Nicotine Free Electronic Cigarette

Nicotine from Electronic CigarettesThey may be designed as a safer method of getting the nicotine you crave, but there are nicotine free e-cigarettes on offer from many manufacturers. The reasons for this are simple, although it may seem confusing and counter-productive at first. Offering different levels of nicotine in the cartridges is commonplace, and the majority of manufacturers do have a nicotine-free option. The companies don’t claim that electronic cigarettes can help users quit, but research into the area does suggest that they can. As a result, many people use e-cigs for that reason, and a nicotine free e-cigarette is a useful tool for those trying to quit.


Electronic Cigarette Basics


Electronic cigarettes work in a relatively simple way. They’re usually made from two pieces, the battery and the cartridge. The battery (the longer portion of the e-cig) drives the atomizer, which is usually combined with a nicotine-infused liquid within the cartridge. The atomizer is a tiny heater, which turns the liquid into a vapor. The liquid contains water, propylene glycol (or a vegetable-based alternative), food flavorings and nicotine (see the full list of e-cig ingredients). The variety available in e-cigarettes, in terms of flavors and differing nicotine levels, is essentially provided through the combined cartridge and atomizer, which can easily be changed.


Electronic Cigarette Nicotine Levels


Electronic Cigarette Nicotine LevelsThe amount of nicotine placed in the liquid is therefore variable, which allows for the creation of nicotine free e-cigs. In reality, the only thing that needs to be any different is the cartridge, and most manufacturers offer several nicotine levels. The most common levels are 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. A user may start vaping using 18mg cartridges, but find that they can still fight their cravings with a weaker cartridge. This makes it easier to reduce their consumption.


Why Use a Nicotine Free Electronic Cigarette?


You may be wondering, if you get to the point where you no longer need nicotine, why use an electronic cigarette at all? The answer comes from the fact that nicotine addiction isn't just a physical dependence on a substance. When somebody smokes a cigarette, the nicotine fix becomes tied to the sensory experience of smoking, and they therefore become (in a sense) addicted to the sensation of smoking too. That’s why e-cigs are so popular, because they’re the only alternative method of getting nicotine which is relatively similar to smoking a cigarette.


The reason somebody would use a non-nicotine e-cigarette should now be clear. Even though they've managed to entirely remove their physical dependence on the substance itself, the sensation of smoking has its own addictive pull. This is why you see smokers holding pens between their fingers like a cigarette and even chewing or sucking on the end. The nicotine free electronic cigarette preserves the sensory experience without fuelling the physical addiction. The user can still enjoy e-cigarette flavors and the experience of inhaling vapor, and will usually strive to do it less and less as time goes by.


Where to Purchase Nicotine Free E-Cigs

Most electronic cigarette companies offer non-nicotine cartridges and e-liquid. Below are some of the more popular brands that do offer this option.


  1. V2 Cigs
  2. Green Smoke
  3. White Cloud Cigarettes
  4. South Beach Smoke
  5. Blu Cigs
  6. Vapor4Life