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About Halo E-Cig


Halo Cigs is unlike most e-cigarette manufacturers (such as Green Smoke e-cigs) on the market today, because they’re most well-known for their range of e-liquids. After the three-piece Element e-cig was discontinued, Halo Cigs released the G6, aiming to offer a high-quality two-piece e-cig to accompany their selection of nicotine-infused cartridge flavors. The two-piece design is much simpler for new users, and can still be used with the flagship American-made e-liquids.


Halo Cigs offer plenty of options to new users, with nine different battery designs (including cool options like Demon Red, Midnight Blue and Deep Purple) and both automatic and manual batteries. There are also plenty of cartridge flavors, although the options open up considerably more if you use blanks and the e-liquid, with flavors like the mint chocolate Shamrock and the luxurious Belgian Cocoa adding to the pre-filled selection. You have a choice of four nicotine levels, from 6mg to 24mg per cartridge.


The Basic Starter Kit costs $54.99, and comes with two batteries, a USB charger, wall adapter, five pre-filled cartridges, two blank cartridges and a small carry case for five cartridges. The flavors are generally well-executed with the Halo e-cig, but you get much more out of it if you’re happy to use blank cartridges and e-liquid. You can also get plenty of vapor, but there are better options out there if you’re looking for a really dense fog. Read the latest Halo Cigs reviews to find out how Halo Cigs compares with other popular e-cigarette brands.