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Cigavette isn't the biggest name in the e-cig world, but they have a wide range of products available and are dedicated to helping smokers make the transition to the safer option. The beginner-level options available have the cigarette-size, but aim to operate at 4.2 V and use a double-coil system to improve vapor production. The brand also offers additional options like e-hookahs and e-cigars for vapers looking for a more unique experience. The company is based in Las Vegas, and was founded in 2011.


In terms of flavor options, the brand’s focus on helping smokers make the transition to e-cigs means that they only have menthol and tobacco flavors available with the main products they offer. However, there are some more interesting flavor options on the e-hookahs, such as Strawberry Daiquiri and Peach Bellini, although these are essentially flavored disposables. There is a good selection of nicotine levels, however, with 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg options available. This also reflects their aim of helping smokers make the transition to e-cigs, and is right in line with the options offered by most of the major brands on the market.


The Premiere starter kits offered by the brand are the cheapest kits on offer, which only cost $29.95. However, for this price you only receive one 3.1 inch battery (in white, black or stainless steel) with three cartridges and a USB charger. More expensive kits are available though, so as the Premiere Set, which contains an additional 2.4 inch battery, a portable charging case and a total of 11 cartridges for $59.95. There are also the “VIP Go” offerings, which have eGo-size batteries and two kits to help you get started. Both offer two batteries and ten cartridges, but the “Ultra” batteries are 650 mAh and the “Mega” ones pack 1300 mAh, with the kits costing $79.95 and $129.95, respectively.


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