Zig-Zag E-Cigs Cartridges Review

Zig-Zag is relatively new to the world of electronic cigarettes. In April the brand's distributor, National Tobacco Company, partnered with V2 Cigs to produce a quality c-store friendly line of e-cig products. While they are no Big Tobacco, Zig-Zag ecigs perform just as well, if not better than most big name players currently on the market.


We've already tested and reviewed their disposable electronic cigarettes (read the Zig-Zag disposable e-cigs review)  and found them to be among the best disposable e-cigarettes in terms of vapor production, flavor and battery life. But how are their cartridges? Here is a breakdown of the seven flavors Zig-Zag currently has available through their website.




Unlike V2 Cigs' line of cartridges, Zig-Zag currently only offers one flavor of tobacco. Oddly, this one has different taste than the disposable version the brand offers. I tried to compare it to the three tobacco varieties V2 offers but couldn't match it with any of them. To me, it tastes like a slightly watered down version of the disposable. It's not bad, but not the greatest either. Vapor production was also slightly less than its disposable sibling's.




Zig-Zag's menthol cartridge offering was pretty spot on with that of their disposable version of the same flavor. Then only difference was again in slightly less vapor production. Still, it has a sweet minty aftertaste that is quite satisfying even for a non-menthol smoker.




Here we have Zig-Zag's coffee style flavor option. The Colombian cartridge has full-bodied, roasted coffee flavor sure to please most java connoisseurs and produces a nice vapor with a mild throat hit. I can't emphasize the “roasted” factor enough as this isn't like your typical cup of joe.




This is a much more complex flavor than average, registering hints of pineapple, tobacco and possibly mango. Caribbean has a very pleasant and airy tropical taste well suited for summer time vaping.




I started out vaping mainly tobacco flavors but have since moved on to more juicy fruit flavors. Mango is probably my favorite from Zig-Zag's line of cartridges. It's simple and has a sweet mango taste with a medium throat hit.




If you've ever smoked a clove cigarette you'll know exactly how this one tastes. For those who haven't, it has a kind of spiced taste similar to nutmeg mixed with some ginger. It's a very pleasing alternative to tobacco flavoring and vapes really well.




For those who love the taste of vanilla, this isn't one of those overpowering imitations that burn your nose upon inhaling. It's actually quite pleasant and has a decent vape and mild throat to it.




If I had to order the Zig-Zag cartridges by personal preference, Mango would definitely be at the top, followed by Caribbean, Tobacco, Clove, Columbian, Menthol and Vanilla. All flavors were vapeable with some standing out more than others. If you are V2 Cigs customer looking for new flavors to try, Zig-Zag has you covered.