Vapor Liq E-liquid Subscription Service Review

Vapor Liq E-liquid Subscription review

One of the fastest growing trends in the e-cigarette marketplace has been online e-liquid subscription services. Each offers a common benefit: the ability to “re-up” one's juice supply each month without ever having to venture out to a shop or place order after order online. Some  e-liquid subscription services allow vapers to choose exactly what brands and flavors they want in their mailbox each month while others send out more of a “goodie box” full of surprises. Then there's Vapor Liq, one of the newer startups offering quite possibly the most customized e-liquid subscription service.

Who Is Vapor Liq?

About Vapor Liq - who are they

Vapor Liq began in Los Angeles last October when two friends and avid vapers realized the need for a wider selection of e-liquid in shops outside of the area. Being the southern California is now a hotbed of e-juice startups, the two decided to create a service that sent vapers a variety of only quality e-liquids, hand picked by Vapor Liq sommeliers based on their selected flavor preference, every month.

How Vapor Liq Works

How Vapor Liq Works

In a highly customized process, prospective subscribers are taken through a series of screens during their flavor quiz on the Vapor Liq website. First, they can select what type of equipment they use, either cartomizers, genesis-style or hybrid tanks or rebuildable dripping atomizers. From there, the user selects how much they prefer each type of flavor from a selection including fruits, drinks, desserts, tobacco, candy and whether or not he or she can tolerate menthol. Of course, Vapor Liq also gives the option for nicotine preference, either 0, 6, 12 or 18mg/ml.

The next step is what sets Vapor Liq apart from other subscription services. Prospective subscribers are then given a variety of examples of each type of flavor to choose from. For instance, with dessert flavors there are 16 different examples to choose from, including cookies, hazelnut, custard and milkshake.

Vapor Liq e-juice flavor profile

The whole process takes a few minutes. Once submitted, the vaper then fills out ordering information. At the moment, Vapor Liq only has one package available, and that includes three 15ml bottles for $29.95, however shipping is FREE! And if you’re happy with one flavor, you can order it as an add on to your box for the following month.

What's In the Box?!!!

Upon painlessly completing my flavor profile, I was promptly sent out a package that arrived a couple days later. Inside a sturdy cardboard box with Vapor Liq branding was a welcome card, stickers and packaging slip. Safely nestled within some packaging straw were the three bottles, each individually wrapped in packaging paper and bubble wrap, along with a glass pipette.

Vapor Liq review - Vapor Liq E-liquid Subscription Service

From my flavor preferences, which included fruits like strawberries and honeydew along with a few tobacco blends, I was sent one bottle each of Bodhi Berry Peach from Nirvana Vapor, Honey Badger by 7 Drops, and some Midnight NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) by True Leaf Vapor. All three were in glass bottles that, aside from the True Leaf, were capped with a pipette dripper.

Vapor Liq: First Impressions

I was thoroughly impressed, both by the unique packaging and flavor selection. There's just something about packaging straw that gives a product a more quality appearance. My favorite of the three bottles was the Bodhi Berry Peach from Nirvana Vapor, being that I enjoy peach and berry e-liquids but had yet have them combined into one flavor.

Vapor Liq e-liquid bottles

I think I had vaped a few naturally extracted tobacco flavors in the past, but none had even close as much zest as the Midnight from True Leaf. This one just looks and smells like it was crafted after the tobacco used in a fine cigar, dark in color and very aromatic. And unlike most tobacco flavors you'll try, Midnight has a very smoky taste to it, not like a cigarette but more like a wood-grilled steak. Midnight was nearly a perfect tobacco blend, not too sweet but still full of flavor.

Finally, there was Honey Badger by 7 Drops. I had yet to hear of this brand since it is quite new to the market but I was fairly impressed by the flavor. It definitely has a taste of honeydew melon. Again, this wasn't too sweet a flavor but it had a slightly harsh throat hit. I think I'd be interested in trying some of their other flavors as well.

Vapor Liq: Final Thoughts

If you haven't tried an e-liquid subscription in the past and are looking for some new flavors, or if you've tried one but want something more refined, Vapor Liq might just be the answer. The service may very well be the most customized e-liquid subscription on the market, ultimately saving vapers both time and money as well as pointing them in the direction of a new all-day-vape or three.