Vaping is Safer Than Smoking
New research from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York is piling up even more evidence that using electronic cigarettes is considerably safer than the tobacco alternative. It looked specifically at several toxic components found in cigarettes, and compared the levels of them to those found in e-cigs. Unsurprisingly, they found that e-cigs contain from 9 to 450 times less toxic components than their tobacco counterparts. Anybody persisting in the belief that e-cigs can be just as dangerous as traditional cigarettes is left with even more to explain, but yet the story seems conspicuously absent from the mainstream media.
Rebuildable E-Cig
In a recent study which found that 74 percent of people who started using an e-cigarette didn't smoke a cigarette for at least a few weeks, there was also a more unexpected result. The researchers found a statistically significant difference between the numbers of ex smokers and current smokers using a more advanced tank system.