SmokeTip Coupon

Save your next order with our special SmokeTip coupon codes. Special offer: Get a free battery, when you buy three ten-packs of cartridges.

SmokeTip Coupon

SmokeTip Coupon (Save 10%)

Coupon Code: ECR10OFF

Get 10% off on all SmokeTip starter kits plus free shipping.

About SmokeTip


Although SmokeTip is a lesser-known brand of e-cigs, without the reputation enjoyed by their competitors such as V2 Cigs, their focus on keeping the price low makes them a viable option for many vapers. They offer a massive 19 flavor options, and sport a very tobacco-cigarette style design, making it appealing to existing smokers looking for something similar from a sensory perspective.


The low price is ultimately the main selling-point for SmokeTip, but they do offer plenty of flavors, such as Cherry, Clove, Cinnamon, Red Wine, Orange, Vanilla and the Marlboro-like Cowboy blend. You have to buy the cartridges in packs of ten, but if you get three ten-packs you get a new battery free of charge.


There is only one Starter Kit available, and it’s priced at $59.95 for two automatic batteries, five cartridges, wall adapter and USB charger. Although most companies offer more affordable and more extensive starter kits, the vapor production from the SmokeTip e-cig is fairly impressive. The production quality might not be up to the standards of the industry-leaders, and you can find e-cigs with better vapor production, but for the price there is little to complain about. For more information, read our latest SmokeTip review.


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