Magic Mist Review

By John Madden Posted July 22, 2013

Widely known for their compatibility with several brands of e-cigs, Magic Mist electronic cigarettes have become an aftermarket opportunity for many vapers. Starter kits and cartridges are sold 25% cheaper, on average, than competitors. But does a lower price give Magic Mist a better overall value than other brands?

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  • Extremely low priced
  • Compatible with over 25 brands
  • Easy draw, no priming needed
  • Decent vapor production
  • Excellent customer service
  • Lifetime warranty on electronic products


  • Bland, generic tasting cartridges
  • Only two flavors to choose from

Bottom Line

The Magic Mist electronic cigarettes target current vapers of other brands with cross compatible cartridges and batteries at prices up to 25% lower than competitors. However, their performance and overall value is left in the hands of personal preference.
Price: $49.95

Magic Mist Review: Our Expert Opinion

The Magic Mist is offered in two packaged deals, an Express Kit for just $14.95 and a Deluxe Kit for $37.48. Their brand also offers blank and pre-filled cartridges as well as replacement batteries compatible with over 25 brands.


Packaging and Design


Packaging on the Magic Mist Deluxe is standard for most electronic cigarette kits. Ours was boxed in a glossy white cardboard case with a magnetic flap. Contents were printed on the side with the branding on the top and a warning label on the bottom of the box. Inside you will find the user manual and a foam top tray holding two batteries, one short and the other standard length. Below that are two boxes the size of playing cards, one containing 10 cartridges and the other a USB charger and wall adapter.


Magic Mist Vertigo Deluxe Kit


Out of the box, Magic Mist e-cigs have a pretty standard design as well. You will have a choice of three battery colors to choose from. I chose the black batteries which have a matte finish and the word “Vertigo” printed along with the company website near the tip. The cartridges that come with the kit are also compatible with the likes of V2 Cigs, White Cloud Cigarettes, and Bloog, among other brands of batteries. The menthol carts match up well with the black battery while the tobacco flavored are a beige color to mimic the filtered end of a cigarette.


Flavors and Vapor


For now, the Magic Mist cartridges and eliquid are only offered in two flavors: tobacco and menthol. The company is focused on building compatibility with as many brands as possible and will develop new flavors of e-liquids in the future. Unfortunately it seems as though flavor was sacrificed somewhat for a lower price. The tobacco cartridges had a generic and bland taste that reminded me of my first cheap-o electronic cigarette from 7-11. They lack the “smoked” taste a tobacco flavor should have. Magic Menthol cartridges were a little more pleasing but still a bit on the sweet side.


Magic Mist Electronic Cigarette Cartridges


On the plus side, I had no problems with the draw as they provided excellent air flow and didn't require priming. Throat hit was oddly about the same for both flavors and barely there. Normally I get a far greater throat kick from menthol flavors as opposed to their tobacco counterparts. Vapor production was satisfying, although not the best. I was able to produce nearly as much vapor as a V2 carto on a manual battery, which is pretty commendable. Magic Mist uses a mix of 80% PG and 20%VG in their cartridges.


Magic Mist Cartridges




Magic Mist BatteriesMagic Mist Deluxe offers batteries in three different sizes. Deluxe Kits come with a short 180mAh and standard 280mAh battery while additional long 350mAh batteries are available for purchase separately. Both the standard and short versions should get you through the day without a recharge, depending on how often you vape. When you do run out of juice, the provided usb charger and wall adapter will give you a recharge time of 1-2 hours.


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Packaging & Design3/5





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In a perfect world, the Magic Mist would not only offer the lowest price around but also serve up some of the best performing electronic cigarettes on the market. But in reality you're going to get what you pay for. However, these little guys do succeed at getting the job done and at a much more reasonable price. If you are unhappy with your current e-cig's performance or just want to save even more money, The Magic Mist might just be for you. At around $10/pack of five cartridges, giving them a quick try won't hurt your wallet.

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    1. Charlotte Grove

      Takes getting used to.

      I am trying Magic Mist for the first time after using Green Smart Living ecigs....I am not liking the taste of Magic Mist....they are less expensive but not sure if I will continue....Will have to see...They have a weird taste like plastic or something...
    2. Frequent Vapor

      Generic Product is not as good as other on the market

      I had a very bad experience, the pre filled tanks leaked and spilled onto my clothing. Called customer service the owner would not take responsibility and accused me of mishandling the product. It's a waste of money you'll do better with other products on the market. The draw is very weak and the flavor is generic leaves an aftertaste save your money DO NOT buy Magic Mist.
    3. Carlos

      Do not use MagicMist

      I have stopped ordering from MagicMist after three years as a customer. The batteries are worthless. I ordered four batteries that all went bad within a month. The explanation for not replacing the batteries under warranty was that the batteries were ruined because self-filling liquid had leaked into them. This is because of poor design: not user fault. Having used MagicMist products for three years I know how to refill the cartridges. Further, I have three boxes of unused Cartomizer refills MagicMist refused to credit me back. I am out around $100 and nothing to show for it.
    4. Brenda

      MM's are my favorite

      I’ve pretty much tried them all. I used to smoke Salem ultra-lights — about 3/4 pack a day. MM has the only menthols flavor I like. It’s light, not perfumy like Blu’s and consistent.
      Customer service is awesome!