JustCBD Edibles Review

JustCBD CBD gummies

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 components of the cannabis plant and is used for a variety of purposes. People often ‘dose’ CBD to alleviate anxiety, pain symptoms or simply relax. CBD is not THC, therefore does not get you high. You can read more about it in our recent article, CBD Vape Oil: A 101 Guide

CBD edibles have substantially grown in popularity since they were introduced. For a long time, edibles tended to be associated with THC (hash brownies for example) and there’s still a common assumption that edibles are marijuana-based, which can put some people off. Since the popularization of CBD en-masse, it was inevitable that the cannabis-derived eats would explode into the market.

Why edibles? Because they are very convenient. If you don’t want (or feel comfortable) oil-dropping when waiting for a train or at your work desk, then gulping down a CBD-blended licorice or gummy treat is perfect for you. If you’re not a natural vaper (never smoked), and e-cigarettes don’t appeal to you, then CBD vape juice is also out of the question.

JustCBD Review

JustCBD is an American company. Which really helps reassure you (from our experience) a good quality of CBD extract. Starting in 2017, they are a small, but growing boutique company now expanding into the national and international market, competing with some of the giants in the business.

JustCBD hemp gummy bears

The reality is, a lot of CBD edibles are just too ineffective. Especially if you’re eating them to ease anxiety, stress symptoms or help you sleep if you have insomnia. We’ve tried a few across various brands that leave a less than desirable result.

Just CBD has created a full collection of premium, CBD-infused products with versatile options. Quality oil extracts, pain-reducing roll-ons or cream, vape cartridges and of course, edibles. Here’s the important thing: They work. As a stress reliever, sleep supporter, pain reducer – they really do help.

Lab Tested Means Quality Assured

All of their products are lab-tested for purity and consistency. While this has become a more common practice, it’s not universal. In fact, I’d say it’s safe to assume a huge amount if not even the majority of companies selling CBD have not done their due diligence. There’s less incentive in an unregulated marketplace to do so.

So, it’s reassuring to know they are doing things thoroughly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you. They have access to their lab reports via the products page of the item, a sign they are doing things safely and ethically.

For quality products that actually work and don’t waste your money, you have to pay a bit more sometimes. There are CBD edibles out there with more content for less money. Honestly though, if you’re in need of CBD for any of the reasons mentioned above, it’s better to get something that works; quality over quantity.

We still recommend considering their product line even if edibles are not what you’re looking for, but the edibles certainly do the trick.

JustCBD Packaging & Design

The container for your edibles is a great example of not judging a book by its cover. They aren’t the highest end designs. It’s not so much the plastic material, as that would be expected (although some more expensive brands use glass). The design itself, a simple strip of sticker with “JustCBD” logo and the list of ingredients, is just not particularly colorful or vibrant. It doesn’t scream quality.

JustCBD CBD packaging

But don’t let that fool you. The transparent case allows you to see the bountiful portion of licorice pieces you have in your hand. It’s also, vitally – safe. Not easily breakable, not likely to hurt if it drops on your foot and is also child-friendly (although you should keep it out of the reach of children).

A clear list of ingredients is also a good sign, because not all products are open about the finer details. For Licorice, it’s pretty clear the edibles are made in the USA, the net weight is 261g, they are 1000mg of concentrate and contain no THC. For CBD Gummies, the same applies except the weight is 89.5g and the concentration is 250mg.

JustCBD Gummies

CBD sour gummies

Taste: Dangerously delicious. Honestly, these CBD gummies taste remarkably similar to the ‘Gummy Bears’ or ‘Haribos’ one would eat as a kid. You wouldn’t expect to be ‘taking a hit’ of CBD while ingesting one. There is an addictive sweetness that Just CBD has concocted with these edibles.

Texture: Chewy in all the right ways, as gummies should be. Smooth finish and easily taken in.

Potency: After about 10-15 mins you’ll start to feel the effects. As a 250mg, you’d expect not to feel anything too potent. It’s perhaps too subtle. A very mild calm, which might be just what you need. At the end of the day, it’s a subjective process. This is a nice munch if you are looking for something to just ‘take the edge off’, but nothing more.

JustCBD Licorice

Taste: It’s genuine licorice, except it’s not the laces. They are available in their other packages if that’s an absolute must. What’s great about them is that they, like the gummies, are nostalgic of the real thing. JustCBD has crafted an authentic licorice sweet that is crammed full of that artificially delightful taste longed for when you were younger. It’s nice, and it tastes like the real thing – because it is.

Texture: Perhaps the only concern is the bittiness. Most licorice is not easily broken up in one’s mouth anyway but these pieces seem very unwilling to be chewed sometimes. Albeit, a few seconds in the grand scheme of the experience.

Potency: Potency is where they really shine. Without hyperbole, these are some of the most impacting CBD edibles on the market. After about 20 mins, a relaxing feeling flows in. A real relaxing feeling, not like the ‘chamomile tea relaxing feeling’. That is if you eat one, if you eat more, they can become sedative-like. Possibly ideal for those that seek a CBD support for pain relief, insomnia or anxiety. Not ideal if you need to be focused, drive or operate anything physical though. None-the-less, they really do the job – and then some. Without a doubt, if you need a CBD edible to relax (in whatever way necessary) you’ve found a good match with this one.