V2 Cigs Unveils E-Liquid in All Flavors

By Lindsay Fox Posted December 10, 2012

V2 Cigs E-LiquidsThere are now more flavor options for vapers who’ve converted to V2 Cigs and are looking to save money using e-liquids. You can purchase 50ml bottles of V2 e-liquid in all eight flavors, so vapers can take advantage of the cost savings whether they prefer Red, Menthol, Cherry or any other V2 Cigs flavor. If you find you’re always running out of cartridges or going through too many, e-liquid may be the solution you’re looking for. View all V2 E-liquid flavors.


Refilling emptied flavor cartridges or buying blanks to stock up in your chosen flavor makes vaping more affordable and eliminates waste. With the 50ml bottles, you can fill 50 standard cartridges with liquid in your chosen flavor and nicotine concentration. The bottles have a dropper attached to the lid, and 20 drops is enough to fill a standard cartridge. A little math tells you that this works out to around 60 cents per cartridge.


With the complete range of flavors available in liquid form, any serious vaper should consider making the switch. They batch-test all of their e-liquid, so you can rest assured that there are no unwanted chemicals in your bottle. Each 25ml bottle costs $16.95, so the 50ml e-liquid bottles are a great way to save money – coming in at only $29.95.


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