spotting bad science e-cigarettes
The issue of reliability in e-cigarette research is being brought into the limelight recently. So, in the manner of “A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science,” is there anything we should be on the lookout for when considering the findings of e-cigarette-related studies? Whether by incompetence or by design, there are many common problems with vaping related research - and how its often reported - that any critical reader of the science should keep an eye out for. Read More
teen using e-cig
According to a new study, minors can “easily” buy e-cigarettes online – provided they’re happy to lie about their age and are in possession of a credit card – so the authors argue that adult vapers shouldn’t be able to receive deliveries. The authors found that 94 percent of purchase attempts made by minors, that weren't thwarted by apparent website errors rather than age verification issues, were successful. Read More
E-cig dripping study
A new study looking into the effect of e-cigarette vapor and liquid on the lungs has found evidence of oxidative stress, inflammation and toxicity, and suggests that dripping is likely worse for you than using a clearomizer or tank. The good news is that while e-cigarettes may be worse than air, the study does indicate that e-cigarettes are much safer than cigarettes. Read More
A new study has demonstrated that e-cigarettes appear to reduce the ability of the lungs to fight off bacteria and viruses in mice, a finding which has been reported as “E-cigarettes increase the risk of flu and pneumonia.” The authors conclude that “e-cig exposure is not a safe alternative to smoking.” But do the findings really apply to human vapers? Read More
switching to vaping tips
Whether you’re still attempting to replace your deadly combusted tobacco habit with e-cigarettes, have tried to quit smoking using traditional methods and aren’t having much luck, or just happen to have decided to make the switch recently, getting some tips for successfully switching from smoking to vaping can help you stay on the wagon and wave goodbye to cigarettes for good. Read More
UK study - e-cig use by non-smokers
In December, the 2013 Health Survey for England was released, adding more evidence that non-smokers – children or adults – are not particularly interested in e-cigarettes, and that vaping is confined almost entirely to smokers or ex-smokers. Yet again, the idea of a potential gateway to smoking has been slapped down by cold, hard numbers. Read More
A new study has attempted to settle the "e-liquid flavors attract teens" debate, and found that flavors don’t attract non-smoking teens to e-cigarettes. The results suggest that pre-existing interest in e-cigarettes is the most important factor: even widely-criticized flavors like bubblegum or cotton candy had no impact on non-smoking teens' interest in vaping, and actually appealed more to adults. Read More