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About ZampleBox

Zamplebox is a vape juice subscription service, which works through a monthly subscription. Simple as that, you subscribe for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months and every month you receive a package with a certain number of bottles (according to your selection) with the flavors that the Juice experts have chosen for you out of the 1700+ different flavors available. Zamplebox relies on the biggest brands on the market and has such a big variety that there is a great juice for every taste.

To make possible for them to pick a flavor you might enjoy, when you subscribe you will have to answer some simple and fast questions about your tastes and the way you vape, so that they can choose something perfect for you.

To begin using Zamplebox is very easy: you start directly claiming your tastes even before writing your email address or any other information. You can be able to explore the site without subscribing in this way as well, which is very positive. You then have to indicate whether you like dessert, fruit, menthol and tobacco flavors. Then you can write which kind of flavors you totally want not to be put in your packages and the kind you love the most, so that they might be included often.

More than 300 different flavors are available to be chosen in these categories. You will then have to indicate the level of nicotine you would like to have in your juices and it’s done. The last thing you will have to pick, is the size of the box you would like to receive every month. There are three different options. Silver gives you three bottles (30-50ML) at $19.99/month. Gold will make you receive six bottle (80-100ML) at $24.99. The third package is the platinum one and you will find 11 bottles in your box (150-180ML) at $44.99. It clearly depends on your taste and on how much you want to vape every month. A nice possibility is to have a sneak look inside your first box even before purchasing, so to know what to expect from the delivery, but you will have to insert your email to do so.

The price of the delivery is included and in 1-2 days your box will be delivered, for you to enjoy it. International shipping is also available. There is also the possible to buy the subscription as a present for another person, which might be a really nice idea for a member of your family or a friend. Coupon cards are included upon request.

Zamplebox also has a little store, where you can directly purchase e-liquids, Vape Hardware like coils and wires and branded Clothing, as t-shirts and jumpers.

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