KangerTech SubVod Review

Remember when you started vaping? The Ego style batteries and constant hassle of getting the vape you deserve and need? Well, Kanger decided to put a stop to that. Since most beginner vapers don’t opt for high-tech mods and tanks right off the bat, Kanger decided to manufacture a SubVod battery and a tank with sub-ohm capabilities. Absolutely nothing to fiddle with, simply plug and play! Is it worth the money? Check out in this KangerTech SubVod Kit review!

Bottom Line
This entire SubVod review was approached with beginner vapers in mind. Now, I know that most experienced vapers won’t find this kit acceptable but I’ve given it points because of its simplicity, quality of make and design, and outstanding performance – at least in the vape pen category. If you’re just starting out this very kit is what I, and a lot of other vapers, would wholeheartedly recommend!
Build Quality
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Charges quickly
Battery lasts for a day
Elegantly designed
Reasonably priced
Plenty of flavor and vapor
Top fill
Geared toward beginner vapers
Can be slippery and hard to grasp
Slightly lower tank capacity
No spare O-rings
Experienced vapers will find it too simple
Glass tubing hard to remove
Drip tip can get a bit hot
Kangertech Subvod

Is it worth buying?

If you’re looking for a vape mod that is easy to use, affordable, and performs great, trust me; you will hit a homerun with Kanger’s SubVod Kit.

Don’t let the lack of flashiness deceive you – it is a solid vaping device that might be geared towards beginners but will also pleasantly surprise many experienced vapers. If you want to graduate to sub-ohm vaping but still keep the pen-style, then I can confidently recommend SubVod kit as one of the best e-cigs on the market currently.

Full Review

This KangerTech SubVod kit takes me back to my humble beginnings as a vaper. The old Ego-style batteries, the constant struggle with clearomizers, faulty equipment, and everything else that went with it – to tell you the truth, I’m so used to proper vape mods and tanks these days that I can hardly recall those old glory days. When I received this KangerTech SubVod kit it took me a while just to remember how it’s all done!

Experienced vapers, for the most part, wouldn’t be caught dead with a beginner kit – we’re all far too proud of how far we’ve gotten and how sophisticated our equipment is these days. But, we tend to forget that it’s also pretty complicated. Someone who is entertaining switching to vaping would be hard-pressed to figure out complicated mods, RBA coil heads and everything else experienced vapers are using today.

That’s why I’m extremely happy that companies are keeping a close eye on the ‘newbie’ market and making gear that is both sophisticated and easy to use! In my experience, SubVod kit remains the most solid addition to the entry-level vaping products capable of sub-ohm usage.

SubVod Packaging

The kit comes in a stylish cardboard box that opens on the side. There is a nice little cut-out on the front that showcases both the battery and the vape tank as soon as you unwrap your package. Everything is nestled inside Styrofoam cutouts so there is a very minimal chance for the equipment to get damaged during transport.

On the back of the box you will find a list of what you can expect in the kit, whether it’s a US or the European version of the kit (European version has a tank with low 1.9 ml capacity as opposed to the US version with 3.2 ml capacity), and an authenticity code.

There also a pretty prominent warnings section that I wish more manufacturers would add. KangerTech is making sure they are following all regulations to a tee so you’ll see minimum age requirements on there, along with more general usage warnings.

Here’s what you will be getting in the kit:

  • SubVod battery
  • Toptank Nano
  • Standard 0.5ohm coil head
  • Spare Pyrex Glass
  • USB Cable
  • Guide for priming your coils
  • Authenticity card
  • User manual

KangerTech SubVod Review at a Glance

KangerTech Subvod Mod Kit Colors

If I had to use one word to describe this set-up it would be elegant. It really looks great and doesn’t suffer from bells and whistles (that I like, actually) that would confuse people who are just easing their way into vaping.

My SubVod vape mod kit came in all-silver but you can have your choice of colors: silver, black, white, purple, or pink. You can even combine various colors if you get extra tanks: black battery with a pink tank, pink battery with a white tank, or any other combination you like.

SubVod Battery Specs:

  • 5 mm diameter
  • 90 mm height
  • 57 g weight
  • Micro USB charging
  • 1300mAH capacity
  • 7V output
  • 510 thread
  • Pass through vaping supported
  • Overuse protection
  • Low resistance protection

Toptank Nano Specs:

  • 5 mm diameter
  • 44 mm height
  • 40 g weight
  • Top fill
  • 2 mm capacity
  • Airflow control adjustment – 4 adjustments
  • Pyrex glass
  • Replaceable drip tip
  • Uses Kanger’s new vertical SS 0.5ohm coils

As you can see, this Kanger kit really packs a punch. In around 14 centimeters you will get a sub-ohm capable device that weighs less than 100 grams! If that’s not light and portable, I don’t know what is.

