Environmental Vapor Exposure Pose No Risk – Results of a New E-Cigarette Study

Vapor Exposure Pose No RiskInhalation Toxicology, a peer reviewed journal, published the results of an indoor air quality study conducted at the Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science by CHANGE, LLC at the Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY. The study was carried out to compare the level of harmful byproducts left behind by cigarette smoke versus vaporized e-cigarette liquid.


It was found that the harmful compounds usually found in cigarette smoke was not present in the vapor left behind by e-cigarettes as these vaporize liquid rather than burning tobacco. A few compounds were detected but the toxicology analysis revealed that the levels of these were so miniscule to pose any kind of health risk to the public.


Dr. Michael Siegel at Boston University School of Public Health stated that this study was proof that the health risks associated with secondhand vapor from e-cigs is very small when compared to second hand tobacco smoke. And this means that it is not really necessary to ban the use of e-cigarettes in work or public places as cigarette smoking is banned.


Environmental tobacco smoke poses a lot of health risks for the public and hence is banned in many places. But Dr. Michael is of the opinion that e-cigarettes must not be included in the same category as it poses no threat in spite of the growing controversy that it does.


Smokefree Pennsylvania has been at the forefront of advocating several bans on indoor smoking for more than 25 years now. Bill Godshall, a representative of Smokefree Pennsylvania is of the opinion that electronic cigarettes need not be included in this ban as it poses no threat as proved by this indoor air study.


Vapers believe that they are not causing any harm to those around them with e-cigarette vapor unlike tobacco smoke but finally there is a scientific study which proves their beliefs and convictions right which is in fact very reassuring, according to Spike Babaian who is the President of National Vapers Club.


There have been several previous studies which have revealed similar results but this is the first study which has covered an extensive range of toxins.


Dr. Murray Laugesen who is a Public health medicine specialist with Health New Zealand claimed that the results of this study is a confirmation of the findings of his last four years of extensive research on the topic that e-cigarettes do not pose any real threat to the environment.


This study was sponsored by the National Vapers Club which is a consumer based e-cigarette organization.