New Tank Lets You Fill Up with Two Different E-Liquids at Once

Totally Wicked revolver atomizer

Innovation is pretty much the name of the game in the e-cigarette industry. With the technology evolving rapidly and fierce competition from a multitude of manufacturers, if you want to stand out, you have to offer something special. Totally Wicked E-Liquid has shown that they understand this with one of their new products released this month: the Revolver Atomizer Tank. Since most of us change e-liquid at least once during the course of a day’s vaping, Totally Wicked has provided a tank atomizer perfectly suited to our needs, allowing you to fill up with two different e-liquids and change between them by simply twisting a selection dial. Not to boast, but we totally called this one.


The Revolver Atomizer Tank – Two E-Liquids, One Tank


The Revolver is basically a dual-bottom coil tank that’s split into two sections, each with a dedicated atomizer head and central tube. Each of the tanks can hold 3.5 ml of e-liquid, meaning you can have a massive store of e-liquid at one time, but it’s made all the sweeter by the fact that you aren’t confined to a single flavor for 7 ml’s worth of vaping. The atomizer is fairly big, as a result, measuring 25 mm (about an inch) wide and 60 mm long (around 2 and 3/8 inches) without the mouthpiece, making it notably bigger than the majority of tank atomizers you’ll find.


The core functionality is completed by a tank selector ring, which enables you to select one of your two different tanks – and therefore one of two flavors – and then vape away to your heart’s content. With the Revolver, you can literally alternate between flavors with each puff, and all you need to do is turn a ring – if you had this sort of vape-related indecisiveness otherwise you’d have to change your whole atomizer every time.


There’s a third option on the selector ring too, which allows you to use both of your e-liquids at the same time. Effectively, you can mix flavors without taking the risk of physically mixing the e-liquids; if the result is nasty, you can ditch the idea and just enjoy them one at a time. If you’re looking for a nice combination to spice up some disappointing e-liquid, you can even test out different blends before going the whole hog and mixing the actual liquids.

Totally Wicked bottom coil tank

The Revolver comes with three 2.4 ohm atomizer heads as standard (two to install and one spare), and when you use both tanks together it slashes the resistance in two. This may cause some issues for very overcautious VV/VW mods, but the majority will still be happy to fire a 1.2 ohm setup. The atomizer heads are simply inserted into the bottom of the tank, and the two fill-holes for the different tanks are right beside the spots for them.


The Revolver (along with the atomizer heads and a drip tip) costs $42.99, making it more expensive than some straightforward tanks, but still well within the price range of higher-end options.


The Future of Tank Atomizers?


The Revolver is undoubtedly just the beginning. Although the iron fist of regulation is ready to crush such innovation all around the world, things move pretty fast in the e-cigarette industry, so the device is likely to be a springboard for yet more inventive atomizers. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before there’s a Genesis-style atomizer incorporating the split tank design, offering the same dual-liquid functionality in a rebuildable package. And then there’s the chance of some more straightforward one-up-man-ship, with four separate tank sections for as many different e-liquids, for instance. In any case, this won’t be the last time we see something like the Revolver.