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About Eaze

Eaze is an online cannabis marketplace to keep your eye one. 

The company stocks a huge number of different cannabis-related products ranging from marijuana-derived oils and capsules to marijuana-derived THC-infused gummies and beverages. You can even pick up cannabis vape pens, cannabis transdermal patches, cannabis concentrates, cannabis chocolate. 

What we love most about Eaze isn’t just its large range of products. The company makes sure all the products it stocks are above-board — there’s nothing shitty or subpar here.

Eaze company review

Touted as “The Uber of Pot”, Eaze has certainly made a name for itself as the first (and leading) pot delivery service in the United States. 

The project was launched in 2014 by founder Keith McCarthy as a way to deliver much-needed medical marijuana to Californian patients. Since then, the company has reported a 300% growth, which is astronomical and really highlights how successful it really is. 

Now? The company (still based in San Francisco) is under new leadership and is continuing its upward trajectory to cannabis delivery stardom. Read on to find out more about this exciting company. 

Product differentiators

As we mentioned previously, Eaze stocks a huge number of marijuana-derived products for medical marijuana patients and recreational users. 

There are some really awesome standout products. The pre-rolls are made from some high-quality strains for both beginners and seasoned users alike. 

As far as innovation goes? The edibles are pretty forward-thinking, especially in terms of variety and flavors. Honestly? Not one person is left out in this category. Really cool. 

Does Eaze offer CBD for pets?

No. There are no CBD products for pets. The reason for this is simple. All the products in stock are derived from marijuana with higher levels of THC. Giving too much THC is damn-near animal cruelty and we don’t condone that for one second. 

Shipping, Returns, Warranty

Where does Eaze deliver to?

Eaze delivers medical marijuana within most areas of California including: 

  • Bay Area – SF & Peninsula 
  • Bay Area – East Bay
  • Bay Area – South Bay
  • Central Valley
  • Inland Empire
  • LA County
  • Lake & Mendocino Counties
  • Napa & Sonoma Counties
  • Marin County 
  • Orange County 
  • Sacramento County 
  • San Diego County 
  • Solano & Yolo Counties
  • Ventura County 

Eaze Wellness, its CBD focused sister brand, ships to 45 states including D.C. 

How much does delivery cost?

Eaze’s marijuana delivery service does have a fee. Much like Uber, delivery rates will depend on where you’re located. 

Eaze delivery drivers operate from 9am–10pm 365 days of the year. Some local laws require drivers to stop working before 10pm, however. Eaze recommends you place an order early to avoid disappointment. 

What's Eaze Return Policy?

All products purchased from Eaze are final sale. There are no refunds or exchanges offered. 

Pricing at Eaze.com

ProductPrice Range
Marijuana flower$7.00–$95.00
Marijuana pre-rolls$7.00–$20.00
Marijuana vaporizers$19.00–$55.00
Marijuana vaporizer cartridges$16.00–$54.00
Marijuana-derived gummies$16.00–$54.00
Marijuana-derived mints$10.00–$32.00
Marijuana-derived chocolate$14.00–$24.00
Marijuana-derived drinks$7.00–$9.00
Marijuana-derived teas$6.00–$30.00
Marijuana-derived drops, capsules, tablets$15.00–$90.00
Marijuana-derived bath & body care$10.00–$50.00
Marijuana concentrates$19.00–$40.00

How do these prices compare to other brands?

The outright cost of these products is reasonably affordable but not the cheapest on the market. The reason for this is very little competition, especially in terms of cannabis delivery within California. You also have to take into account delivery costs as well. 

There are, of course, more expensive places to shop for marijuana-derived products. 

Does Eaze offer any rewards and loyalty programs for additional savings?


Does Eaze offer military or student discounts?

Yes. Eaze has a Veterans Discount Program that offers 25% for all US military veterans. Active military personnel is not eligible, unfortunately. 

Does Eaze offer installment payment options?


Does Eaze offer bundled saving options? 

No. Eaze doesn’t offer bundled savings options per se, but it does provide you with 2, 3, and 5-pack options on select products. Pre-roll joints, for example, often come in packs of 2, 3, or 5.

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