• Study Shows E-Cig Vapor Isn’t Toxic to Airways, But it (Obviously) Isn’t as Safe as Air

    By Lindsay Fox Posted July 16, 2015
    E-cigarette inhalation toxicity study

    A new study looking at the effect of e-cigarette vapor on human airway cells has found no sign of toxicity, with the vapor-exposed cells faring about as well as the air-exposed ones. The new finding adds further evidence that the risks associated with vaping are likely to be very small, and almost certainly much less than the risks of smoking.

  • Study Says E-Cig Ads Are “Persuading” Teens to Vape… Finds No Convincing Evidence At All

    By Lindsay Fox Posted July 9, 2015
    E-Cig Ads Targeting Youth

    A new study aims to further the anti-vaping agenda by combining two of the sources of the most indignation about the technology: advertising and the children. Stanton Glantz called the study “direct evidence that e-cig TV ads are recruiting kids to nicotine addiction,” but, as with most things that come out of his mouth, this is pretty much complete nonsense.

  • DA and AP in E-Liquid: Five Pawns, the Reliability of Results and the Worst Offenders to Date

    By Lindsay Fox Posted July 2, 2015
    Five Pawns E-Liquid Lab Test

    The recent revelation that Five Pawns’ extremely expensive e-liquid may be riddled with diacetyl (DA) and acetyl propionyl (AP) brings an important issue to the light once again: the flavorings we inhale might not be good for us. So, what’s the deal with DA and AP in e-liquid? Which are the worst offenders based on the tests available? And can we even trust the results?

  • 5 Common Anti-Vaping Arguments Applied to Other Forms of Harm Reduction

    By Lindsay Fox Posted June 28, 2015
    Vaping is harm reduction

    The worst thing about the continuous spread of misleading information and the manufacturing of misguided panics about vaping is the fact that e-cigarettes are really about harm reduction. Arguments like “e-cigarettes aren’t absolutely safe” are ridiculous in the context of harm reduction, and this becomes pretty clear when you apply common anti-vaping arguments to other forms of harm reduction.

  • A Guide to Tobacco E-Liquids

    By Lindsay Fox Posted June 25, 2015
    Tobacco e-liquid types

    For the just-switching smoker aiming to replace their combusted tobacco habit, navigating the veritable maze of e-liquid in search of a pleasant, tobacco-infused flavor can be a challenge. So what are the major types of tobacco e-liquid? Which tastes the best? Here’s a brief run-down of the options.

  • Why You Don’t Need an E-Liquid that Tastes Like Cigarettes

    By Lindsay Fox Posted June 23, 2015
    Cigarette flavor e-cig

    For smokers just switching to vaping, one of the most common questions is: “which e-liquid will taste like my favorite brand of cigarettes?” However, you quickly learn that finding an e-liquid that tastes like Marlboro cigarettes, for example, is not an easy task. So, do you keep searching for the e-liquid that will manage to perfectly replicate your chosen brand of cigarettes, or is there another way?

  • NET E-Liquids: Is the Flavor Worth the Added Risk?

    By Lindsay Fox Posted June 20, 2015

    Naturally-extracted tobacco (NET) e-liquid is widely-recommended by those searching for the most realistic tobacco e-liquids, but results from e-liquid chemical and toxicological studies would suggest that they carry slightly greater risks than your average e-liquid. But is the added risk worthwhile? We take a look at the pros and cons of NET e-liquids.

  • Top 10 Must-Vape Tobacco E-Liquids

    By Lindsay Fox Posted June 17, 2015
    natural-tasting tobacco e-liquids

    Vapers quickly learn that it’s hard to accurately replicate the true taste of tobacco: somehow, without the 4,000-plus chemicals and the pungent, burning smoky aroma they bring, the taste of tobacco juices just tends to be a little lacking. But some of the very best tobacco e-liquids still manage to beat the odds and produce something well-worth vaping, and here are 10 you’ve got to try.

  • Innokin Announces Disrupter Box Mod and InnoCell Battery Packs

    By Lindsay Fox Posted June 10, 2015
    Innokin innocell colors

    Six days after announcing their new temperature control technology, Innokin has revealed the new Disrupter box mod, along with some purpose-built “InnoCell” power cells. The new cells promise an improvement of around 30 percent on battery lifespan in comparison to standard 18650s, and the device and power cells are set for release around the end of July.

  • Why Wales’ Indoor Vaping Ban Makes No Sense Whatsoever

    By Lee Johnson Posted June 10, 2015
    welsh government indoor vaping

    The Welsh government has announced that it will ban vaping in enclosed public places under a new public health law, igniting much debate about the pros and cons of such a decision. It’s argued that vaping could pose a health risk to bystanders and may re-normalize smoking, but are these concerns justified?

