vaping formaldehyde dry puffs
A new study from Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has offered confirmation that previous formaldehyde scares were due to “dry puffs,” and that with more capable atomizers (even at high powers), the levels generated are vastly lower than from cigarettes. The study shows that vapers can easily identify dry puffs, and it's only in these conditions that cigarette-like levels of aldehydes are created.
spotting bad science e-cigarettes
The issue of reliability in e-cigarette research is being brought into the limelight recently. So, in the manner of “A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science,” is there anything we should be on the lookout for when considering the findings of e-cigarette-related studies? Whether by incompetence or by design, there are many common problems with vaping related research - and how its often reported - that any critical reader of the science should keep an eye out for.
A new study looking at one-year quit-rates for smokers purchasing their first e-cigarette has found that around 41 percent quit smoking entirely and another 25 percent reduced their cigarette consumption by at least half. The finding contradicts claims that there is no evidence e-cigarettes help you quit smoking, and joins other research in suggesting that quit-rates with e-cigs dwarf those obtained with over-the-counter NRT.
Rebuildable E-Cig
In a recent study which found that 74 percent of people who started using an e-cigarette didn't smoke a cigarette for at least a few weeks, there was also a more unexpected result. The researchers found a statistically significant difference between the numbers of ex smokers and current smokers using a more advanced tank system.
E-cig dripping study
A new study looking into the effect of e-cigarette vapor and liquid on the lungs has found evidence of oxidative stress, inflammation and toxicity, and suggests that dripping is likely worse for you than using a clearomizer or tank. The good news is that while e-cigarettes may be worse than air, the study does indicate that e-cigarettes are much safer than cigarettes.