL promo code specifically relates to the auto-ship program offered by Pax, which offers between two and eight packs of four JUULpods each, delivered right to your door.

Here’s how to use our JUUL Vapor discount code on the JuulVapor.com website.

  1. Confirm your age and ZIP code and shop for whatever you want from the store. Remember that our Juul Vapor promotional offers cover your first order from the site and the auto-ship program.
  2. Hit “Add to Cart” when you’re on the page of the product you want to buy.
  3. Fill your cart with as much vaping gear as you want, then when you’re ready to buy, click the shopping cart icon in the top right hand corner of the web page and choose “Checkout” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Fill out the details requested on the left of the screen if you want an estimate of your shipping costs.
  5. On this page, click on the discount code suitable for your purchase. If you click where the code is displayed, it brings up a window you can use to copy the code.
  6. Paste the code into the “Coupon Code” window of the checkout page, and hit “Apply” to apply the discount to your order.
  7. Click “Proceed to Checkout” and then either login with your existing account or click “I’m New Here.”
  8. Fill in the details as requested and complete your order.

JUUL Vapor Coupon Code and Ordering FAQs

Can I Use My JUUL Discount for Everything On-Sale At JUULVapor.com?

The 15% off JUUL discount code is valid for everything on the JUUL website, but it’s only valid for your first purchase.

Where Does Pax Labs Ship to?

At the moment, the JUUL is only available in the U.S., and shipping is available to every state, with the exception of Utah, Arkansas and Massachusetts ZIP code 02478. This is because of laws in place in those states, so unless you can find the JUUL for sale at a local store, you might not be able to place an order if you live in one of these places.

When Will My Order Ship?

Pax ships any orders placed before 12 noon on the same day, from Monday to Friday. This means that if you place an order over the weekend or after noon on Friday, it won’t ship until Monday. The time it takes to ship will depend on where you’re shipping to, any holidays and other factors such as weather.

How Does the JUUL Auto-Ship Program Work?

JUUL auto-ship program is designed for regular vapers who want to make sure they never run out of JUULpods. The program offers free shipping on a minimum of 2 packs of JUUL pods each month, which you get at 15% less than the retail price. You can choose your shipping date, and you’ll be charged on the same day each month, receiving a reminder via email a week before it ships. You can change your order up to a day before your shipping date, provided that your order stays for more than two packs of pods per month. You can also pause or cancel the service up to a day before shipping, if you have enough pods to last you through the next month or no longer want to continue at all.

I Tried to Enter the JUUL Promo Code, But The Site Said It’s Invalid: What Went Wrong?

The two options for JUUL promo code listed above are only valid in specific circumstances, and if your order doesn’t qualify, you will get a message stating that the Juul coupon code is not working. This will happen if you attempt to use the 15% off or 25% off code on anything other than your first order, or if you try to use the code for the auto-ship program on any other purchase. Neither of these codes works for Pax’s loose leaf or concentrate vaporizers. We test JuulVapor.com discounts weekly for accuracy. In some cases Juul may decide to temporarily pause their promotional offers. If you find a promo code that is not working, just check back in a few days for the latest update.

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