More Ex-Smokers Report Using Tank System in Recent Study

E-Cigarette Tank System Rebuildable Atomizer


In a recent study which found that 74 percent of people who started using an e-cigarette didn't smoke a cigarette for at least a few weeks, there was also a more unexpected result. The researchers found a statistically significant difference between the numbers of ex smokers and current smokers using a more advanced tank system. It turns out, a bigger proportion of the ex-smokers (in full study – which is paywalled) they surveyed used models like the eGo which incorporate a tank system. This result wasn't the main purpose of the study, so it may have escaped your notice – but it’s an interesting finding which warrants some further discussion.


Tank Systems


The ham-fisted definition used in the study was “tank systems,” but they did specify that the majority were eGo style model. It can be assumed that the remainder of the group was using more advanced systems like the ProVari. Both of these styles of e-cig have tank systems with re-usable atomizers and substantially better battery life than many of the basic, cigarette-a-like models.


The Result


There is something a little surprising about the finding, since all e-cigarettes are effectively the same. One of the benefits is assumedly that they closely resemble cigarettes and therefore manage to accurately replicate the smoking experience, but the result could indicate that there’s more to it than that. I've never seen a cigarette which looked (or worked) like an eGo, yet they seem to be even better for quitting smoking. Both offer the nicotine and sensory experience, but beginner-friendly models also look the part. It turns out, however, that they might not be as effective.


Why Would That Be?


Although this is mere conjecture, it’s worth looking into the potential reasons this discrepancy could arise. The most obvious one is the battery life. If you’re a heavy smoker, even the higher nicotine levels you get might not be enough, and you’ll drain the battery pretty quickly when you’re looking for your nicotine. So bigger models have a huge practical advantage, removing much of the charging time you’d get with a smaller pen-size e-cig. You also save plenty of money, since you can buy e-liquid and fill up rather than replacing a cartridge each time. In a sense, this could make up for the cigarette-like appearance one you've become accustomed to the technology.


Another possibility is that moving past the basic models represents a greater engagement with the technology. Rather than sticking to the cigarette-a-like options, vapers who opt for a more high-level option are the ones who take their love of the technology a step further. It costs a bit more to get your hands on one, but it opens you up to the world of e-liquids and improves your vaping experience dramatically.


In a sense, it could be that this result is basically a self-fulfilling prophecy. The vapers who learn more about electronic cigarettes could be the ones who are more enthusiastic about quitting smoking, which would obviously make them more likely to quit entirely. However, it could be that although any type of e-cig appears to be effective for reducing tobacco consumption, better e-cigs do the job more effectively. Either way, it’s a pretty compelling reason to get involved and learn more about the options open to you as a vaper!


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