• Giveaway! Win One of Three 70 W UD Balrog TC Kits (+ Heaven Gifts Sale)

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted January 15, 2016
    Youde Balrog Mod Giveaway

    It’s time for another giveaway! We’ve teamed up with Heaven Gifts to give you the chance to win one of three UD/Youde Balrog TC Kits, which come with a compact, 70 W, temperature control mod, a matching Balrog tank and all the usual starter-kit extras.

  • The Week in Vaping – Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 2, 2016
    Vaping Studies, News and Blogs

    With some claims that e-cigarettes are going to give us all cancer, more bans on vaping in Malaysian regions, some irrational state legislation proposed in the US, some positive coverage in the mainstream media, several excellent blog posts and a new coalition of students dedicated to spreading more bullshit about e-cigarettes, it’s the Week in Vaping.

  • New Vaping Product Releases Roundup – December 2015

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 1, 2016

    December saw a lot of awesome new devices hit the market, with the selection of temperature control capable, high-power box mods growing at its typically meteoric pace and an excellent range of sub ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers vying for your post-Christmas purchases. So, let’s dive right in and see what vape-Santa brought for us last month.

  • Should Vapers Be Worried About Diacetyl?

    By Lee Johnson Posted December 23, 2015
    Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl Vaping Risks

    Will vaping give you popcorn lung? Should you be worried about diacetyl? Does your favorite e-juice contain diacetyl? Is acetyl propionyl any better? Here’s a straightforward, objective guide to the issue of diacetyl in e-cigarettes. The aim is simple: to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about what you vape.

  • The Week in Vaping – Sunday December 20th, 2015

    By Lindsay Fox Posted December 20, 2015

    With some rare pieces of good news on the regulatory front (although there’s more bad than good news, obviously), a new wave of concern about the children following the release of the new Monitoring the Future data, more bad news for Malaysian vapers and some great blog posts from the community, it’s the Week in Vaping.

  • Gateway to Smoking? Most Teen Vapers Don’t Even Use Nicotine

    By Lindsay Fox Posted December 17, 2015

    For those intent on claiming that e-cigs are a gateway to conventional cigarettes, the new Monitoring the Future study has a pretty devastating result: it turns out, most teen vapers don’t even use nicotine.

  • The Week in Vaping – Sunday December 13th, 2015

    By Lindsay Fox Posted December 13, 2015
    E-Cig News and Research

    With a new study kicking up a big fuss about diacetyl, the proposed ban on indoor vaping in Wales losing its teeth, a bomb scare happening because someone was rebuilding a coil on a bus, e-cigs (or at least one) set to be available on prescription in the UK, more proposals to raise the minimum age for smoking to 21 and some great blog posts from vapers: it’s the Week in Vaping.

  • Heaven Gifts 2 x Vaporesso Target VTC Kits Giveaway

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted December 11, 2015
    Vaporesso Target VTC Kit Contest

    We’ve partnered with Heaven Gifts for a huge giveaway! There are 2 Vaporesso Target VTC Kits up for grabs, which include the Target VTC box mod and the Ceramic cCell Coil Tank, providing up to 75 W of power, temperature control and a unique tank that incorporates ceramics with the coil for a long-lasting wickless design. Four runners-up will also receive the Ceramic cCell Coil Tank on its own. Enter the contest here!

  • Heaven Gifts Holiday Sale on Now – Up to 68 % Off!

    By Lindsay Fox Posted December 10, 2015
    Heaven Gifts Xmas 2015 Sale

    Whether you’re picking up a present for a family member or friend, or you’re just looking to treat yourself, with the holiday season comes huge sales, and Heaven Gifts has put together a monster sale offering up to 68 % off devices, atomizers and accessories!

  • Kbox 200 W TC and 120 W TC Available for Pre-Order

    By Lindsay Fox Posted December 8, 2015
    Kbox 200 W and 120 W Price

    Kangertech’s new 200 W and 120 W temperature control versions of the Kbox are now available to pre-order, pushing the power output well beyond that offered by the original or the Kbox Mini while still keeping the price pretty low – with a recommended retail price of just $64.90 for the 200 W version.

