Aspire Set to Release Atlantis 2 and Mega – Two New Sub-Ohm Tanks

By Lindsay Fox Posted April 4, 2015


aspire atlantis tank

Sub-ohm tanks are all the rage at the moment, with the Kanger Subtank, the Joyetech Delta II and the Smok Vapor Chaser all offering low-ohm coils to provide top-notch vapor production without the need to rebuild coils. The Aspire Atlantis has been a favorite among this class with vapers for a while, but Aspire has now announced the release of two new Atlantis tanks – the Atlantis 2 and the Atlantis Mega – which are due to come on-sale on Monday the 6th and some time in mid April, respectively.

You can get the Aspire Atlantis 2.0 from DirectVapor.


The Aspire Atlantis 2

aspire sub ohm tank

The Atlantis 2 improves on the older model by boosting the tank capacity to 3 ml, adding 0.3 and 1 ohm coils (with the 0.5 ohm ones still available), adding adjustable airflow holes to the drip-tip and improving the main airflow control system, as well as changing the wicking material to cotton. The lower-resistance coils push the cloud-chucking potential a little further (and it’s compatible with the old coils too), and the improved cotton wicks address some issues vapers had with the first version. The new airflow control in the drip tip is stated to cool down the vapor, but will be great for those looking for a more airy draw too.


aspire atlantis sub ohm coils


On the original Atlantis, the airflow options were a 2 mm hole, a 2.8 mm hole, a 6 by 2.6 mm ellipse and a 9 by 2.6 mm ellipse, all selected with one elliptical slot on the outer ring, but this appears to have been changed on the Atlantis 2, removing the 2 mm hole and adding an extra 9 by 2.6 mm ellipse, but with two elliptical selector slots so you get airflow from both sides. In short, the airflow on this is huge.


atlantis 2 air hole size


The tank still packs all of the benefits of the original Atlantis, including Pyrex glass for the tank, bottom vertical coils and stainless steel construction. The Atlantis 2 has the same 22 mm diameter as the original model and the length is virtually the same (only a fraction of a mm longer), with a slightly wider drip tip (15 mm vs. 12 mm).


The Atlantis 2 is being released on Monday April 6th, according to Aspire, and should cost around $45.


The Aspire Atlantis Mega

aspire atlantis mega release

The Mega version of the Atlantis is a broadly similar device to the second edition but with a beefier, 5 ml tank and more options for airflow. The larger tank will be great for anyone who finds themselves going through more than 3 ml of e-liquid a day, and is a much more substantial improvement on the original edition, which only had room for 2 ml of liquid. The diameter of the tank has been increased to 30 mm to account for the extra tank capacity, but it’s roughly the same length as the Atlantis 2. The Mega is released alongside the CF Maxx, a VW mod which also has a 30 mm diameter, making the two work well together from an aesthetic perspective.


atlantis mega adjustable airflow


Aside from the tank, the core difference in the Mega is in the airflow. The Mega has an array of 16 airflow holes, with four each of 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm and 3.5 mm airholes to choose from and combine. This provides a lot more options for airflow, but realistically speaking it’s hard to imagine anybody finding the Atlantis 2 having too tight a draw.


The release of this seems to be set for mid-April, with a price of around $55. You can find out more about the new tanks from VapingwithTwisted, ToddsReviews, VapinGreek and PBusardo.


Sub-Ohm Battery Safety


With the new tanks boasting coils with resistances as low as 0.3 ohms, it’s worth pointing out that it’s not safe to just throw one of these onto a mechanical mod with any old battery in it and hit fire. Low-ohm coils draw a much bigger current at the same voltage, and every battery has an amp limit that dictates the amount of current you can safely draw from it. If you over-step this limit, you’re going to have a very bad time and possibly an exploding battery on your hands. In short, make sure you know ohm’s law and understand the limitations of your battery – it’s better to choose a high amp limit battery and stay well within its limits. We’ve got more detail on this stuff in our safety series, if you’re unsure.


What About Other Sub-Ohm Tanks?


So, how do the Aspire Atlantis 2 and Mega stand up to the competition? There’s a lot of choice in sub-ohm tanks, and they do all ultimately offer similar features, so the decision isn’t an easy one to make.


kanger subtank


The Kanger Subtank is one of the most well-known, and as well as other versions – like the Mini and Nano – there’s now the Subtank Plus, which has a huge 7 ml Pyrex tank, dual-slot adjustable airflow, stainless steel construction, cotton wicks and 0.5 ohm coils. This is currently available for around $40. The Subtank also has the option of building your own coils, with the Plus allowing you to do so without reducing the capacity of the tank.


joyetech delta sub ohm


Joyetech’s Delta II is another favorite, with a lower juice capacity of 3.5 ml, pre-built 0.5 ohm coils (but with the option to turn it into an RBA, much like the Subtank), a stainless steel tank with glass windows to let you see your juice level and adjustable airflow. You can also adjust the amount of e-liquid making it to your wick, allowing for some pretty detailed control over your vaping experience. This is available for about $35.


smoktech vapor chaser tank


The Smok Vapor Chaser does much the same, with 0.5 ohm coils, a stainless steel and Pyrex glass 3.8 ml tank, adjustable airflow, cotton wicks, adjustable liquid feed and a sizeable drip tip, all for as little as $25.


innokin sub ohm tank


Another new sub-ohm tank is the Innokin iSub tank, with a 4 ml capacity, cotton wicks, adjustable airflow and 0.5 ohm coils, but – as well as being smaller than the new Atlantis options – the tank is polycarbonate, which is a big downside for anybody vaping tank-cracking acidic juices. The price is pretty good though, available for around $19.


Choosing Your Sub-Ohm Tank


There’s a lot to consider when it comes to sub-ohm tanks, and – since the main contenders all have a lot going for them – ultimately you’ve got to think about what’s most important to you personally to make your choice. One of the major concerns is airflow, and although the new Atlantis tanks give you plenty of options, the competition all does pretty well in this department, with adjustable airflow being a unanimous feature. Unless you like a super-airy draw, you’ll probably be satisfied with any of the available options.


If you hate having to fill up all the time, the 7 ml Subtank Plus might seem pretty appealing, but the 5 ml capacity of the Atlantis Mega definitely gives it a run for its money. Here you really just have to think about whether you’ll want the same flavor for 7 mls worth of vaping. I can’t speak for everyone, but 7 ml tanks just don’t seem necessary for me – although sub-ohming does work through juice a lot quicker.


As for the low-ohm coils: the 0.3 ohm coils on Aspire’s new devices do offer lower resistance than the competition, but 0.5 ohms is hardly something to turn your nose up at – you’ll still get exceptional performance. The option of RBA heads on the Subtank and Delta II is a big plus-point for many vapers, though, even if one of the core appeals of sub-ohm tanks is the fill-up-and-vape simplicity.


The only area where there are clear advantages is with the materials used: you’ll probably want a glass or stainless steel and glass tank, because while polycarbonate can still work for some, it’s limited in the type of juices it can stand up to. The wicking material is more open to debate, but it’s hard to imagine many vapers opting for silica over cotton: the flavor is just much better with a cotton wick.


Conclusion – Can the New Aspire Atlantis Tanks Compete?


Although the prices are up towards the high end, the new options from Aspire slot in pretty nicely with the competition, and although they don’t really go above and beyond in terms of capabilities, they’ll undoubtedly give the other sub-ohm tanks a run for their money. The competition for the best sub-ohm tank is stiff, though, and to be honest, it looks like you’ll get a pretty solid vape whichever option you decide to go with. They could have done more to stand out from the crowd, but the new Atlantis options will definitely get the job done.