Rebuildable E-Cig
In a recent study which found that 74 percent of people who started using an e-cigarette didn't smoke a cigarette for at least a few weeks, there was also a more unexpected result. The researchers found a statistically significant difference between the numbers of ex smokers and current smokers using a more advanced tank system. Read More
A new study looking at one-year quit-rates for smokers purchasing their first e-cigarette has found that around 41 percent quit smoking entirely and another 25 percent reduced their cigarette consumption by at least half. The finding contradicts claims that there is no evidence e-cigarettes help you quit smoking, and joins other research in suggesting that quit-rates with e-cigs dwarf those obtained with over-the-counter NRT. Read More
study - public misinformed on e-cigarettes
New data from ASH UK has shown that – much like in the US – the false belief that e-cigarettes are as dangerous as or more dangerous than smoking is becoming more common in both smokers and the general population. The implication is depressingly clear: frequent misleading statements about e-cigarettes are discouraging smokers from switching to the reduced harm alternative. Read More