  • The Week in Vaping – Sunday December 6th, 2015

    By Lindsay Fox Posted December 6, 2015
    E-Cigarette News Roundup - Vaping Laws - E-Cig Studies

    It’s been jam-packed with research this week, from studies leading to claims that vaping will cause lung cancer to ones finding little to no risk of passive vaping, but there’s also been the usual selection of new pieces of legislation, excellent blog posts from the community and some serious nonsense spouted about e-cigs. It’s the Week in Vaping.

  • Which Countries Ban E-Cigarettes?

    By Lindsay Fox Posted December 4, 2015

    Countries around the world are still grappling with what to do about e-cigarettes. Most are content with regulation – usually disproportionate to the likely risks of vaping – but some take things a lot further, even going so far as to completely ban the sale or even the use of e-cigs. So where is vaping banned? Where should you avoid taking your e-cigarette if you’re going on vacation?

  • New Vaping Products Roundup – November 2015

    By Lindsay Fox Posted November 30, 2015
    New E-Cig Product Releases November 2015

    With Christmas just around the corner, it’s a great time to pick up new vaping gear – whether as gift for someone else or just a “to me, from me” treat – and the industry has responded with a solid selection of new devices and atomizers hitting the market in November. So this month’s vaping product releases roundup is particularly well-stocked with awesome new gear!

  • The Week in Vaping – Sunday November 29th, 2015

    By Lindsay Fox Posted November 29, 2015

    With a pair of “think of the children!” studies, taxes, regulations, more vaping bans, a suicide tied to e-liquid and some great blog posts, it’s been a typically busy week for e-cigarettes. But keeping up isn’t easy, so we’ve collected the most important stories from the last seven days for your rundown of the Week in Vaping.

  • The Week in Vaping – Sunday November 22nd, 2015

    By Lindsay Fox Posted November 22, 2015

    With yet more bans on indoor vaping, anti-THR research, a litany of litigation, more “think of the children” nonsense designed to drum up support for restrictions on vaping and public health advocates starting to wonder how they should reconcile their evidence-free opposition to vaping with the growing body of evidence that it’s much safer than smoking, it’s the Week in Vaping.

  • The 10 Most Annoying Habits of the Vapehole

    By Lindsay Fox Posted November 19, 2015
    E-Cigarette Etiquette Guide

    Don’t be a vapehole. You know: the guy who blows humongous clouds in a movie theatre and then acts like he’s being ostracized when people tell him to knock it off. Nobody likes that guy. So, what should considerate vapers avoid doing at all costs? Here are 10 annoying habits of the vapehole.

  • The Week in Vaping – Sunday November 15th, 2015

    By Lindsay Fox Posted November 15, 2015

    Another week, and more of the usual in the world of vaping. People overestimate the risks of e-cigarettes, moves to ban indoor vaping continue in many localities and even in public housing units, misused mechanical mods explode, countries grapple with how to regulate e-cigs and the onslaught of anti-vaping nonsense continues.

  • The Week in Vaping – Sunday November 8th, 2015

    By Lindsay Fox Posted November 8, 2015
    E-cig news roundup - November 2015

    With more attacks on the evidence-based conclusion that vaping is around 95 % safer than smoking, bans on indoor vaping, absurdly high taxes proposed on e-liquid and Malaysia taking distinct turns towards anti-vaping extremism of the worst variety, it’s been a decidedly grim Week in Vaping. So – if you can stomach it – let’s dive in.

  • The Week in Vaping – Sunday November 1st, 2015

    By Lindsay Fox Posted November 1, 2015
    Vaping news, research and blog posts November

    With more stirrings about the FDA’s e-cig regulation, explosions, claims that e-cigarettes encourage heavy drinking, more explosions and the executive director of the American Lung Association insinuating that e-cigs would have to be safer than air for indoor vaping to be acceptable, it’s been an interesting seven days. Here’s the Week in Vaping.

  • New Vaping Products Roundup – October 2015

    By Lindsay Fox Posted October 31, 2015

    October has seen the release of some great mods, including one from legendary manufacturer ProVape, and some notable dripping atomizers, RTAs and sub-ohm tanks, with plenty of innovative design decisions thrown into the mix along the way. So let’s look at what October had to bring.