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If you need a simple yet elegant e-cigarette then Vuse Vapor’s entire collection might hide a few surprises you’ll like. Their three state-of-the-art vaping devices offer something for smokers and vapers of all levels – beginners and pros will be equally satisfied with them. Give Vuse a try without paying the full price by using our Vuse Vapor promo codes and get a deep discount on all your purchases.


About Vuse Vapor


Vuse Vapor was established in 2012 by RJ Reynolds Vapor, a subdivision of Reynolds Tobacco, the second largest tobacco company in the United States. A latecomer to the vaping game, Reynolds Tobacco nonetheless managed to position itself as a manufacturer of accessible (and uncomplicated) vaping devices. Their gear is sold all around the US, on gas stations, vape shops, and even in 7-Eleven stores.


In addition to being widely accessible, Vuse also benefits from years of Reynolds Tobacco experience and the company has access to technologies and expertise that are not readily available to other vape gear manufacturers. Everything from their R&D department to the excellent customer services serves to position Vuse as one of the top manufacturers of entry-level cig-a-likes.


Vuse Vapor Products


Vuse makes and sells three distinct vaping devices, along with eight differently-flavored cartridges:


  • Vuse Solo – while it might look like your typical cig-a-like, Vuse Solo has so much more to offer. It boasts an extended battery life, as well as a sensor that regulates heating, which massively improves flavor delivery. Vuse Solo retails for around $12.


  • Vuse Vibe – slightly larger than Solo but still easily fitting in the palm of your hand, Vuse Vibe uses disposable pre-built tanks that are filled with various Vuse e-liquids. It features a sensor and a mounted signal light found on the Solo but delivers much more in terms of flavor and vapor. Pre-built tanks cost a bit more than cartridges but each contains 2 ml of vape juice and a pre-installed coil. Keep in mind that they are not refillable. Vuse Vibe will cost you slightly more than Solo, around $20 + tanks.


  • Vuse FOB – an ergonomically designed vaping device similar to a small vape mod. Vuse FOB has a LED display that you can use to check battery level and the status of your cartridge. The mouthpiece is retractable and doesn’t create a portability issue. Vuse FOB also features a child-lock and can be connected to the Vuse mobile app for even more vaping information. It retails for approximately $45, depending on where you pick it up.


There are currently eight Vuse flavors available, both in cartridges and in tanks- Original, Crema, Berry, Menthol, Chai, Mint, Nectar, and Melon. Keep in mind that Melon and Nectar can only be bought at 7-Eleven retail stores.


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Compared to their competitors such as Vype and Blu, Vuse offers the same quality at a slightly lower price, while being more accessible than both. Vuse Vapor frequently has discounted offers available to customers who register on their website. Don’t forget – if there aren’t any offers there you can always use our Vuse Vapor promo codes and secure a hefty discount on anything Vuse-related in the future.