Cool E-Cig Mods
Whether you’re looking for something cool for an eclectic mod collection or just want to see how downright insane some e-cig mods are, here are ten of the coolest/most horrendous.
Vaping is harm reduction
The worst thing about the continuous spread of misleading information and the manufacturing of misguided panics about vaping is the fact that e-cigarettes are really about harm reduction. Arguments like “e-cigarettes aren’t absolutely safe” are ridiculous in the context of harm reduction, and this becomes pretty clear when you apply common anti-vaping arguments to other forms of harm reduction.
We’ve spent plenty of time tackling anti-vaping myths since the site got started, but it isn’t just those opposed to vaping that often spout mistruths or plain misleading statements. In fact, there are quite a few pro-vaping myths that we should stop repeating if we want to be taken seriously.
Best E-Liquid Subscription Services
With so many e-liquid companies vying for your custom, e-juice subscription services help you navigate the options and find your new all day vape. If you’re looking to sign up for an e-liquid subscription service, however, the decision is getting progressively more difficult to make, so which is right for your needs? Here’s an updated run-down of the different e-juice subscription services.
One of the major features in the marketing for blu is the portable charging case’s “Social Feature,” accompanied by some particularly optimistic statements. According to blu, “Smoking is a social activity, so why shouldn't your electronic cigarette pack be packed with social features?” Has blu tried to sell us all a useless piece of crap, or is there something more to the “Social Feature?”
Imagine that after 20 years of smoking, 5 of which were spent trying to quit using patches, nicotine gum, inhalers and pills, you finally found a solution. Through a combination of will power and an electronic cigarette, you haven’t lit up a real smoke in almost 2 months. Your health has drastically improved and your significant other no longer despises the smell of your clothes. However, despite being tobacco free, the government suddenly decides to label you as a smoker yet again. The sense of freedom acquired from avoiding tobacco is gone, as you are restricted to only using your healthy alternative in designated smoking areas.
According to the medication’s website, 9 million people in the US have been prescribed Chantix; a non-nicotine quit smoking medicine operating cheerfully under FDA approval. In comparison to e-cigarettes, the latter part of that sentence alone will be evidence enough to convince some people that the drug is the better of the two options. After all, FDA approval means it’s safe, right?
Countries that Have Banned E-Cigarettes
It’s hard to see why anybody who was aware of e-cigarettes and has done some basic research on them could possibly conclude that they should be banned, but several countries have made that exact decision. You might be wondering why anybody would move to ban something with so much potential to reduce the harm associated with smoking, but the reasons don’t really stand up to much scrutiny. Here’s a list of the countries where e-cigarettes are banned, and a look at the most common reasons.
Compared to smoking, vaping is an excellent way to save money, but some vapers try to maximize their savings by refilling cartridges instead of using disposable ones. Although you have to manually refill the cartridges, the potential for cost savings is much greater. Many users are left unsure as to whether it’s actually worth the effort, given the ease of disposable cartomizers. This guide will help you make a decision.