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For a taste of sustainable, organic, and delicious vape juices, always turn to Kind Juice. Their vape juice lines are all-natural – without additives, dyes, or preservatives -, and completely animal-friendly. If you’re a conscientious vaper who cares about the environment as much as you care about the ingredients you’re inhaling, use our Kind Juice promo codes to order your e-juices today.


About Kind Juice


Kind Juice was established in 2015 with a purpose of providing vapers with choices that were not available at the time – buying and vaping on e-juices that are manufactured with the highest ecological and quality standards in mind, vape juices with known and vetted ingredients which are not harmful to users.


As Kind Juice owners say, they are more than happy to leave their vape juices to sell themselves because they are just that good. Hand-picked, organic ingredients that go into them definitely have a market since these vapes are selling like hotcakes. Top-notch processes coupled with premium ingredients and excellent customer care have cemented this manufacturer as one of the most respected and most consistent in the industry. Kind Juice rewards loyalty – in addition to our Kind Juice discount codes that you can use, make sure to visit their website for some deeply discounted merchandise and regular chances to win valuable rewards through their giveaways.


Kind Juice E-Liquids


Kind Juice is constantly creating new natural vape juices that delight and amaze vapers. They started off with a single line but now have three, each tailored to a different taste or style of vaping.


  • Nectars – Kind Juice’s flagship line and the one that established the company as one of the premium makers of vape juice. Nectars line is rich with tropical flavors and features all-time favorites such as Once in the Blue Moon, Key West Sunset, and Geisha Moon Song vape juices. It’s a recipient of Vaping 360’s 2016 award for Best Natural E-Liquid.


  • [SUB] Element – an artisan vape juice line that doesn’t contain any alcohol and has an increased viscosity. Designed for a maximum cloud-chasing experience and intended for use in RDAs. Vape juices from this line (Radiance, Karma, Harmony, and others) were awarded Spinfuel Choice Award in 2104.


  • Tobacco Ridge – a line that focuses exclusively on tobacco flavors. Kind Juice brings in their aged tobacco leafs from all over the world and extracts the aromas through a meticulous process of cold maceration, which guarantees superb flavor. Expect to find subtle blends of Turkish, American, and even Cuban tobacco leaves in these great vape juices.


Kind Juice Standards


The base for all Kind Juice e-liquids is their organically manufactured Vegetable Glycerin. They extract it from plants that have not been treated with pesticides. This VG is the first step in ensuring that Kind Juice e-liquids are all natural, USP-grade, non-GMO, and non-allergen. In addition, it’s the reason why their juices have that certain quality others don’t – purity and superior taste. Kind Juice also uses locally sourced natural flavorings and nicotine of highest quality.


The Healthiest Vape Juices Now Available with Our Kind Juice Coupon Codes


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