Switching to Vaping
An underlying distrust of anything resembling smoking leads some of those in tobacco control to claim that we don’t even need e-cigarettes, and to look for any reason to cast doubt on the value of vaping. But the reason we really do need vaping becomes obvious as soon as you consider things from the perspective of a smoker.
Vaping is harm reduction
The worst thing about the continuous spread of misleading information and the manufacturing of misguided panics about vaping is the fact that e-cigarettes are really about harm reduction. Arguments like “e-cigarettes aren’t absolutely safe” are ridiculous in the context of harm reduction, and this becomes pretty clear when you apply common anti-vaping arguments to other forms of harm reduction.
Cigarette flavor e-cig
For smokers just switching to vaping, one of the most common questions is: “which e-liquid will taste like my favorite brand of cigarettes?” However, you quickly learn that finding an e-liquid that tastes like Marlboro cigarettes, for example, is not an easy task. So, do you keep searching for the e-liquid that will manage to perfectly replicate your chosen brand of cigarettes, or is there another way?
Naturally-extracted tobacco (NET) e-liquid is widely-recommended by those searching for the most realistic tobacco e-liquids, but results from e-liquid chemical and toxicological studies would suggest that they carry slightly greater risks than your average e-liquid. But is the added risk worthwhile? We take a look at the pros and cons of NET e-liquids.
Need to write an innuendo-laden, scientific-sounding piece of scaremongering bullshit good enough to make an ex-smoking vaper decide to toss away the safer alternative and pick up a pack of comfortingly-deadly traditional cigarettes? Never fear: we have you covered.
Group buys essentially bypass the vendor, or middle man, allowing the consumer to purchase directly from the manufacturer. Massdrop and Congrevape are seeking to standardize vaping group buys to what can be expected with more traditional products.
E-Cig Ban Hearing New York City
This past Wednesday the most populous city in the United States held a public hearing to discuss a proposed amendment to the New York Clean Indoor Air Act. The bill, sponsored by NYC Councilman James F. Gennaro, seeks to regulate usage of electronic cigarettes the same way smoking is prohibited in public places like restaurants, bars, workplaces and parks.
Logical Fallacies Anti E-Cig People
Spare a thought for the anti-vaping zealots, those who are opposed to e-cigarettes or tobacco in any form, who continually have to rely on similarly flawed arguments in order to make it look like they're maintaining a defensible position. Reading through anti-e-cig arguments is like taking a whistle-stop tour of logical fallacies, and here is our top 10 of the most common.
20 Rebuttals E-Cigarette Debate
20 of the most commonly heard anti e-cig arguments rebutted by scientists, researchers, and advocates including Dr. Michael Siegel, Dr. Carl V. Phillips, Dr. Farsalinos, Dr. Ross, Chris Price, James Dunworth, Gregory Conley, Paul Bergen, Kristin Noll-Marsh, and Oliver Kershaw.