EHPro Bachelor Nano Review

Our EHPro Bachelor Nano review puts the new RTA through it’s paces. The device offers an intuitive building platform and a well-designed top-filling system, but how does it perform? Can it compete with its larger sibling?

EHPro Bachelor Nano RTA
Bottom Line
The Bachelor Nano is a stand-out RTA, with a well-executed top-filling design, excellent flavor and vapor production, a post-less deck for easy rebuilding and plenty of handy extras like liquid flow control. If you don’t mind the 2 ml tank capacity, it’s a great deal at $31.
Ease of Use
Vapor Production
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Excellent top-filling design
Postless deck
Big wicking ports make setting up really easy
Under-coil adjustable airflow
Liquid flow control means you can access the deck without emptying the tank
Fantastic vapor production and flavor
Pre-wrapped coils included
Priced at $31
Great option for a first RTA or for something to use out of the house
2 ml tank may be a bit small for some
Some minor leaking issues
Screws for the connection points are a little hard to work with
Only supports single coil builds
EHPro Bachelor Nano

Is it worth picking up?

There are a lot of RTAs on the market these days, but EHPro has managed to produce something that stands head and shoulders above the rest with the Bachelor Nano. As long as you’re comfortable with rebuilding coils, the tank is very easy to use and doesn’t require too much fiddling to get set up the way you want it.

For $31, the tank does everything you need it to and in style, with a very user-friendly top-filling design, a simple building platform and the ability to completely close off the tank so you can change your coil without emptying the tank. Throw in the solid vapor production and flavor and you have a recipe for an excellent vape. EHPro has really brought their A-game with the Bachelor Nano.

Full review

EH Pro Bachelor Nano Review

EHPro may have made a name for itself by producing some solid clones, but they’ve come a long way since then. With a growing line-up of original products, they’re moving forwards in the industry, and their RTAs like the Bachelor and the Billow quickly gained a lot of support from vapers. The Bachelor Nano is the latest addition to their line-up, offering all of the key features of the original Bachelor, but with the tank shrunk down to a 2 ml capacity. If you’re looking for a stand-out RTA and you like to change flavors regularly, the tank holds a lot of appeal, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be? We’ve tested the tank for our EHPro Bachelor Nano review to find out.

The Bachelor Nano was provided to us for the purposes of this review by Heaven Gifts. As always, the review will be a completely honest appraisal of the device.

What You Get

Bachelor Nano Unboxing

The Bachelor Nano comes in a basic box, with an outer sleeve bearing a picture of the device and little else, and inside your tank and accessories sit in a foam block with two sections cut out. There’s a very small manual, a bag containing O-rings, two larger seals for the top and bottom of the tank, a couple of spare screws and an Allen key, a spare glass tube for the tank, and a couple of pre-wrapped and pre-wicked coils contained in individual packets, with one nickel and one kanthal option. This is everything you need from a tank and more, and the pre-wrapped coils are a nice addition for anybody first getting into rebuilding.

The Design

EHPro Bachelor Nano Review - Design

The tank takes its design from the full-sized Bachelor, but everything is a bit shorter and fatter. It has a uniform 23 mm diameter, aside from the ring at the bottom of the tank section used to adjust the liquid flow control, and my version is the stainless steel option (it’s also available in black). The tank measures 62.5 mm (just under 2 and a half inches) tall (including the 510 connection and drip tip), making it about 11 mm shorter than the original version.

Overall, the appearance is great: it’s bare aside from the word “Bachelor” printed on the top metallic section and an “o<—->c” mark on the liquid control ring to show you which way to turn it. The same open-close diagram is on the top of the device, too, but when it’s sitting atop your mod, the two on the face are the only ones that impact the overall look.

EHPro Bachelor Nano Filling Mechanism

The top-filling setup is the most useful design feature on a day-to-day basis. The top of the tank is fixed with a screw at the back so the top can be twisted off to the side without disconnecting the whole cap, revealing the center tube and a white ring of rubber with two holes in for refilling. This is taken directly from the older model, but it’s an excellent design feature nonetheless: you don’t have to find somewhere to set the cap down when you’re refilling, which makes it a great device for using out of the house.

The very bottom of the tank is occupied by an airflow control ring, which uses the standard slot style, with a metallic stopper on the inside to limit its movement. With two airflow slots on opposite sides of the tank, and measuring about 2 by 10 mm each, there are plenty of options to tailor the airflow to your liking.

EHPro Bachelor Nano Design

The device itself comes apart in the way you’d expect, with the tank section screwing off to reveal the deck section. This is set up for single-coil builds, with two holes in the deck for you to connect up your coils, an big airflow hole in the center and a circular wall of metal surrounding the whole thing, with two sizeable slots cut out for your wick. The tank section has a large, conical top for the chamber and a short, thinner tube leading up to the mouthpiece.

Overall, the design of the Bachelor Nano does everything you need it to, and although space for dual coil builds would be good, the result – particularly with the top-filling design – is still excellent.

Ease of Rebuilding

As an RTA, how easy it is to put together a coil and set up the Bachelor Nano is a vital consideration. The device makes a great building platform, overall, with the simple layout and the in-deck connection points taking a lot of the difficulty out of connecting up a coil in the limited space of an RTA deck.

