10 Celebrities Who Just Love Their Vapes

A good number of actors, singers, and other run-of-the-mill celebrities have taken up vaping in the recent years. And we’re loving ‘em for it! Frankly, vaping needs strong ambassadors at the moment and there’s no one better to advocate for it than famous people who love their vapes.

Seeing how Hollywood popularized smoking back in the day (Brando, Dean, Hepburn, and others could rarely be seen without a cigarette, both onscreen and off), I can only hope that the same will happen with vaping.

So let’s check out which celebrities took up vaping since we last did this back in 2013. Keep in mind that most of the time I can’t really make out what they’re vaping on from the pictures (there’s just so much gear out there and, surprisingly, I still didn’t manage to try it all out) so if you recognize the device, pretty please, let me know in the comments!

Famous People Who Vape

Zac Efron

This teenage heart-throb has been actively acting since 2000, appearing in Hairspray, The High School Musical and, more recently, in a Baywatch movie remake. In one of his movies, Neighbors, Efron is constantly puffing away on his vape. It seems to have spilled into his personal life, as the image below shows Zack enjoying his movie prop while being chauffeured around the town.

Johnny Depp

As far as I can tell, Johnny Depp’s movie The Tourist with Angelina Jolie was the first to show someone vaping in public transportation (the scene was shot on a train). Since then, Depp was photographed numerous times clutching a vaping device. He was fond of cigalikes at the beginning but has upgraded since. This photo shows him at a convention with what appears to be a KangerTech Subtank but it might also be a Zephyrus with red seals – it’s pretty difficult to tell.

Michelle Rodriguez

Over the years, Michelle Rodriguez has been seen vaping on a wide variety of vape mods. It makes sense – she’s been doing it for years and upgrades regularly, just like the rest of us. This Fast & Furious star reportedly loves her newest setup, which is a gold ProVari paired with KangerTech’s Aerotank.

Katherine Heigl

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl appeared on David Letterman’s show back in 2010 (I know, she was a pioneer!) where she discussed her smoking habit and how she switched to vaping in order to stay healthy. She was sporting a cigalike back then but upgraded in the meantime. Anyone care to guess what she’s using now? Last I’ve heard, she was digging her ProVari but things change really fast in our sport so who knows!?

Norman Reedus

When he’s not carrying around his crossbow and dealing with apocalyptic zombies, Norman Reedus, star of The Walking Dead, loves to relax with a good vape. Here he is, pictured as he was stocking up on vape juice at his local vape shop. Apparently, vape heads working there were so stoked to see him enter that just about everyone took a photo with him. Google it and you’ll find a bunch of them on Reddit. Mighty sweet of Norm to go through all that trouble and we’re all glad he’s one of us.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been first spotted with an e-cigarette back in 2011. Since then, photos of her enjoying a puff or two are pretty scarce but Orlando Bloom confirmed that they bonded over a shared vape pen in 2016, which led to their romantic involvement. Whether or not the singer is still an active vaper is unknown though I really hope her recent break-up with Legolas didn’t drive her back to cigarettes.

Samuel L. Jackson

Vaping is not just a young celebrity’s game, a point proven by an acting genius Samuel L. Jackson. This veteran actor has been photographed with his cigalike on many occasions and he’s rocking it! Most recently, he was filmed vaping while at the same time reciting a (pretty good) poem.

John Cusack

This actor and producer is shaping up to be a real vaping ambassador. Not only does he vape in his own time, he’s also found a way to include his favorite pastime into a lot of his movies. Most recently, we can see him vaping in Reclaim, where he’s using an eGo style vape device. Judging from this photo, however, it seems that he’s upgraded his gear.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is definitely not shy when it comes to his vaping. He does it wherever he can, including on the set of his most recent TV show, Taboo as well as when he’s getting ready for the Oscar’s show. There is a ton of photos online with Tom vaping and he seems to change his gear quite often. I guess we all would if we raked in as much as he did with every movie! However, there’s one other celebrity who vapes who can put even Tom Hardy’s clouds to shame.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The greatest vaper of them all is definitely Leonardo DiCaprio – he has a post all to himself but not including him in this list just wouldn’t be right. This Hollywood A-lister has been vaping since the inception of the industry, pardon my pun, which was around 8 years ago. At first, he was carrying around a cigalike (like we all did back then) and wasn’t ashamed of it, vaping in restaurants and events without a care in the world. As the industry involved, so did Leo’s vaping gear. In 2016, he stole the show at SAG Awards when a plume of vapor was seen constantly hovering above his head. I think it’s safe to say that DiCaprio introduced Hollywood to vaping in a big way, with a whole slew of celebrities following suit soon after.

So there you have it. Famous people are struggling with leaky tanks and dry hits as well. Of course, this list is not complete. In addition to Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hardy, who vape like crazy, other celebrities who vape include Lindsay Lohan, Jack Nicholson, Sienna Miller, Isla Fisher, Jessica Alba, Christina Milian, Bruno Mars, Robert Pattinson, Laura Prepon, Miley Cyrus, Sean Penn, Snoop Dogg, and scores of others.

Did I miss anybody? Is your favorite famous person also a vape aficionado? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!