We've all heard the arguments before. The anti-e-cig crowd cries that there hasn't been enough research on the effects, that the hypothetical issues with the manufacturing process could lead to catastrophic consequences for users or that they are as dangerous tobacco outright. However, an old rationalist analogy from philosopher Bertrand Russell teaches us that it is the anti-e-cig crowd – not researchers who understand the amazing potential for harm reduction – are the ones who should be offering evidence.
Southern California Vapers
So Cal, and more specifically Orange County, has been hit by another phenomenon in recent months. As an OC resident, it seems as though the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes is especially strong in the area, where the market has absolutely exploded. There are currently over 30 brick & mortar shops in the county alone and a ever-growing number of "vapers" that will soon outnumber smokers.
What Makes Vapers Tick
Vaping is a virtual community full of people passionate about electronic cigarettes. We love to talk about our products, and congregate on online message boards and social media to talk about products and other news of the day. In some cases, meetings happen offline as well where people physically check out each other's gear and talk shop.
Cool E-Cig Mods
Whether you’re looking for something cool for an eclectic mod collection or just want to see how downright insane some e-cig mods are, here are ten of the coolest/most horrendous.
It’s clear that people hate e-cigs because of a misunderstanding of the technology or philosophy, financial incentives or an all-consuming, ideological hatred of smokers. In essence, these people have nothing in the way of a reasonable argument against e-cigs.
Exercise and Vaping can come anxiety
Anxiety disorders affect 18 percent of Americans every year, with one in five of those cases being considered severe. Studies have shown that smoking cigarettes can contribute to anxiety and even lead to future disorders in adolescent smokers. Fortunately, new research suggests quitting smoking along with adequate exercise can calm many of symptoms sufferers deal with on a daily basis.
According to the medication’s website, 9 million people in the US have been prescribed Chantix; a non-nicotine quit smoking medicine operating cheerfully under FDA approval. In comparison to e-cigarettes, the latter part of that sentence alone will be evidence enough to convince some people that the drug is the better of the two options. After all, FDA approval means it’s safe, right?
One of the major features in the marketing for blu is the portable charging case’s “Social Feature,” accompanied by some particularly optimistic statements. According to blu, “Smoking is a social activity, so why shouldn't your electronic cigarette pack be packed with social features?” Has blu tried to sell us all a useless piece of crap, or is there something more to the “Social Feature?”
For many smokers hoping to kick their tobacco habit, quitting smoking means using an over-the-counter nicotine replacement product or making the switch to e-cigs, but it’s not immediately clear which is the best option. Nicotine gums and patches offer the nicotine you crave in a non-smoky form, and initially may appear safer than e-cigarettes for several reasons.
Electronic Cigarettes of 2020
Manufacturers are continuously working to improve their offerings, but in which direction might things have gone by the turn of the next decade? Pinning down future events is not an exact science, but some improvements to the technology are to be expected because of the huge potential they hold.
E-Cig Technologies
The main improvements are likely to take the form of improved manufacturing processes – to keep things like the heavy metal content of vapor to an absolute minimum – but in some areas, e-cigs are still in need of some high-tech innovation. Here are the top five technologies we think e-cigs are missing.