Sigelei Announces 75 W Plus TC Box Mod

By Lindsay Fox Posted September 17, 2015

Sigelei 75 Plus box mod


Sigelei has announced that it will be adding a new device to their growing range of box mods: the 75 W Plus, an updated version of the 75 W TC. The details on the specs and features are currently pretty limited, but given their history of putting out dependable and reasonably affordable box mods, the device is destined to be a hit with vapers.


The Sigelei 75 W Plus TC: A 26650 Box Mod


New Sigelei 75 Plus mod


One of the only pieces of information we have about the new device is that it will use a single 26650 battery, which has the advantage of a notable improvement in battery life compared to 18650 options. Sigelei points out that a standard capacity for 26650 batteries is 4,200 mAh, compared to – for example – a capacity of 2,600 mAh for the Sony VTC5. If high-capacity 18650 batteries keep you vaping for a day or so, 26650 options will easily keep you going for two days or more between charges.


Although there is little other information available at present, the original 75 W temperature-control Sigelei had a lot going for it, with temperature control between 212 and 662 °F, supporting resistances as low as 0.05 ohms and coming with a spring-loaded 510 connection. The new device should top what the original had to offer, but how it will top it isn’t clear at the moment.


Sigelei have the 150 W TC mod for those looking for more power, and the competition for the best temperature control device on the market is pretty fierce, so they’ll undoubtedly have to do more than just offer a higher-capacity battery to really compete. A longer battery life will be a big help, though, especially for when you’ll be out of the house for a couple of days.


Improved Appearance, or a Step in the Wrong Direction?


Sigelei 75 Plus TC mod


The pictures released by Sigelei provide the only other clues about what we’ll be getting from the new mod. The device will be available in four colors – red, blue, white and black – which isn’t exactly the most exciting piece of information we could have, and also leads the devices to have a somewhat plastic-y appearance. This is something you could put up with for a better device, but it will be a definite down-side for some.


Sigelei 75 W Plus design


The battery compartment is accessed through a hinged door on the curved edge of the mod, which also bears a trio of odd v-shaped vent holes. This seems like an unusual choice, but I suppose in the unlikely event that you end up with a venting battery, it will burn your hand and cause you to drop the mod before anything goes really wrong.


Finally, you can expect a chunkier size to account for the fatter 26650 battery, but this is worth it for the additional lifespan between charges, and based on the images the finished product shouldn’t be too big.


Sigelei 75 W Plus Release Date and Price


The Sigelei 75 W Plus TC is expected to go into production in mid November this year, and will retail at between $70 and $100. The few sites with pre-order available seem to be setting the price at the lower end of this range, with pricing it at $68.99 and Vaping Best putting it at $79.99 (as well as a bizarre and obviously erroneous listing of just $1 at VapeRoyalty), so it should definitely be affordable.


We’ll post an update when more information becomes available, but for now we can only speculate as to whether there will be any reason to opt for this other than the improved battery life.