Teens using e-cigs for pot
It shouldn't come as a surprise that a recent study found that teenagers are using e-cigarettes to vape pot. The headline finding is that almost one in five teens who’d tried vaping e-liquid had also tried vaping marijuana, but – as always – such an opportunity couldn’t be allowed to pass by without attempting to blame e-cigarettes for what happened. So, are e-cigarettes a gateway to marijuana now?
UK study - e-cig use by non-smokers
In December, the 2013 Health Survey for England was released, adding more evidence that non-smokers – children or adults – are not particularly interested in e-cigarettes, and that vaping is confined almost entirely to smokers or ex-smokers. Yet again, the idea of a potential gateway to smoking has been slapped down by cold, hard numbers.
A new study takes aim at flavoring mixtures used for DIY e-liquid mixing, finding that some concentrated flavors contain nicotine. However, with only an uninformative extract available, the details about what they found are fuzzy. We take a look at the full paper, which shows that only two flavor concentrates out of 30 contained quantifiable levels of nicotine.