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Get the latest Daily High Club coupon codes and discounts to save on your next order of subscription boxes, bongs, pipes, vaporizers, and smoking accessories at dailyhighclub.com.

10% Off Sitewide

Get 10% off on your entire order at dailyhighclub.com, including subscription boxes.

10% Off Sitewide

Get 10% off on your entire order. Coupon does not apply towards subscription boxes.

About Daily High Club

Daily High Club (DHC) is one of our favorite online headshops. The founders clearly know what their customers like — pure, unadulterated cannabis paraphernalia and equipment ready for you to take the moon trip you deserve. 

The product lines are superb. There’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for high-quality bongs, vaporizers, dab rigs, and/or dry pipes, Daily High Club should be your next go-to.

Daily High Club company review

Daily High Club has a really cool rags-to-riches style story. The company was founded in Washington, DC in 2015 “with a passion for smoking supplies and the lifestyle around them”. The founders designed a primitive website, bought $700 worth of smoking materials, and advertised themselves on Reddit. 


The company is one of the biggest online headshops in the US. Just for this story alone, we back the company and its founders 100%!

Types of products offered dailyhighclub.com

  • Bongs
  • Bubblers
  • Dab rigs
  • Dab tools, accessories
  • Herb grinders
  • Vaporizers
  • Subscription boxes

Product differentiators

DHC stocks a huge range of cannabis-related paraphernalia. There are tons of really cool, creative bongs. The artistic glass bongs are really awesome. Great designs and visuals. Similarly, the dab rigs are fantastic with equally cool designs. 

Shipping, Returns, Warranty

Where does Daily High Club ship to?

Daily High Club ships to US domestic and international addresses. Always make sure of your country’s own cannabis laws. Even purchasing and importing cannabis paraphernalia can land you in hot water with your country’s authorities. 

How much does shipping cost?

US domestic shipping varies between each location. No free US shipping is provided. International shipping rates vary depending on where you live as well. All shipping rates are calculated at checkout. Prepare to pay more the further from the US you’re located. 

What's Daily High Club Return Policy?

Daily High Club’s Return Policy comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee on all orders. If your product(s) arrive faulty, defective, or broken, the company will replace it/them free of charge. All you need to do is contact a customer service rep and detail the nature of the damage (with images). 

Does Daily High Club offer a warranty? 

Yes. 14-days.

DailyHighClub Pricing

Dab rigs$24.20–$399.99
Dab tools and accessories$5.99–$29.99

How do these prices compare to other brands?

Because DHC stocks such a huge number of products, budget-friendly shoppers and big spenders alike will find something here. You have bongs from as little as $17.99. You have vaporizers as expensive as $399.99. 

It’s, therefore, difficult to compare Daily High Club with any other company. The prices are both budget-friendly and high end. 

Does Daily High Club offer any rewards and loyalty programs for additional savings?

No. Daily High Club does not do a reward or loyalty program. The company does, however, have a subscription service. We’ve outlined the details further below. 

Does Daily High Club offer military, public service, student, or disability discounts?


Do they offer installment payment options?


Does Daily High Club offer bundled saving options? 

No. There aren’t any bundled savings options to choose from. Instead, Daily High Club offers a subscription service in three different options. Use one of the latest Daily High Club coupon codes available to save on your subscription box purchase.

SubscriptionWhat's included?Price/Month
All Natural1 x 1.25 Size All-Natural Papers, 1 x All-Natural Filter Tips, 3.3. Organic Bee Wick, Matchbook$1.00
Connoisseur A mixture of 7-9 items including smoking papers, hemp wraps, lighters, and cleaning accessories (amongst others!)$9.99
El Primo1 x Daily High Club “Magic Scorpion Potion” Bong, Premium 14mm Male Glass Bowl, Custom Daily High Club Clipper Lighter Kasher, RAW Organic Hemp King Size Rolling Papers The Original Cones™ 3-pack King Size Pre-Rolled Cones, Full-Size Clipper Lighter, Lion Rolling Circus 2 Pack Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps, Linse Organic Hempwick, Trick-or-Treat Surprise, Daily High Club Sticker Set$29.99

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