Design and Aesthetics

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this kit is an elegant starting point for new vapers who are just getting used to the idea of vaping. Its stainless steel construction ensures that it withstands the test of time with no major issues whatsoever! Stainless steel also means it’s easy to maintain, easy to clean and sturdily built so it can take a few bumps and bruises without actually showing them (I’m well-known for constantly dropping my gear – SubVod battery and tank are no exceptions but I can vouch that this kit takes it like a champ)!

I do have a minor issue with the battery, however. Because it’s so polished up it’s sometimes hard to grasp. If you have sweaty palms you can expect to lose your grip every once in awhile. I suggest taping one side of the battery with a material that sticks in hand better so you don’t accidently drop it – well, too often, that is.

KangerTech Toptank Nano

Kanger really did a great job on this sub-ohm capable tank – to a point where it can actually compete with a lot of expensive tanks on the market that are targeted towards experienced vapers who know what they are looking for. Toptank Nano has a replaceable drip tip – a feature you will be thankful for because you’ll want to attach a Delrin tip there. SubVod delivers enough power to the tank that it actually gets the drip tip rather hot when constantly vaping.

KangerTech Toptank Nano Review

Enhance Pyrex tubing is resilient enough but I dislike the fact that it’s not protected. A lot of manufacturers wrap the tubing in steel bands so it’s less exposed. Kanger didn’t take that route and the glass can accidentally break. Luckily, a replacement glass is included in the kit.

I’m pretty impressed that Kanger decided to fit the tank with a top fill system. It’s going to make life easier for many beginners out there. A word of caution: if using the top fill, fill the tank as fast as possible so the liquid doesn’t like through the airflow holes.

Kangertech Nano Tank E-juice

And finally, airflow adjustment is at the bottom of the tank and can be set to your liking. Open it completely for D2L vaping or adjust it to your M2L vaping style.

The supplied SS coil will last beginners up to 3 weeks. I’ve been using the SubVod kit moderately for a full week and the coil is still in pristine condition. To make sure your coils last longer try to avoid heavily colored liquids.

One minor drawback with the Kangertech SubVod kit is that additional O-rings are not supplied and these look a bit thin and frail. However, they are easy to order separately should you have a need for them.

KangerTech SubVod Battery

SubVod battery is as simple as they get! Screw the tank on, press five times to turn on, and vape on! No settings to fiddle with and fear that you’ll use the wrong coil with the wrong setting – at least when you’re using the supplied Toptank Nano.

KangerTech Subvod Battery Performance

But you don’t have to use that one, though. SubVod with handle everything down to 0.4ohm but you want to keep in mind that it’s only 18.2 mm in diameter – Nano sits there flush but other tanks might give you some headache, and some overhang.

The fire button is located on the body of the battery. It’s large and easy to hit and doesn’t rattle one bit, which is a testament to the quality of make. Underneath the button is an OLED light that will flash red when the battery is charging and green when it’s fully charged and ready to use.

The battery consistently gives out 3.7V, regardless of whether it is full, half-empty, or nearly dead. You can’t adjust the output but it’s sufficient for beginner vapers.

The base of the battery is reserved for a USB port that you’re going to use when charging the battery. A USB cable is supplied with the kit.

Disassembly and Cleaning

SubVod battery and Toptank Nano are going to require a good scrub every once in awhile. The battery is easy: wipe it down with a damp cloth and then remove excess damp with a dry cloth and that is it. Toptank Nano won’t be that easy.  Every tank needs to be cleaned regularly, especially if you’re trying out different flavors every day.  Gratefully, Kanger has made this quite easy and Nano disassembles in less than a minute. You can take out drip tip, top cover, airflow ring, and the coil head. You can also remove the glass tubing (otherwise what is the point of having a replacement in the kit) but mine wouldn’t budge. I did some digging and found a great hack – take a bit of dental floss and start wrapping it right between the glass and the edge of the tank. Eventually, the glass will just pop off! Now you can use warm water and a bit of detergent to wash every little bit and you’re ready to vape!

Performance and Vaping Experience

I have to admit, as much as I was impressed with this setup design-wise, I didn’t expect much from it when it comes to performance. I’m glad to say I was completely wrong.

KangerTech really hit this one out of the park. The battery life is decent enough – if you’re just starting out chances are that the battery will last you for the whole day. Myself, I only had to charge it twice a day and it would work great.

The supplied coil head gives out plenty of vapor and flavor – much more than anything I’ve ever encountered with previous vape pens. I even tested it on different vape mods and the tank performs great up to 40W, which is impressive.