VaporFi Vox 60 TC Review

Our VaporFi Vox 60 TC review takes a look at the latest in the line of Vox box mods from VaporFi, boasting a 2600 mAh in-built battery, up to 60 W of power and TC with nickel and titanium coils. Sounds awesome, but does it live up the hype?

VaporFi Vox 60 TC
Bottom Line
Despite a few minor limitations, the VaporFi Vox 60 TC is a fantastic mod, and pairs perfectly with the vSix tank for both design and functionality. The price is a little high, but the quality of the mod is hard to fault, and the performance is excellent.
Build Quality
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Up to 60 W of power, with an optional “mech mode” for a little more
Temperature control with nickel and titanium coils
Beautiful design – comfortable to use and stylish
In-built 2600 mAh battery
Adjustable ramp-up wattage for TC mode
Clear, simple display
The vSix tank is a perfect match and performs excellently with the mod
Solid build quality
Great for newer vapers first getting into mods
Some leaking from the vSix
Can’t vape while charging
Adjustment buttons could be positioned better
VaporFi Vox 60 TC

Is it worth picking up?

The Vox 60 TC and vSix tank make an awesome combination. They both perform excellently, do everything you want them to – unless you’re big on clouds and 60 W isn’t enough power for you – and have a sleek, impressive appearance.

The mod in particular is a beautiful device; VaporFi has really shown they work to improve their offerings since the first Vox, and this is really the pinnacle of what they have to offer. As always with VaporFi, the big sticking point is the price. At $63 for the mod alone and $83 when you add a tank into the mix, it’s really quite an investment, and it puts them well into the high-end of vaping devices.

The benefit of choosing VaporFi is the manufacturing quality and excellent, US-based customer service – even for troubleshooting or other issues, which is great for newer vapers – but you can’t escape the fact that you can find many great devices for less money.

If you’re willing to pay a little more, the device is absolutely excellent, and comes highly recommended, but they’re not the best choice if you’re looking to maximize your savings.

Full review

Vox 60 TC Box Mod Review

VaporFi’s Vox series has gone through quite a few incarnations now. The original Vox 50 performed well, but it’s construction and features left a lot to be desired. Then came the Vox Mini, which rectified some of the issues and was a solid mod in its own right. However, it was lacking temperature control (TC) and only offered 40 W of power. The Vox 60 TC is the latest in the line-up of box mods from VaporFi, and this one aims to do pretty much everything you could want it to. It offers an in-built 2600 mAh battery, 60 W of power and TC vaping using nickel and titanium coils. But does the device live up to the hype? We’ve put it to the test for our VaporFi Vox 60 TC review to find out.

The Vox 60 TC is available on its own for $63.75.You can also pick it up in a kit with a tank of your choice for $83.75. We’ve tested out the kit with the vSix sub ohm tank included, so this review will cover both devices.

What You Get

VaporFi Vox 60 TC Unboxing

The Vox 60 TC comes in a standard-style box with VaporFi branding and the characteristic white-and-green color scheme. The box opens up to reveal your device resting in an upper layer of foam. As well as that, you also get a manual and a high-quality USB charger. The vSix tank comes separately in the same style of box. You receive the tank, a 0.45 ohm SS coil, a 0.25 ohm Ni200 coil and a 0.25 ohm standard Kanthal dual coil. This is a great offering, overall. If you pick up the starter kit the only thing you need to get vaping is some e-juice.

The Design

VaporFi Vox 60 TC Review - The Design

The Vox 60 TC has a very minimalist and low-key appearance. It comes in either black or silver and has a uniform color, curved edges and a fairly small stature. The mod measures 79 mm tall by 39 mm wide by 24 mm deep (roughly 3 and 1/8 inches by 1 and 1/2 inches by 1 inch). This means it fits comfortably in your hand and slips easily into a pocket or bag. One side features some branding, but it’s simply engraved into the body of the mod in the same color, so it doesn’t stand out too much or ruin the overall appearance.

The fire button is square and located on the front side of the mod, and sits flush to the body of the device. The display screen sits right underneath this as on most mods. Less conventionally, the adjustment buttons are located on the top edge of the device. This helps keep the front edge of the mod from getting too busy, but it does make it a bit more uncomfortable to adjust your settings. The USB charging port is on the bottom of the device – so no standing it up as you charge.

Vox 60 TC Review - Adjustment Buttons

The 510 connection sits behind the adjustment buttons. This features a spring-loaded and silver-plated contact point that also has a flat-head screw top so it can be adjusted further if necessary (which, realistically, it won’t be).

The vSix sub ohm tank matches the mod very well thanks to the black body. Although the silver VaporFi branding stands out a lot more than the counterpart on the mod, it still looks fairly sleek on the whole. The tank has two oval-shaped windows so you can see your juice level, which also adds to the generally appealing look.

VaporFi Vox 60 TC and vSix Tank

The tank is built like most other sub ohm tanks, with the coil attaching to the bottom deck and a slot-style adjustable airflow at the bottom. It has a top-filling design, with the knurled top cap screwing off and revealing two fill holes surrounded by small sections of rubber. Below the top cap is another textured, twistable section which is used to control the liquid flow to the coil. As you turn it, you can see the metallic fringes at the bottom of the chimney section move to cover the wicking ports in the coils.

Although it’s a top-filling tank, it screws apart easily from the bottom too so you can change your coil. There’s another knurled section below the airflow ring to make this easier to do. On the whole, the design of the tank is great, and anybody who’s used a sub ohm tank before should feel right at home.

Overall, the design of the Vox 60 TC and the vSix tank are great. They both do everything you need them to, don’t impose much branding on you and have some nice touches to ensure everything looks great.