After you’ve wrapped your coil – or just removed one of the pre-made ones from it’s packaging – connecting up is really very simple. The legs of your coil go in the two holes on either side of the big airflow hole, which are opened up by two tiny screws accessible from the side of the deck. Using the included Allen key, you unscrew these two small screws, insert the legs of your coil in the two holes and then tighten the screws back down. The holes for your coil legs may seem a bit small, but they’re big enough for Clapton wire and lower-gauge Kanthal, so the size is unlikely to be an issue.

EHPro Bachelor Nano Build
Note the tiny screws near the O-rings: you use these to connect your coil.

The only thing that makes building a little difficult sometimes is getting the screws going and – when you’ve managed that – removing the Allen key from the screw without pulling the whole screw out. The screws are set a little way into the body of the atomizer around the point of the threading, with the hole partially obscured by an O-ring, so the placement and layout could have been improved. It doesn’t really matter if you pull the whole screw out – they fit so tightly on the Allen key that you probably won’t lose them, and you also have spares included – but this is the only part of the process that could have definitely used some improvements.

That said, once you’ve grappled with the tiny screws, everything else about getting your coil connected and ready to go is pretty simple. The deck is impressively spacious for an RTA, so you don’t have to worry too much about fitting your coil in, and the wicking ports are also really large, so as long as you cut even lengths of wick and don’t over-stuff your coil, you’re unlikely to run into wicking issues.

Some vapers may be disappointed with the lack of support for dual coils, but the decision helps to conserve precious deck-space and has a part to play in making the Bachelor Nano such a good device to build on. There are plenty of other options if you are looking for a dual-coil RTA, but realistically, you can get fantastic performance out of a single coil anyway, so you shouldn’t discount the tank on that basis alone.

Overall, the Bachelor Nano is a great building platform, and anybody with a little experience building coils is unlikely to run into issues aside from some potential struggling with the screws. The pre-wrapped coils make it easy enough for a beginner too, and even without them, the layout of the deck means the Bachelor Nano is still a good choice for your first RTA.

In Use

EHPro Bachelor Nano RTA Performance

After you’ve set your coil, the Bachelor Nano can really start to come into its own. So how does it perform? Can it compete with simpler sub-ohm tanks?

The first thing you have to do once you’ve set up your coils and directly dripped a little e-juice onto them is reconnect everything and fill up the tank. The excellent design of the top cap makes this very easy indeed. After closing off the juice flow holes – with an anti-clockwise twist of the ring above the airflow control of the tank – you simply insert your e-juice bottle’s dripper top into one of the two holes in the white ring at the top of the tank. The holes expand a little thanks to the pliable material, so you can always get your dripper in there easily and spilling isn’t an issue. Once you’ve filled up, you open up the juice flow holes, leave it to soak in for a minute and you’re good to go.

When it comes to vaping, the Bachelor Nano is a fantastic device. With a conical chamber and direct, under-coil airflow, the vapor production is excellent and the flavor is impressively robust. The performance you get will depend on your specific build, but on the whole there is very little to complain about with what the tank can do. The flavor might not quite reach the heights you can achieve with a dripping atomizer, but it’s still exceptional, on the whole.

It’s also easy to access the coil section of the tank without emptying thanks to the liquid flow control. If you notice an issue, you can simply close off the liquid flow and unscrew the tank section to get access. As you start unscrewing, the liquid flow control naturally closes, but I invert the tank anyway for peace of mind. With the liquid flow closed off, though, you can just stand the tank the right way up while you tinker with the coil. Just be careful when you’re re-attaching, because you may open the liquid flow in the process.

EHPro Bachelor Nano Airflow Control
The Bachelor Nano's airflow control ring at a medium-to-open setting.

The available airflow settings provide plenty of options for the majority of vapers, with the most closed-off settings being great for mouth-to-lung inhalation and the more open options being perfect for direct lung inhalation. Adjusting these is really easy: the airflow control ring moves smoothly and easily, with just the right amount of resistance to movement to prevent accidental adjustment but make it easy to adjust when you intend to.

For the most part, you’ll be more than happy with what the Bachelor Nano can do, but there are a couple of minor issues and annoyances that it’s worth mentioning. Firstly, the 2 ml tank is why this is the “Nano,” but it does also mean you’ll have to fill up fairly often. The full-sized version is almost the same price, though, so you can enjoy the same great performance with a bigger tank if you prefer. As a rebuildable device, you do get through juice quite quickly when you’re vaping, particularly with the liquid flow control wide open. Neither of these things are a huge deal, but they’re worth considering if you don’t want to fill up too often.

For leaking – which is a common problem with most atomizers – the Bachelor Nano is actually really good, on the whole. However, you do still get some leaking. This is pretty minimal, and comes from the airflow slot, but it’s still a minor annoyance you’ll have to contend with. If you fill up without the liquid flow control closed, you’ll have a bigger leak to deal with, but most of the time it’s only very minor. I did run into some more serious leaking issues once in normal usage, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Other than that, I just had to give the underside of the tank and my 510 connection an occasional wipe down.

Even taking those minor complaints into consideration, the Bachelor Nano is a fantastic tank in use. With excellent flavor, substantial vapor production, easy refilling and very few problems to contend with, it’s a solid device.

Manufacturing Quality

As the design and in use sections suggest, the manufacturing quality on the Bachelor Nano is hard to fault. The moving parts all work very nicely indeed, the tank is solidly built and aside from minor issues with the screws for the coil connection points, there were no problems whatsoever throughout testing. EHPro might have made its name in the less-than-reputable world of clones, but the newer devices they’ve put out have been unanimously high-quality.