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Blu (formerly Blu Cigs) is one of the most recognizable brands of e-cig on the market today, and they’re synonymous with the increasing role of big tobacco in the e-cig industry.

The sleek black and blue color scheme provides a distinctive look, but the acquisition of the company by Lorillard in 2012 is how most vapers will know their name. Lorillard are the producers of popular cigarette brands such as Newport and Kent, and they selected Blu eCigs because the brand had already established a solid reputation as a start-up.

The e-cigarette from Blu is more cigarette-sized than many of the options you’ll find on the market, and the portable charging case adds to the overall aesthetic with its cigarette-pack style design. The brand offers long-lasting cartridges, seven well-executed VG-based flavors, four nicotine levels and consistently good vapor production. The batteries offered could use a longer lifespan, but the portable charging case is the saving grace in that department, meaning you’ll never have to go without a vape. The brand’s offerings aren’t perfect, but there’s plenty of potential if Lorillard’s backing means continuous improvements to the product line.

There are a few different starter kits available through Blu, with options available for vapers on varying budgets. The Original Starter Kit ($69.95) is the most affordable option, coming packed with two batteries (Original or Premium), portable charging case, USB charger, wall adapter and a variety pack of cartridges. The Premium Starter Kit ($79.95) comes with the new charging case (with Blu’s Social Feature) in place of the original one, and you get to choose which five-pack of cartridges you want. The Premium 100 Kit ($89.95) is the most high-end option from the manufacturer, offering everything in the Premium Kit except with the new and improved Premium 100 batteries and cartridges in place of the Premium/Original ones. Read more about Blu in this review. Take advantage of our latest Blu coupon codes to get the best deals on Blu vape pens and e-liquids.

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