VaporFi Vox 60 TC Review - Features

The main feature of the Vox TC 60, as the name suggests, is the TC functionality with nickel and titanium coils. This allows you to set the temperature anywhere from 200 to 600 °F (or 100 to 300 °C). The device also gives you the option of adjusting the ramp-up wattage. This is a must-have option on TC devices for me, and it’s simply controlled with the adjustment buttons when you’re in TC mode. Adjusting the temperature isn’t as easy to do, though – you have to lock the device and hold down both adjustment buttons to make changes.

And of course the device also has variable wattage mode. This allows you to set the power going to your atomizer anywhere from 7 to 50 W, in 0.5 W increments. The fact that they’ve departed from the norm of 0.1 ohm increments is a big plus-point. There is rarely any need for such precision and it makes it much less time consuming to adjust your setting. You can use the device with any coils ranging from 0.1 to 3.5 ohms in standard wattage mode and from 0.05 to 1 ohm in TC mode.

The Vox 60 TC also has a mech mode – which you activate by going past 60 W in the standard wattage mode. This allows you to go over the power limit if you’re looking for higher-wattage vaping. Increasing the available wattages would have accomplished the same thing (and would have given you consistent performance), but this is a nice addition for anybody who wants more power from their device.

The Vox 60 TC also comes with the expected range of safety features. This includes low voltage and low resistance protection, as well as an in-built amp limit of 24.5 A. This limit offers more than enough to satisfy most vapers while still keeping you within the safe limits of the battery. The device also has plenty of venting to protect you in the unlikely event something goes wrong with the battery. It can also be locked and powered off to prevent accidental firing.

Overall, while the device could have more features (such as a TCR mode so you could adjust the TC performance and support for stainless steel TC coils) it does a great job, and offers everything most vapers will need.

In Use

VaporFi Vox 60 TC - Performance

So how do the Vox 60 TC and the vSix tank stand up in use?

For ease of use, the combination works excellently. The Vox 60 TC has an automatic ohm reader. This means that when you connect a new atomizer, it automatically displays the resistance. If you’re in TC mode but connect a standard coil, it will also move you to wattage mode. If you’re attaching a TC atomizer, it asks which type of coil you’ve connected. After you choose Ni200 or Ti, it takes to you to the correct version of the home screen. For the TC coils, I’ve had a few occasions when it didn’t respond when I connected the atomizer. To solve this issue, you simply disconnect your tank, wait for it to register that it’s disconnected and then screw back on.

vSix Sub Ohm Tank Review - Top Filling Design

As for the tank, the top-filling system works really well. The two fill holes are easily big enough for a dripper spout, and its much more user-friendly than bottom-filling tanks. You have to remember to close off the liquid flow as you fill up, but really it’s not so bad if you forget (though you may get some leaking). When you screw the top cap back on after filling you naturally uncover them anyway.

The performance from both the mod and the tank is excellent. The mod in particular is a beautiful device. Despite being metallic, it feels pleasantly soft in your hand and the curved edges make it very comfortable to use. Wattage mode works just as you’d hope. The power output is consistent and I haven’t had connection issues, fluctuating resistance or any similar issues throughout testing. With the vSix tank, the vapor production is excellent and the flavor is robust and delicious. It really brings your juices to life, and the adjustable airflow gives you plenty of options for draw. As with many sub ohm tanks it’s hard to get a good mouth-to-lung friendly airflow out of it. However, you can do it if you really close off the airflow.

VaporFi Vox 60 TC Review - TC Home Screen

The TC works really well too, managing to limit your coil’s temperature while still providing a consistent stream of vapor. This largely comes down to the adjustable ramp-up voltage. If you were stuck vaping at 60 W it would approach the maximum pretty quickly. Then there’d be a notable drop-off as the device let the coil cool down, producing a jumpy, sporadic vaping experience. Although I only tried it with the nickel coils included with the vSix, it worked excellently, as did the tank itself for TC vaping.

The battery in the mod has a 2600 mAh capacity. This is enough to get you through a day, especially if you’re not vaping at high power. I’m a bit of a chain-vaper, though, so I did struggle to get full day from a charge. That said, it’s definitely a device you could take with you to work without worrying about running out of charge. Also, charging is impressively quick; it takes about one and a half hours from empty to full. It would be better if it allowed vaping as you charge, though, especially for vapers who only have one device.

There are a few downsides to the setup, though. The easy adjustment of ramp-up wattage in TC mode is great, but it could be organized more efficiently. The process for changing temperature is awkward: lock, hold down adjustment buttons, and then dial in your setting. It'd be better to do this for wattage rather than the temperature, because you’re more likely to want to adjust your temperature to suit your juice. In most cases this doesn’t really cause a problem, though, and it's easy enough to adjust.

The tank is also very prone to leaking when it’s low on juice. This is expected, but it does seem to be a bigger issue with the vSix than with other tanks. Again, in most cases this isn’t a huge deal, but it can get annoying on occasion.

Finally – and this is getting quite nit-picky – the adjustment buttons aren’t too comfortable to use when you’re vaping. Although it would have ruined the flush appearance of the front of the mod, it would have been much more easy to use if they’d have been under the display screen. On the whole, though, the mod is very comfortable to use.

Overall, the Vox 60 TC does a great job in day-to-day use. Despite some minor, niggling issues it’s a fantastic device. The same goes for the vSix, which would have been near-flawless without the leaking issues. However, it still offers fantastic vapor production and great flavor with all of the included coils.

Build Quality

Vox 60 TC Review - Manufacturing Quality

The Vox 60 TC has exceptional build quality. The threading is very high quality, the buttons have a pleasant amount of resistance without being too hard to push down, and the whole device seems very sturdy. There isn't much that could have gone wrong, but VaporFi has still done an excellent job. The same goes for the vSix – everything works just as you want it to.