  • 10 Reasons Anti-Vaping Propaganda is Winning the PR War (and We’re Losing)

    By Lindsay Fox Posted June 1, 2015
    CDC tips campaign e-cigs

    The California Department of Public Health’s Still Blowing Smoke campaign and the CDC’s tips campaign are just two of the latest examples of why tobacco harm reduction is so widely misunderstood by the public. But why is the anti-science, chemo-phobic propaganda winning the PR war over e-cigarettes?

  • New UK Data Shows More Smokers Are Being Misled About E-Cigarettes

    By Lee Johnson Posted May 28, 2015
    study - public misinformed on e-cigarettes

    New data from ASH UK has shown that – much like in the US – the false belief that e-cigarettes are as dangerous as or more dangerous than smoking is becoming more common in both smokers and the general population. The implication is depressingly clear: frequent misleading statements about e-cigarettes are discouraging smokers from switching to the reduced harm alternative.

  • How Often Should You Replace Atomizer Coils?

    By Lindsay Fox Posted May 25, 2015
    replacement atomizer coil

    There are several factors that collectively shape the lifespan of your atomizer coil. The acidity level and the PG/VG consistency of your e-liquid both play an important role. Additionally, the amount you vape and the amount of power running to the coil are also contributing factors. Taking these factors into account, you can estimate how long a coil will last.

  • Study Confirms that the E-Cig Formaldehyde Scare was Due to Dry Puffs

    By Lindsay Fox Posted May 21, 2015
    vaping formaldehyde dry puffs

    A new study from Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has offered confirmation that previous formaldehyde scares were due to “dry puffs,” and that with more capable atomizers (even at high powers), the levels generated are vastly lower than from cigarettes. The study shows that vapers can easily identify dry puffs, and it’s only in these conditions that cigarette-like levels of aldehydes are created.

  • Study – Are Vapers at Risk from Exposure to Metals? Not Really

    By Lindsay Fox Posted May 15, 2015
    e-cigarette metal levels study

    A new study from Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos looking at existing evidence on the metal emissions from e-cigarettes has determined that vapers don’t need to be concerned about metal exposure. Vapers’ exposure to chromium, cadmium, copper, nickel, lead and cadmium was found to be between 2.6 and 37.4 times lower than the maximum allowable levels in inhalable medicines.

  • VV/VW Box Mod Buying Guide

    By Lindsay Fox Posted May 13, 2015
    best box mods

    Little powerhouse variable voltage/variable wattage (VV/VW) box mods have been taking the vaping industry by storm recently, offering substantial power, sub-ohm capability and huge capacity batteries in portable, user-friendly packages. However, with iSticks, iPVs, XPros, Sigeleis, eGrips, MVPs and countless others to choose from, how do you go about deciding which mod to purchase?

  • Victor, NY Places 6-Month Ban on New Vape Stores – Cigarettes as Widely Available as Ever

    By Lindsay Fox Posted May 11, 2015
    Victor, NY vape store ban

    A recent decision by the Village of Victor, NY to ban the opening of vape stores for 180 days is a sign that steps to combat vaping are really getting extreme. The moratorium has also been placed on tattoo parlors and pawn shops – other “undesirable” presences in a community – and is a reminder that despite the legality of e-cigarettes, many communities see their presence as an unwelcome one.

  • Class Action Filed Against Blu eCigs

    By Lindsay Fox Posted April 30, 2015
    blu lawsuit california

    It was only a matter of time until this happened. A class action has been filed against Lorillard at the Orange County Superior Court for Blu eCigs’ “claims” that e-cigarettes are safer and healthier than tobacco cigarettes.

  • New CDC Data Shoots It’s Own Gateway Hypothesis in the Foot

    By Lindsay Fox Posted April 20, 2015

    The CDC has released the next set of National Youth Tobacco Survey data, and despite spending the last few years continually harping on about the rising use of e-cigarette by youth and its potential as a gateway to smoking, the “concern” is growing less and less believable, as the data strongly suggests that e-cigarettes are actually causing dramatic declines in youth smoking.

  • Study – Should Vapers Worry About the Flavoring Chemicals in E-Liquid?

    By Lindsay Fox Posted April 18, 2015
    vaping food flavoring inhalation

    A new study has investigated the flavoring chemicals in e-liquids, and has generated some concern in the media about their risks, with Time using the headline “E-cigarette flavors may be dangerous, study says.” But is this another example of overstating a minor risk for the purpose of spreading mistrust of e-cigs, or is there actually something to it?